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[quote]If click on "Recent Topics" at top of the page the first option is " Posts since my last visit " but you must make sure that you are showing as logged in. Baz[/quote]

And don't use 'refresh' or you will lose all the posts (ie you will go forward to having viewed everything).
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Deby - another thought.

The forum has a feature that automatically logs you out after a certain period - you could stay logged in permanently with the old forum but with this one you need to log in again at each visit, or after a period of inactivity. It's not as bad as it sounds, because you can ask the system to remember your e-mail and password so then you just click 'log in' and you should automatically get the full range of features.

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[quote]Hello (again) Nope doesnt work!!. Wonder what it could be? Frustrated. Will, What do you mean log into old forum, is that one still active then? Deby[/quote]

No - unfortunately the old forum is no longer available. What I meant was that when we used that one, you could just stay logged in permanently, unless you logged out at the end of a session you didn't have to log in when you used it again. The new forum works slightly differently.

Sorry it didn't work - something for James to ask the developers when everybody's back at work methinks.

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Hi James Forum Admin man

I do like the new website and judging by the comments made here you have worked hard for us users. So here is a thank you from me.

If you have seen by this thread I have a few hiccups which I would like to find a solution to

a) The author of post does not appear in the box where it should, so I have no idea who has posted unless their name appears in the message.

b)I do not see the Recent Topics and/or control panel in the line which everyone else appears to see it

c) when I do receive a PM - the alert works, I then click on it and I can access my personal information as I now can see the control panel feature (btw I discovered I can also access my personal informaion if I click my name in the those 'currently logged on' bit) other than that I am missing these important features.

d) Another user has emailed me and said that they are having the same problems

My Op sys is XP and browser is Internet Explorer 6028.  Had a quick look at my cookies options (security options in my brower)

and these are the options which I have selected (Not sure whether this is the prob or not)

i) Block 3rd party cookies that do not have a compact privacy

ii)Block 3rd party cookies that use personally identifiable info without complicit consent

iii) Restrict 1st party cookies that use personally identifiable info without implicit consent

So could it be this?

Thanks for your help on this Deby

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