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  1. Fair enough. I won't trouble you again.
  2. Loiseau, you are confusing identities with accounts. They are not the same thing. You have set up several accounts and OE treats them as you describe. Just select the right account from the drop-down box before replying, as you have been doing.
  3. From IE: tools : internet options : advanced : check the boxes relating to script debugging.
  4. As usual - an opinion by Mazan based on ignorance of a subject he knows very little about. What a shame that you don't elaborate. If you are going to call me ignorant (in what is apparently the first phrase in your first ever post here) you should at least have the courtesy to explain where you think I'm going wrong. As for being ignorant about something one knows very little about, this phrase is just tautology. I will bow to your superior knowledge Hold on. You just said I was ignorant. Which is it? about hunters but there are many others forms of shooting . Indeed there are but none of them were connected with what I had to say about hunting. Do go back and read the thread in full. You've certainly chosen an original way to make your first post here.
  5. without warning, it'd just disapear... very odd... (thats what i meant by connection going) and no error message at all... just back to a blank screen... at that point the little red light came back on and try as i could, haven't been able to get it back to a yellow one since... do you think this means the box has had it? If it was my box I would be making an appointment at the crematorium.
  6. But as far as Leneuf are concerned I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they are still offering this package when we get ADSL later in the year. They seems to be quite generous in their no fee to join, small cancellation, no minimum contract requirements. You won't find it anywhere on the website but Cegetel still do an almost identical offer of 512k for 15€ (when taking preselection) rising to 20€ after the first year with no minimum period and a 40€ (that's 5€ less than LeNeuf) sign-out fee. You can only get this from Cegetel if you ring them and ask. I think that technically Cegetel are marginally better than LeNeuf. Two advantages of Cegetel: their unlimited phone offer for 10€ is for regular phone calls and not VOIP calls (LeNeuf, Tiscali and Wanadoo all offer ADSL + VOIP), and the customer service number is Freephone, unlike all other ISPs that I know of in France. Given how much time you may need to spend on the phone with Cegetel CS this can mean a big saving.
  7. CA's newly introduced system has failed and they expect me to pick up the tab - wrong. I now have to consider my next move. Bad luck indeed. You should visit the Gendarmerie and file a complaint. You should complain to the Banque de France, the local DGCCRF http://www.finances.gouv.fr/DGCCRF/ , and a consumer group of your choosing. "Que Choisir/60 milllions de consommateurs" like having a go at banks. Your next step should be away from the CA. I've said it a hundred times and I don't mind saying it again: all French banks are lousy and the CA are the worst of the lot. For half-way decent and personal service 6 days a week (which offers no possibility of loss such as you have experienced) you can't beat LaPoste. For what it's worth not only would I never put cash into a machine but I never use cash withdrawal machines either. They cannot be trusted. I only withdraw cash in person over the counter in return for my signature on a transaction confirmation that I verify before signing. I would only do the same for paying cash in.
  8. We have used about 1500 ltrs from Oct3 to date. Sunny weather during Oct/Dec kept the boiler from kicking in much during the day but we have had a lot of cold, snowy weather since the end of Jan that has it going nearly all the time. We operate it on 17 deg during the day and 16 deg at night. You're a spartan lot! I have our thermostat on 21° day and night. At 17° I would have to wear my anorak and mittens. I find that it doesn't pay to try and vary the temperature overnight as it takes so long for old buildings to react to changes. We use about a tank full (3000ltr) per year which does all heating (13 radiators) and hot water (for 3 on average) in a large old stone farmhouse that is quite well insulated.
  9. You're quite right. Neuf have obviously started doing IP/ADSL again, and very recently too I think. They scrapped the whole lot early last year. They may have brought it back in due to the recent announcement of wholesale price cuts made by FT that come into effect next month. It just goes to show that you can't stop watching this business for an instant. Hardly a week goes by without the availability, speeds and prices changing. Never a dull moment.
  10. because the ADSL has not arrived yet, it is probably too current. That is certainly true. In fact it can take several days after the ADSL is actually on at the exchange for the FT/Wanadoo database to be updated. Until then other ISPs can't update their databases either. So don't expect the other ISPs databases to give you a "yes" until anything up to 10 days later. However, this website http://www.adsl-facile.com suggests that I can have non degroupe services from N9UF & Tiscali. You will find that the site is wrong.
  11. The card has no bearing on reception. None at all. The card serves only to decode the channels to which you are entitled. In your case it does ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. Remove the card and your box will work just as well (or badly). If your card does not have a yellow house on a dark blue background then it is no longer valid anyway and can be thrown away. Your phrase "all was working fine but gradually, programmes would simply close down – happily watching the news (or something) and suddenly, the connection would be lost." is not clear. What "connection" are you talking about? What do you mean by "close down"? You nearly always get some sort of error message on-screen in case of problems: what mesage did you see? You need to be much more precise in your description. Can you get the digibox out of standby by pushing the on-off button on the front panel? If not it is probably time for a new box. But you should test your box on someone else's (Sky) dish before doing so. Try someone else's digibox on your dish also as you could have a cable or LNB fault.
  12. I will continue to recommend external serial modems for simplicity and reliability in cases where an internal modem is broken, missing or doesn't connect reliably (assuming that the line is in good order, of course). Serial modems have the advantage of always working well with no driver problems or installation issues. Obviously anyone who is happy with their internal modem does not need to look for a replacement. Any speed calculations that are based on the theoretical 56k maximum modem speed are doomed to failure. Modems rarely get past 45k in the field and I don't think I've ever seen one get to 50k.
  13. The Degrouptest site is not easy to understand. In areas like yours (non-degrouped and of less than 20,000 lines) you can get the IP/ADSL offer. This currently includes (but is not limited to) Wanadoo, AOL, Club-Internet, Tiscali, Free, Cegetel etc. All areas with any form of ADSL always have at least these providers as the IP/ADSL offer by definition covers all ADSL areas that aren't degrouped. There are no exceptions though for technical reasons Tiscali may not register as being available. Tele2 and Neuf currently have no non-degrouped offer and as such are not available in your area.
  14. The simple answer is no, you cannot use the same card between two different boxes to get any subscription channels. This is incorrect. All the subscription channels will work in any box except for the premium sport and film channels. But this will be of no comfort to the original poster who specifically mentioned the sport channels. He can watch UKGold and Sky One and dozens of other channels but not the ones he wants.
  15. Practically all internal modems are PCI these days, right? Some use proprietary risers. Also do not dismiss external USB modems which do not suffer from the problem. I do dismiss USB modems but for other reasons. They are not very reliable and, as with internal modems, rely heavily on the processing power of the PC. The software drivers are often very odd indeed. And last time I looked your default PC serial port was throttled at 115kbs, even the UART (serial chip) capability to go faster. I'm sorry but I don't understand this sentence. 50-100% faster on web pages. I am quite surprised you can dismiss that so easily. I doubt that the actual speed increase in real life is as high as that. And I still believe that for most users the improvement in general connection stability makes using an external modem worthwhile, if people are having trouble with a built-in one. If they aren't having trouble there is no need to worry, of course.
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