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  1. Ah, sorry Nick, the charges are in the email ... which they haven't sent to you ... yet!In the email that I received it says: En choisissant la formule topEurop France Espagne Portugal, votre nouveau badge AREA vous sera offert (frais de mise en service de 11 € offerts) ainsi que votre premier mois de frais de gestion. Vous le recevrez gratuitement chez vous (frais de livraison de 4€ offerts), et il sera immédiatement utilisable en France mais aussi en Espagne et au Portugal. Cette offre vous est proposée avec des frais de gestion facturés seulement les mois utilisés : 1,70 € par mois circulé en France, 2,40 € par mois circulé en zone ibérique. If you take up the offer to transfer to AREA, then they will send out to you a reply-paid envelope for you to return the ALIS/Easytrip transponders.
  2. Easytrip's facebook page has been updated with the following:Chers clients, Nous vous informons qu'Easytrip France va cesser prochainement ses activités relatives au télépéage. Par conséquent, les badges Easytrip seront désactivés à compter du 15 avril 2020 et tous les contrats seront malheureusement résiliés à cause de l'arrêt du service. Nous contactons en ce moment, par e-mail, tous nos clients, quant à la cession de notre activité de télépéage. Si vous n'avez pas encore reçu d'e-mail, soyez assurés que vous en recevrez un dans les prochains jours. Afin que vous puissiez continuer à bénéficier des avantages du télépéage, des offres exclusives vous sont proposées par notre partenaire AREA, et de nouveaux badges télépéage vous seront livrés gratuitement. Pour ce faire, vous pourrez souscrire chez AREA via l'e-mail envoyé par Easytrip. Pour plus d’informations, rendez-vous sur notre site web : https://www.easytrip.fr/transition. Merci pour votre compréhension. L'équipe Easytrip
  3. [quote user="NickP"]I haven't had any E/Mails at all about this I looked on their website a couple of days ago, there was no mention of the situation.[/quote]Yes, it's quite weird: all the old gumpf about the Liber-t peage transponder is still there BUT there's nowhere to sign up for Easytrip's offering any more.The email may have ended up in your spam, but they claim that they may have tried to call you or sent an SMS in the FAQ below. Customer service is NOT their forte! They have updated their FAQs in the last couple of days:https://www.easytrip.fr/faqThe first FAQ is:J’ai reçu un message (e-mail, sms, appel) m’invitant à m’abonner chez AREA et à changer de badge. De quoi s’agit-il ? Les badges télépéage Easytrip seront désactivés à compter du 15 avril 2020 et seront donc hors d’usage. Rassurez-vous, nous vous proposons un nouveau badge chez notre partenaire AREA pour que vous puissiez circuler en toute liberté. Cette proposition est valable pour chaque contrat télépéage que vous avez signé lors de votre souscription chez Easytrip. Les modalités de votre offre chez AREA seront très proches de celles de l’offre Easytrip dont vous bénéficiez. Nous vous informons que votre espace client Easytrip restera accessible après la désactivation de votre/vos badges télépéage. Notre équipe est à votre disposition pour vous informer sur cette transition. Nous vous prions de privilégier le contact sur Facebook Messenger pour des réponses rapides à vos questions. Regards Pickles
  4. Hi DD, The penalty is not mentioned in the email: it is in the FAQs on the Easytrip website. Personally, I'd rather not give them the opportunity to grab my money ...! RegardsPickles
  5. I've been away from the forum for a few years but I recall that some of you got toll transponders from Alis when they were doing a decent deal for low use drivers. A few years ago they shifted everything over to a company trading as Easytrip, with (of course) a less good deal. Now Easytrip is throwing in the towel and proposing to transfer people over to yet another crowd. This new deal is again slightly more expensive and the transponder will also work in Spain and Portugal as well as France.If you do nothing, your account will be closed.BUT if you do NOT return the transponder within 30 days of receiving the email, you will be charged 35€.So, if you are intending not to move to the proposed new provider, get the transponders sent back! Pickles
  6. [quote user="tinabee"]One of the more recent problems French (and other European) banks have is the requirement to comply with FATCA (US tax reporting). They have to report anyone who may have a link to the US tax authorities or face potentially severe penalties.[/quote] I came across a couple of articles recently where it was said that some US citizens resident in France have now been essentially forced to renounce their US citizenship in order to continue to have accounts with French banks. The reporting requirements are onerous and costly, and if any mistake is made the repercussions on the bank's US operations are apparently out of all proportion. Our bank in France became increasingly demanding of proofs of this and that, and we have now ditched them. We were already with their online subsidiary, which still occasionally asks for some ID proof (but nothing like to the extent demanded by their parent) but is happy to receive the documentation online as well.
