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Weird going ons, is my pc being corrupted


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I've noticed recently that every time I log on to LF I seem to receive more and more pop-ups. I have a sort of racing up and down the scroll bar which is uncontrable in the longer threads. If I'm trying to post, when typing the keyboard strokes are not being picked up.

I hope I'm not being too paranoid, but does accessing this site lay me wide open to being hi-jacked.

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>I've noticed recently that every time
>I log on to LF
>I seem to receive more
>and more pop-ups. I
>have a sort of racing
>up and down the scroll
>bar which is uncontrable in
>the longer threads. If
>I'm trying to post, when
>typing the keyboard strokes are
>not being picked up.

Does this happen on other sites also? If so I would suspect virus activity or a trojan/spyware type pop-up programme.
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LAST EDITED ON 22-Nov-03 AT 08:07 AM (GMT)

I have not had anything through LF but two weeks ago it started coming my way through E-mail. I have had two sob stories , one from an African state where they have this Contract money left over and wish to sieve it out of the country using my bank a/c and a similar one from a women who has this money she wants to put into my bank !!! and I receive a % in each case. " I am still poor !! "
Regards Royston
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