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big change in the weather


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3 degrees outside this morning,been raking up leaves and soon as I turn my back---- One thing we do as the cold weather arrives is completely shut off the first floor with a layer of Styrofoam sheets on the stairwell. Luckily our bedroom is on the ground floor +wc/bathroom etc, so we don't have to venture.or heat, the upstairs 5 bedrooms/landing/shower rooms. Mind you we were here for 4 years before the penny dropped about what a difference it would make.

In case you are wondering , we can access the upstairs from outside staircase if required.


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Weird or what.  Only about half an hour ago, we had thunder!

Yikes, what on earth is happening.  Can you have thunder when it's really cold, piddling down, wet and windy in almost November?

I thought you only got thunder in the warm weather?

Any metereorologists out there can explain?

Poor old dog's been hiding her head as she's really frightened of thunder.

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