  7. Telling them that we were renters put off most cold callers ...
  8. [quote user="tinabee"]Capital gains tax only applies if the property has increased in value over the period of ownership. There are some allowances for building works (e.g. extensions) and there are reductions in tax after 5 years of ownership. There is a simulator you can use here http://www.notaires.fr/fr/les-plus-values-immobili%C3%A8res[/quote] Yes, but if you are UK resident then you will have to pay UK CGT on any gain. And you need to be aware that in order to calculate the gain for UK CGT purposes, you need to convert the Euro original purchase price into GBP at the exchange rate applicable on the date of purchase, and the again to convert the Euro sale price into GBP at the exchange rate applicable on the date of sale (and any improvements need to be converted into sterling at the Euro exchange rate appropriate on the date incurred). This can mean that if you purchased in 2001 and sold for the same Euro value in 2016, there will be a capital gain in sterling because of the appreciation of the Euro against sterling. You will receive a credit against UK CGT for French CGT paid.
  9. [quote user="dave21478"]It has the looks and functionality of a teenagers Myspace page circa 2005, but a web designer is getting paid actual money to blunder around making glaring errors. [/quote] Hmmm ... I must admit that I find the new layout much less readable: there is less differentiation between posts in the "active posts" view, so it takes longer to skim-read the titles. Definitely not an improvement. Haven't tried it on tablet or smartphone, but then again, the incompatibility with Chrome is a disincentive.
  10. It was bound to happen ... a migrant has died on a lorry-carrying train ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-33422109
  11. [quote user="mint"]I had one this morning, purporting to be from Microsoft and telling me that I have won 250 grand and would I contact them. Has anyone out there also won 250 grand?[:D] [/quote] We've won so much in lotteries that we've never entered and freebees from companies we've never dealt with that it is no longer worth our while responding to these unless the win is more than £10 Million. And even then we can hardly raise the enthusiasm ... Not to mention all the commissions from helping relatives of dead ministers or businessmen who need help to get their well-deserved gains extracted from nasty governments.
  12. I am assuming that you have "sold" but not yet completed the sale. If so, take the car back and register it in the UK NOW, before you complete the sale and whilst therefore you are still resident in France. You will then be OK to drive the French-registered car in the UK because you will still be French-resident, yet will also be able to take it to be MoT'd and then re-registered in the UK, before the sale is complete. The car can be registered to a temporary address at which you can be contacted if you have not got a permanent address lined up yet.
  13. I have a sneaking suspicion that the French thinking goes along the lines of: Nearly all of the people being inconvenienced/suffering losses do not have a vote in France. The strikers DO have a vote in France. We need votes ...
  14. [quote user="lindal1000"]I'm not sure that the 'free movement' that you refer to has much to do with the Calais situation.[/quote] Actually, the "free movement" referred to in the EU treaties was and is as much about goods (and services) as it is about people. The French authorities, by failing to prevent recurrent illegal blockages of the port of Calais and Eurotunnel by both migrants and strikers could be held to be in breach of their EU treaty obligations.
  15. [quote user="Chancer"]After 9 years of French TV only I cracked and bought a skybox from E-bay, there was a viewing card Inside but the machine does not recognise it, the channels BBC ITV etc are set to the West country. All has been fine although I rarely get time to view it, I would like to watch Motors TV on channel 447 (Goodwood festival of speed) which is a free to view channel but the box asks me to insert my Skycard. Presumably I need to buy one of the cards that allows the extra Channel 5 channels etc but will it be recognised by my box or is it locked to the last correctly registered card? I dont want to waste money on something that doesnt work. If it will work what do I need to buy and from where? What other channels would it bring me? could I for instance then select the regional programs from my old area, the South east? Thank you. [/quote] Why not get a Freesat box (and not a "Freesat from Sky" box/card) rather than a Sky box if you don't want a subscription ...? To my simple way of thinking, there are basically 3 types of boxes (each of which will come in SD and HD flavours): Freesat boxes, which will put the UK-aimed channels into a sensible sequence. Generic satellite boxes, which will pick up all Free to Air/Free to View channels on the satellites aimed at, and will put their own (usually perverse) logic on the channel ordering in the Electronic Programme Guide. These may also have slots for certain types of subscription cards. You can get these from Aldi/Lidl when on offer (other suppliers are available) Sky boxes, which will tend to promote Sky channels in the channel list whether you are subscribed to them or not (this is based on my experience from a few years ago) In France, you can also get the Fransat boxes which need a card (once-off payment) to give you access to French channels. Useful if you are in an area of poor TNT coverage.
  16. [quote user="Pierre ZFP"]Yeah but weren't we supposed to have that by July this year?[/quote] That was scuppered by the individual governments rather than the EU: see: http://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance/cs/forums/3227531/ShowPost.aspx [quote user="Pierre ZFP"] I'll believe it when I see it happen [/quote] It can still be scuppered when it is passed to the individual member states for approval, as happened last time.
