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Fillon versus LePen


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But, Gluey, Bagehot's language is so much more elegant!

I accidentally came upon his grave once in Langport in Somerset and I was quite thrilled to see it.

It's a bit like the bible, there are many, many versions of it but, for me, only the King James will do.  And no, I am far from being a bible fanatic but I love bits of it for the elegance and poetry of its language[:)]

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[quote]I am far from being a bible fanatic but I love bits of it for the elegance and poetry of its language[/quote]

Me too, Minty! [:D]

Same with Will's work; and Dickens, as well as much Victorian literature.

Just re-read, after quite a few years, Thomas Armstrong's epic book, The Crowthers of Bankdom.

I made the big mistake of lending my original paperback to my late Mum in Law. Who probably gave it away.....

Mrs Gluey, recently, managed to find a hardback copy and secretly bought it for me. Bless her!!

Wonderful grammar, syntax, and prose at times.

And this was written in the 1940s.

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Thanks Gluestick for that delightful musical interlude, but, returning to our topic – and having watched the disgraceful Cazeneuve preening himself alongside the most powerful person in the western world before the assorted media, all delighted to have something new to describe, I then read this :


and wondered what we should all take from it ? Are the Gendarmes and the Police simply cowards ? Or are they merely racists/homophobists/panicists/fascists/extreme-right wingerists or what ?

Is the article a panic-generating operation, as was the freaking (that is not meant to be a synonym, BTW) panicists bleating for Remain ? (I see “Britain's most influential historian Niall Ferguson” aw the world famous has admitted “'I was wrong about Brexit!'”).

What’s next in line for us all ?

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