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Gone but not forgotten..


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[quote user="buelligan"]Thanks Pickles!  I did check the "Holidays" board (thinking it might have moved there) but didn't think of a "location" relocation!  Thanks again [:D][/quote]

There was no "relocation" involved.

The OP posted two identical threads on two different sections of the forum:

Planning a boating holiday on the Canal De Midi - help needed

Boating Holiday on the Canal De Midi

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How incredibly strange Clair!  I rarely visit the "Regions" boards but, if I do, it's almost always the South East (because that's where I live).  It must have been involuntary sleight of  mouse on my part.[:D]  The oddest thing is, I distinctly remember seeing the "Fig Fete" thread (which is definitely on the SE board), below the thread I am talking about. Very weird...but not very important..![:D]
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