  17. And the MyFerryLink staff have done it again, closing Eurotunnel to vehicular traffic and Eurostar, and closing the port of Calais ... IIRC, aren't these the same people who dragged SeaFrance into oblivion?
  18. According to the BBC, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-33325031 an agreement has been reached to abolish data roaming charges within the EU by June 2017. From April next year, the limits on the additional charges for roaming (over and above those that you would be charged in your home country) will be restricted to: €0.05 (3.5p) extra per minute for calls€0.02 extra per SMS sent €0.05 extra per megabyte of data usedOf course, if the UK leaves the EU then those of us who are UK-resident won't get the benefit ...
  19. [quote user="Quillan"]Back to the EU bit, there are some things you don't have to guess at because they are known. [/quote] Yes, but even the things that you and I might agree are "known" seem to be disputed in some quarters. [quote user="Quillan"]In short there are quite a few things which may go, need to be renegotiated or stay because they apply to EU citizens as opposed to individual countries and by not being a member. For those that have retired to France they are very big and important concerns and they need to know where they stand.[/quote] And therein lies the rub: I do not believe that by the time of the referendum it will be clear what leaving the EU will mean for the UK in any real level of detail. This affects not just those who have retired to France but those who are in the UK as well! And I suspect that making the position clear for those UK citizens who are living in the EU will not rank very highly in priorities of the in/out campaigns. As with the Scottish neverendum, the choice was between an existing certainty with the possibility of some future evolutionary changes versus an utterly undefined future with no real clear information about whether that future would be within or outside EFTA, with lots of misinformation about the positions of Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, the US and Australia (along the lines of "we will just be like country X").
  20. The link below is to a site that offers a free piece of software that it claims will help you to evaluate the risks and produce appropriate documentation. http://www.evarisk.com/document-unique-logiciel I haven't used it and have no connection with the organisation.
  21. I bought a new annual car hire insurance excess policy today, and as I was idly perusing the policy document, I was surprised to note that the company (Questor) will sell this policy to people resident in most of Europe: not just the UK. If anyone is interested, you can get a discount by looking at Martin Lewis's moneysavingexpert site. I have used them for a couple of years and indeed tested the system last year when a sharp stone put a nasty cut into a hire car tyre sidewall. They paid up promptly with no fuss.
  22. [quote user="Thibault"]It is interesting that the recent example of coalition politics (which would be inevitable with PR) led to people deserting the Lib Dems because they were not able to implement all the policies they had in their manifesto (nor were the Conservatives). It seems that the electorate like the idea of coalition politics but do not like the reality of it.[/quote] I think that there is a difference between "compromising" on what is a major policy issue and agreeing to vote for a diametrically-opposed policy. However, Westminster politicians are not used to coalition politics nor how to get the best out of PR: they are used to the "I'm the biggest bully, so bow down to me" approach. I think that PR demands a very different way of conducting politics, from the strategic positioning of the party downwards.
  23. [quote]All car policies should include a Third Party towing risk but this covers damage caused by the trailer not damage caused to the trailer. They don't cover theft of the trailer or damage caused to the trailer while attached. [/quote] I think that this may be the general case in the UK, but the OP and Dave are coming from a French perspective.
  24. [quote user="Rabbie"] However the disparity between the total number of UKIP votes and the actual number of MPs elected shows the undemocratic nature of our electoral system. It is clearly absurd that gaining 36% of the votes gives you a majority or that gaining 49% of the votes gives you 95% of the seats. No wonder people are loosing faith in the democratic process when this occurs. Too many safe seats do not encourage people to take part.[/quote] Yes but, the UK electorate had the opportunity to change this system VERY recently. We have to face the fact that only 42% bothered to vote, and they voted more than two to one in favour of keeping the existing system. I suspect that some of the 58% who didn't vote (as well as perhaps some of those who voted to keep the current system) are amongst those now crying "It's not fair" (present company excepted!!). Writing as someone who is in favour of some form of PR, I have to say that for the time being we are stuck with the current system, and until it is changed, we have to live with it as being the democratically chosen system for the UK parliament, warts and all. I haven't seen evidence of a mass campaign to change the system in the light of the perceived inequity of the results of the last election ... just complaints from the disadvantaged parties. Given that in our political system there seems to be a penchant for "strong leadership" which usually translates as almost a cult of the personality, First Past the Post facilitates this whereas for PR to work properly, a different sort of politics (and politician) is IMHO necessary. Small parties want PR until they become big parties. I've probably said this before, but I thought that the case for AV was VERY badly presented, and the case for retaining the current system presented a whole crop of "simple facts" nonsense that any competent person could have ridden a coach and horses through, and yet the AV campaign failed to do so.
  25. If you use apps which have offline maps, (eg Sygic or Maps with me), and are prepared to restrict your use of Internet functions to places where you have a wifi connection, then all you need is a bog standard mobile phone contract eg the cheapo ones by Leclerc or those that come as an adjunct to a landline/broadband deal.
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