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Saturday can be a cheap day with Ryanair

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Friends have just booked STN/RDZ for April 9/16 for 99p one way and £9.99 the other (not sure which is which) + taxes of course. So just keep playing with the next/previous day buttons folks. Though this may have more to do with education authorities (sic) all having different views on timing of Easter hols than Ryanair generosity.



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I booked a RyanAir flight yesterday and got increasingly hot under the collar.

Previous night the outward flight was 19.99 and the same for the return, following morning outward was 59.99 and 19.99 return. I booked using my French credit card and got a message saying it couldnt authorise payment and to ring and quote Ref: XXX to make the booking.

So I eventually found the pay to phone telephone number only for a message saying there was no such number.

So rebooked with my UK credit card, meanwhile in only 20 minutes the price had risen 20.00 on both outward and return!

It also now seems imposible to NOT buy the insurance.

Oh well it's only money...
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Dog, I have always maintained and advised when booking Low cost fares, if you see a fare you like, book immediately as it could well be the only seat left at that price. The airlines allocate usually only a few seats on each flight at the lowest prices and once they are gone the computer raises the prices to the next level and so on. If you had completed your original booking on the Ryanair site and it was only your credit card causing a problem, your booking would have been put on hold and a telephone call would have got your booking at the price quoted. It was possible that held booking had activated the next price level of £59.99.

Also you do not say whether you were trying to use your French credit card on the UK or the French site, I suspect there may have been a  security problem that a phone call would have solved.


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