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Firefox Spellcheck doesn't work on this Forum


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In Firefox2 there is a spellcheck which works on every other Forum I have been on, but not on this one.

It is useful for highlighting 'typos' and words that have been hastily typed in wrongly, so does anybody have any idea why it doesn't work on here?

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[quote user="Clair"]I have no problem using the spell check facility in Firefox. I can use it in French or in English...


Me too...except (and only except ) when I post on this Forum.[8-)]

I have tried the manipulation outlined here, and it still doesn't work

Correction:  I can do it manually, that is to say highlighting the text area, right-clicking on it  and choosing 'spell check this area'

However it doesn't seem to want to do it automatically.

Still it's progress.  Thanks Claire.

The reason I ask about it is that if more people could use it, it could prevent the sort of conflicts that can arise where somebody's post  is badly-spelled.

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