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New forum software - Trading Standards.


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Hi Everyone,

don't want to cause an avalanche of comments about my stupidity but:

Is there nothing like the sale of goods act for computer programmes?

Or perhaps the eqivalent of Trading Standards?

Seems to me that Living France have been sold a dud!!!

It's probably unfair for admin to have to put up with all our complaints but on the other hand, if they paid good money for something they should be able to expect it to work to a reasonable standard without having just  60 day technichal support available as stated by Will on the other thread.

Are they (the programme producers) hoping that dissatisfied customers (LF) will just accept a less than perfect product - I cannot believe that our members are the only users having problems. 

Just like to add my thanks to administrators for trying so hard to keep things going -  hope something is sorted before toooo long.

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I am pretty sure that you never buy software but license it from the maker/developer. That probably makes a difference to what you can do, but to be honest LF have two choices, they either stop using it (I don't think that that is an option for them) or they try their best to get the developers to fix the problems.

I have known development of new products using standard software (not MS I might add) having to be halted after two years because the software manufacturers brought out an 'improved version' and the current product would no longer work due to changes in language/platform. The product never got to launch and a heck of a lot of time and money was wasted.

I suppose someone could try to get a body together to police companies that produce software but in my experience it would be like herding jelly.

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This site looks/feels a lot like T***l France -is it the same software ? From other threads posted TF gets a far better write up - so if same software then it works well on 1 site but not on the other indicating that the prob may lie with LF rather than Bill Gates who always gets blamed (or T Blair of course).

If this comment has been made elsewhere I apologise but life is too short to try looking.

John the technophobe


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