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  1. [quote user="idun"] I have to say that the 'top' post button not working has caught me out a few times now.   Is there any chance of it working? It isn't today either. [/quote]   Hi, There are a number of issues which weren't working on the old forum location. This is the same build and same forum. We run community server across a number of sites and some of the issues here were always present. Compatibilty issues, top button not working, Safari issues, etc. Some of these are therefore a wider scale and will need to be addressed across the group as a project.        
  2. [quote user="Russethouse"]Now when I go to a thread and go to 'Last' (or indeed any number) in the page list I get a little box with a Google header and the duplicate numbers but nothing happens ( I don't get taken to the 'Last' post......[/quote]   Can you send me a screen grab please? Also what you are using eg IE7 with comp mode on. etc   Thanks    
  3. I have this as one of the issues outstanding:   Firefox/Safari : large white area to right.   It could be that the formatting work already completed has resolved this one as well? Is this still an issue?   Let me know.   Thanks
  4. [quote user="Quillan"] The top Post button is the one that gets me now every time. Type a short response and you find yourself using the top button which of course does not work. Seems when I quote people it ends up 'centred' rather than left justified. [/quote]   Being looked into. Thanks
  5. [quote user="Clair"][quote user="You can call me Betty"]In the great scheme of things, this is a mere nothing, but I don't think anyone's mentioned it so far. In fact, if they're anything like me, they haven't noticed it so far. I only spotted it this morning. [IMG]http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f288/croixblanches/cfheaders.png[/IMG] The headers for each column seem to be wildly out of synch with the columns beneath. Unless it's just on my screen... [/quote] I can also see this on the Active view, but it doesn't appear on the main forum page. [/quote]   Should be fixed.
  6. [quote user="cooperlola"] We've still got this problem whereby it appears that by pressing the return key we create a paragraph (ie it leaves a blank line in the text in the posting box) but when the post appears this is not the case. What therefore happens is that if one writes a long post with lots of paragraphs, it is very hard to read as happened to me just now on the moaning thread.  Fine if we have to press the return key twice now but the posting box should look the same - ie when you return once it shouldn't produce an extra blank white line (which would make it consistent with other text writing programmes and good old-fashioned typewriters!) Now doesn't that look awful?  Whereas it didn't when I typed it in the posting box. [/quote] This is on the list to be fixed soon.
  7. Hi,   IS have been working on the site. Aim was to resolve issues for posting etc first...   Compatibility on - should be resolved eg no white space in IE 7 and 8.   Title header changed from blue to white for easier reading.   Footer colours on pagination eg next, previous etc should be clearer.   Reply box has been re-sized.   Alignment of titles fixed.   Quick link and breadcrumb truncating fixed.   More fixes to come...
  8. If you have login issues: Request a forgotten password. If you use this but it wont allow you in, it is likely you are inputting the wrong email address, you will need to input the email address you used for registration, not necessarily the email address you have now. For technical issues please raise them in the appropriate threads: Technical issues: http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/2697225/ShowPost.aspx Appearance issues: http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/2697228/ShowPost.aspx Thanks.
  9. Hi, Just to update, I am having daily conference calls regarding the issues and have prioritised a roll-out of fixes. So thanks for those that have added to the threads that were set-up.
  10. [quote user="You can call me Betty"]This has, I believe, been mentioned already. The time showing now on my laptop is 0950 UK time. On the "appearance" thread, I can see the last post as Pachapapa's at 9.17 - that's from the "active topics". When I enter the thread, however, I see that Theiere actually made a further post to that thread at 9.20, which doesn't register at all in "active topics". [/quote]   It's because an edit has been made to a post after the last post was made. This has always been the case. eg: [edited by: pachapapa at 9:23 (GMT 0) on 23/03/2012]
  11. Looks like the main issue is in IE with the compatiblity mode. Switching it on allows users to post but then huge gaps appear at top and forum jumping on load. Notes: 1. IE8 Compatibilty view on - huge white area between the banner and any text and main area jumping on load. Compatibilty view off - you cannot create a new topic, reply, quote, post, preview.  Pressing any of these buttons results in the text boy being wiped clean and nothing being processed. And if you are foolish enough to change compatibility modes before you press post, you lose everything as well - as I have just found out. 2. Contact and Advertise links at the top of the page both bring up page not found messages. 3. System : W7, Browser: Opera. Problem(s): Inability to log on. 4. The top 'post' button does not work (is this in a particular browser?) 5.  System : W7, Browser: Safari. Problem(s): Reply box needs resizing. Any 'quotes' resemble gobbledeegook when presented in final post. 6. The page numbers at the bottom of the threads don't indicate which page you're actually on any more, as it did in the past (iirc it was highlighted/underlined or something.)  Confusing when you're reading a long thread and want to jump pages. 7. Black on dark blue headers on posts cant be read easily. 8. Safari: Large white area to right of screen (assuming no google ads are showing?). Reply-box tiny and no access to Smilies. Adding photos/links does not work. 9. Firefox: Large white area to right of screen. (assuming no google ads are showing?) 10. Posting: Paragraphs no longer come out automatically when you input a new line yourself.
  12. Hi, Sorry for the technical issues that have arisen. If all issues are raised in the two threads created, we can raise them with IS at the end of each day to look at fixing them in some sort of priority order. James
  13. The French Property Exhibition returns to Birmingham All you need to know about buying a house in France The French Property Exhibition on 24 March at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham is a one-stop shop for anyone considering buying a property in France.  It is the perfect place to go for information and inspiration, whatever stage of the buying process you’re at. Entry to the exhibition is free. The seminar programme runs all day giving visitors invaluable information on all aspects of the buying process; from health and pensions to tax and mortgages. Visitors can view a wide range of properties for sale and meet property experts, as well as legal and financial advisors. For more information and to register for free tickets, visit www.fpebirmingham.com Debbie Macleod Event Director Archant } Specialist
  14. Hi, We have added a ‘Do not show this message again’ option to the popup in red below the close button.
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