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  1. I've lost half a kilo this last week. I would have lost more but... I did not stick to Induction (Bad Girl!) and had red wine. A LOT of red wine...  Tough. Theres always THIS week! Well done all of you!
  2. I am back on Induction so no wine, no bread...etc. Got on the scales this AM and about fell over from the shock! [:'(] Still, I knew that it would be an increase and I also know I have the ability to change. So... here goes! See you all on Friday. [8-)]
  3. Me too, count me in. I am switching over from Atkins (which did me well for over two years) to the G.I. Diet. Just need more dried legumes and wholemeal bread from time to time.[:)] Might I add that I am not starting until AFTER the girls are back at school next week! WHEN I can connect to the Internet (not often) I will update you all on my own progress. What day are we using for weighing in? May I wish all of you a very happy and healthy new year! [:D]
  4. Hello everyone! I don't have internet access at the moment here in France so I only am able to get online at the library once in awhile. Thats why I haven't been around much. 4321Minceaur is a liquid you put in a litre of water and drink throughout the day. You are supposed to do 4 days at 4 capfuls, 3 days at 3 capfuls and so on, but I have been doing 4 capfuls a day for two weeks! It really helped me get from 85-86kg down to 80.5, which is where I am at now. Once I go below 80, I will go down to 3 capfuls a day. The cost varies widely. At our local Pharmacy, it is 21€ a bottle, in Pontivy at E.LeClerc, it is 25€ for two bottles, so if you want to do it, shop around! Anyway, I am using it with Atkins and it does help curb my appetite and does help with 'elimination' of toxins.... so to speak! Heres a pic of me I took yesterday! 
  5. Yippee! I am down to 80.5kg! Thats a total loss of 7 stones 1 pound since October 2003! Still have 2 stones to go.... I am very happy. I am using 4,3,2,1 Minceur to help lose these last 15-20 kg. And I am still on Atkins!
  6. If you fancy a stone worktop, the cheapest place to acquire one is at a 'Memorial Masons' the people who do headstones. Honest. Great selection of finish, colour, etc.
  7. I have been ill with cold/flu/bronchitis since last Monday night... haven't been able to keep food down, no appetite, either. When I DID eat, it was stuff like whole grain bread or cheese... made a 'good' pot au feu and had some of that yesterday. SO. On scales yesterday (and today) at 87 kg, so down 1 kg from last week! I know, getting sick is cheating... Alls fair in love, war and weight-loss! I think that Atkins works for me but I tend to be leaning more South Beach, now, as I eat more legumes and wholegrain bread than Atkins allows. Except, I eat LOADS of fat (very un-SB), but ONLY 'natural' such as olive oil, butter, chicken skin, etc. NEVER any hydrogenated oils, margarine, etc. I read 'The Fat Fallacy', it was eye-opening. Our bodies evolved over millennia eating, what? Low-fat stuff? No sir-ee bob! Eating FAT. Very little in the way of carbs until 3000 years ago and then always unproccesed. Its only been in the last 30 years or so we have done this 'low-fat' thing. Its worth doing a Google. Low-Fat is NOT where it's at! IMHO, of course... PS. I have an exceptional cholesterol makeup (according to my cardiologist) with high levels of HDL, normal triglycerides, optimal levels of LDL and practically non-exsistant VLDL according to my last test. I will have another one done in the next few weeks.
  8. Gay, wasn't that the premise behind the song, "Pina Colada"?? I am exactly the same weightwise as last week - but! I put on a pair of jeans today I have carted around with me for 18 years (I know, packrat... but they are nice jeans!) and... wait for it.... they fit! And not suck-it-in-stand-on-tippie-toes-while-pulling-on-zipper-jumping-up-and-down fit (everyone got that mental image? Good) I mean zip up, room in hips fit and slightly relaxed if not baggy fit. Yes, I am chuffed... Its all the walking I have to do... And Alexis, a lover? Too much effort... all that feeding and caring for... (Hmmmmm.... on the other hand, the benefits... ) Nah! Not enough return on investment!
  9. [quote]Now this is worrying. Do you mean the labels on your knickers aren't at the back. 'Cos if they are at the back, then you can't possibly put them on back to front, can you? Or are they on the side? ...[/quote] Swissbarry. English knicker's labels are on the left-hand side. French knicker's labels tend to be on the right-hand side. This is peculiar to Women's 'smalls' so probably why you were not aware of this French idiosyncracy... Maybe you should pay more attention....
  10. You can go through the one I use. It's free and dead simple. http://www.blogspirit.com/en/index.php (Thank you for the kind comments, MWJ and Peter, by the way... )
  11. Tresco... if Chelsea win the league, I have it on good authority that Miki won't be able to see the keyboard, let alone post... but we will be sure to be on our toes the following moring with electronic paracetamol... Outcast... now you know Mrs Outcast won't approve of that... and the diet is going very well, thank you... I'm sure we will all post pictures when we all meet our goal...
  12. Here is the link... but be warned, some of it is painful, personal stuff... read at your own risk! And be kind! This is my first attempt at something like this, I haven't worked out how to do all the buttons, bells and buzzers yet!
  13. [quote]If Miki's dodgy, are there people here who are 'double' dodgy (or worse)?. tresco[/quote] Yes Tresco... but he has been deleted!
  14. Yeah, but the Mods and Admin still have a great, big electronic rubber.... .........and we ain't afraid to use it, baby!
  15. I do a daily weblog. I've only just started it 2 weeks ago. Its about my life here dealing with the French Bureaucracy, my children, the people in my life. Takes me about 10-30 minutes to do and helps me both focus and release some frustrations as I think a lot (usually) about what I am going to post. I have found it quite therapeutic. Some might call it boring minutiae, others might get something else out of it... like heh, she is going through the same thing as me!
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