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propagating trumpets of jericho?

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[quote user="just john "]I was given some flowers with two enormous seed pods, called trumpets of jericho? I have no idea what their real name is or how to propagate, any advice gratefully received.[/quote]

If they are something like large kidney-bean pods, you will find bags of information on the internet under Campsis.

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If it really is campsis bignone I would think carefully before planting one.

Mine is spectacular and very beautiful although I spend a lot of time cutting it down to stop it from growing under the tiles on the barn. It sends out loads of suckers into the border too. A lovely plant, but definitely a mixed blessing in my opinion.

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Thanks, I think it is the campsis to go by pics on this name, I'm usually only at the house spring and autumn, so far every spring I have spent a percentage of the national debt on plants, preparation etc, and returned every autumn to see everything frazzled to a withered twig. Friends have given plants which they say 'this one is definitely guaranteed to survive and will take over everything' ; rien; the only planting to have survived so far have been the laurel hedges, 1ft tall (and growing an inch a year!) a few tulip bulbs, and the meadow wild flowers which we seed every autumn to everyone's disbelief to create a field with hosts of lovely wild flowers. We see the plants friends have in proliferation, all established of course, and apparently with no maintenance, (apart from the odd ''hacking down''!) So bring it on, tell me which crazy species can survive the summers without watering and I'll let em go wild, that is the look I'm after![:D]


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