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Snowing in the Lot !!!!

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WoWW!! It's snowing here (Corbieres) too.  Yesterday, we had clear blue skies but a chillish wind, today, the little mountain out of my bedroom window - along with all the vinyards, rooftops, trees and everything is white!  It's still snowing too, big, soft, feathery flakes and the sky is that flat mauvey-grey-white you often see when there's more to come.  I guess that means I've seen my last dahlia in flower this year...[:D]
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That'll teach you to stop bragging about walking about in flip-flops and not even having to light you poêle!

Don't mind me, just a bit of the old schadenfreude![6]

Go put on your thermals, like I have done, and go light that fire..........[I]

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