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Beautiful little bird.

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We have a problem with birds flying into the large windows at the front of our house. Not that often, but too frequent. I have made some raptor silouettes that hang in front of each window and it has helped.

3 days ago a tiny bird hit the kitchen window and I rushed out to see if it was OK. It was struggling on its back. I picked it up very carefully, as I normally do, and held it loosely in my hands. I have found that the warmth helps them. It struggled again and I let it climb onto the top of my hand and then onto the sleeve of my fleece


It stayed there for several minutes and then climbed onto the fronto f my fleece and up to the zip where it stayed for about 20 minutes. I just talk to them in a quiet voice and it seems to settle the poor little things


It was a siskin and such a lovely little thing and after it had rested it flew off, touched the window again and flew away.

It is a real privilage to be able to help these tiny beauties, but I'd be happier still if I never had to do it again?
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This one did too


and this one. It weighed about 1/2 of nothing


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I think this is why the french use heavily patterned net curtains . Not to everyones taste ,but effective . It hasn't happened much here ,but once I found a dead kestrel beneath a window . I imagine it had been going at quite a speed ....so sad.
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 We do have net curtains up but the biggest problem is the size of the windows. On the south face of our house we have almost 29 sq M of windows spread across 4 rooms and that's a lot of glass!

A week or so back we had a juvenile blackbird fly into the biggest window, the lounge, and it was killed. That is not a nice thing to see and the surprise was that we were outside on the terrace about 5 feet from the collision.

I don't know about having a way with them Rabbie. They just get a little bit of warth from my hands and a quiet voice seems to settle them?

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