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  1. Hi Jon, Which area are your friends looking in? have pm'd you. Val
  2. Hi , I have managed to register online for submission but it won't allow me in to fill the form as it keeps rejecting my husband's social security number - I assumed this to be the number on his carte vitale. Have I got this wrong? Please can somebody tell me. As far as I know we have never received notification of a specific SS number. Would be very grateful for any input. Val
  3. Oops don't think that worked - will try again http://www.impots.gouv.fr/portal/dgi/public/professionnels.impot hope this one works. Val link edited by a Mod to fit page width
  4. [quote user="Panda "] But have the forms gone out for Bic's yet?  I haven't had mine yet.. [/quote]   Forms for our regime Reel Simplifie can be downloaded here: 2007  -  Bénéfices Industriels et Commerciaux/Impôt sur le revenu Descriptif du formulaire - La déclaration n° 2031 et les tableaux 2033-A à 2033-G sont souscrits par toutes les entreprises exerçant une activité industrielle, commerciale ou artisanale, soumises à l'impôt sur le revenu dans la catégorie des BIC (bénéfices industriels et commerciaux) et placées sous le régime réel simplifié. sorry for the long link - you'll probably have to cut and paste it. Have to be in by 2nd May 07 Val
  5. [quote user="cooperlola"] See http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/838485/ShowPost.aspx but read down throught the thread as their address has changed. [/quote]   Thank you very much for the link - will give them a call on Monday. Val
  6. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] Haventgotone's got one.....   [/quote] Thanks to Sunday Driver for the explanation - has eased my stress a little. I think perhaps we should look for an accountant, does anyone happen to know one in our area who could cope with my limited French. Val ps: love SD's comment - very amusing.
  7. [quote user="RumziGal"] What have I missed by not being in the country? It's just occurred to me that it's coming up to the day when I'm usually running along at midnight to put our completed tax return into the overflowing postbox at the Impots place. I haven't set eyes on a tax return form this year so far....... [/quote] Oh my goodness - I have just this afternoon returned from the UK and we DO have a Tax Return which, according to a fellow artisan must be filed by 1st April - although I can see no date anywhere on the forms. Form Numbers are:-  2031, D.G.I. 2033-A,D.G.I. 2033-B, D.G.I. 2033-C, D.G.I. 2033-D, D.G.I. 2033-E, D.G.I. 2033-F, D.G.I. 2033-G Please, please can someone tell me what the penalty will be for late filing as there is no way I am capable of switching back into 'bookwork' mode this evening. This is our first tax return since my husband registered and I am scared witless about getting it horribly wrong. Val    
  8. Please can we let this drop now, it is serving no purpose to carry it on.
  9. [quote user="Georgina"] Well sometimes we can't on here but you can because you are a Mod.[:)] Georgina [/quote]   Ouch!!!!
  10. [quote user="Clair"]I truly believe it's been better for me to acknowledge that I did not like my mother rather than pretend that I did and bury my own feelings for the sake of others or to avoid ill feelings. It goes against the grain, as shown by Georgina's comments, but it's helped me tremendously to realise I did not have to like her. I am not derogatory towards her, I do not begrudge my sisters their relationship with her and they do not "force us" together. It suits me fine [:D] [/quote] I was very lucky to have a wonderful Mum - she once told me when I was being a little judgemental about a friend who couldn't get on with her family, that you have to be true to yourself and that we can choose our friends but our family are thrust upon us. She was soooo right about pretty much all the little wisdoms she passed on to me.   Sadly I lost my Mum to cancer on 17th March 1979.
  11. Well done Emma, So pleased for you, when you seem to have cotisation demands coming at you from all directions it's really hard to see a glimmer of hope isn't it. Good luck.
  12. 'what is this thorny bush which is now covered with coral pink waxy blossoms, no perfume.' Hi Pat,  Your bush could be a flowering quince they are really beautiful. Proper name is Chaenomeles.  
  13. You're welcome Cassis - love your fantastic picture.
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