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where can you get a large washing machine/tumble dryer


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Hello there

I would be very grateful if anyone could recommend where to get a large washing machine and a large tumble dryer from ( at least 8 kilos) in France. So far I have only come accross the whirlpool washing machine which is over 1400 euros! I have found an admiral equivalent in England for 400. I haven't come accross any large tumble dryers nor can any of the shops advise me of a proffessional supplier.

Can anyone help, either with names of washing machines ,dryers or with names of suppliers.

We will be running a bed and breakfast and eventually a couple of gites so I did want something a bit big so I don't spend all day at the washing machine and I was hoping to get away without ironing the sheets by tumble drying non iron ones! Any recommendations greatly appreciated - thanks in advance.
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I have never found a non iron sheet in France. I have bought all sorts of makes at all prices, some percale ones were marked that they would need less ironing, but they needed a lot.

I've never seen a bigger washing machine or dryer. And if you have to get them from specialist places I can see them being expensive, I find most washing machines/dryers expensive here anyway. I would ask at say Darty and see if they have any bigger ones.
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Hi Katew

We have a top-loading Whirlpool 'American Collection' Ultimate Care II. It is marked on the 'information plate' 8.2 kgs but I can usually force it to hold more by topping it up with more water. It is identical to the one I had in California, newer model of the one my Mum had, and I like it a lot. It cost approx. 350-380 from Costco, about 3 years ago, they still have them, at the same-ish price, along with the matching electric dryers (which will hold slightly more in kgs.) I find this is big enough for most things, for instance, I can wash a 15 tog Queen-size poly-fil duvet no probs. And the feather/down duvets are easy as well. Saying that, I will probably opt for a front-loader next time. BUT the largest front loader domestic washer you will get is 8 kg tops, I am guessing, I certainly haven't been able to find anything bigger...

I have seen the front-loading 8 kg Dream Space from Whirlpool but from Darty, its a hefty 1548! Yikes! Its nice though...
The Admiral Large capacity domestic top-loader has a 10.1 kg capacity and is in the 550 region.

I think I would see if it is possible to get an ex-commercial front-loader from a launderette refurbishment place. With the french love of recycling anything that doesn't move, certainly there must be somewhere that does this! This is the route I will follow when it is time to replace my washer, but since my Mother's washer lasted in excess of 25 years, and the one I had in California is still in daily use after 17 years (according to my ex...) So, I might have this one for a while yet!

Bonne Chance! Belinda
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A friend here in the UK took over a residential home and, as part of the refurbishments, bought a massive commercial washing machine and tumble dryer. She also took out the maintenance contracts, which were as expensive as a cheap washing machine. The machines were pretty much in action all day, every day - many of the residents were incontinent - so the need for repairs was inevitable, However, she then found that there were many exclusions in the contracts, and that the wait for parts was weeks, not days. As you would expect, the local laundrette was not happy for her to take washing there, so she had to use a specialist laundry service for 6 weeks, which was phenomenally expensive. Her eventual solution was to buy 2 each of the cheap domestic washing machines, and tumble dryers. They still chug away for most of the day, but if one breaks down, she still has one that works, so can just about cope with the laundry. It is also a much cheaper solution, and she wouldn't consider the commercial appliances again.
Of course, you need to have sufficient space to accommodate 4 machines, but having seen my friend's struggles, it would certainly be my preferred option.
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