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  1. We find the  Dutch a delight. Our worst reviews are from Germans who invariably are perfectly happy whilst staying here, but then give us a low score and nasty review from afar. ( that winds me up no end. At least if the French are unhappy about something they'll tell us at the time) Although ,having said that our worst review during last season was from Brits who gave us 2 and said " Never again!" . They were perfectly happy during their stay.We rang them for an explanation and was told never to contact them again or they would report us! They were intending to open their own chambres d'hote , not anywhere near us ,I hasten to add, but maybe they just felt like knocking us. We've still achieved a score of  9 for last year , even with them!
  2. I've found the relevant decret number on the bedding, but unfortunately on some of those where the label was enormous I cut it off!  Bugger!!
  3. Was this visit unannounced, Quillan or did you have time to prepare? We have pretty much the same situation as you had re the addresses and Booking.com and our outside tariff list has faded in the sun. I'm a bit concerned about the labels on the pillows etc. Is there a particular symbol that shows fire retardant? I've looked on-line ,but no luck. Also like you I buy pillows from the UK. As we are with G de France ,I was hoping their inspection would suffice ,as it duplicates everything. Then again the French do like duplication! We've had a complete pantomime trying to register for a hygiene course via G de F. After arranging the date and price ,they decided to cancel because less than 12 registered for the whole department. Now, the in house magazine says anyone serving table d'hotes before 2009 is exempt . I wonder why anyone would want to start a chambres d'hotes these days xxx
  4. You develop a nose for these,we get a sizable amount.
  5. I'm all for keeping your head down, until when and if any letter arrives. We are with GdF and although the initial signing up is costly ,it's not too bad for yearly subscription afterwards. The main reason for going with them is that they inspect the chambres d'hotes and the french know that. We recently had the requirement to go on the alcohol awareness course, but we already have the licence which was free at the time and now costs 300 ,takes all day and will be attended by a clutch of miserable people. All day to learn not to give alcohol to persons who are drunk already or are under age or both?   W Rat
  6. So, I presume it is possible to pay into a paypal account without an account. If that is the case ,then that seems the best method for us. We have been with GdF for 7 years and their methods of payment are archaic, but then , the french do like their contracts in triplicate.GdF will have to change their ways if they are going to stay in business. Nowadays a click is enough to secure a room, not many want to wait to receive a contract via the post then send off a cheque with the yellow copy. I asked our GdF rep if there was any chance of at least getting an online contract to fill in, but he said there were no plans,quelle surprise!
  7. I thought that would be the case. We also request first night cost as a deposit ( standard with GdF ) but will always be a problem with late bookers . Can you believe it, that Booking re-let our no-show room so we would only loose one night, and b=+ger me if that wasn't a no-show as well! I suppose this will happen with more demand ,and we are very happy with Booking.........seem to be getting some weirdos tho' !
  8. We've just had our first no-show through booking.com. I've already let them know and they've taken off the commision, but does anyone know if they actually chase the miscreants for the money? It's most galling as we've had the trail biking world championships here and could have filled the room easily.
  9. Thanks for that advice. I like the sound of site that updates all the calenders in one go.
  10. We have followed your lead, Quillan and have signed up with Booking.com. Very happy with how it's going so far! Thanks!
  11. I think this is why the french use heavily patterned net curtains . Not to everyones taste ,but effective . It hasn't happened much here ,but once I found a dead kestrel beneath a window . I imagine it had been going at quite a speed ....so sad.
  12. As soon as the sun appears and it's worth doing a big wash ,I'll try it. I'll just wing and see what happens !
  13. Is anybody signed up with this group. We were approached to join ,but they require you to be exclusively with them! I like their ethics ,but can't really see us joining.
  14. Thanks for the advice ,but it's for the European market.Previous owners bought it after experiencing one in the states while on holiday. I've looked online for a manual ,but can't find the model.
  15. Not sure where to put this ? We've inherited one of these american top loaders and wonder if it's worth using. I'm lead to believe they have no heating element and wonder what the water usage is like. It's virtually unused. Of course there's no manual with it! W Rat
  16. I'd get an accountant, especially with several businesses. It's worth it for the peace of mind.
  17. You need to think about attracting the french .They still love spending hols in their own country, even more so ,now their dependencies are not popular at the moment. As you speak French ,you have a head start!
  18. We've done surprising well this year which I think is partly due to other B&B's closing and restaurants too. I don't think many who start this kind of business realise how hard it is and we're having to work harder in these tough times. I'm still enjoying it though and we've just picked up a booking for New year's eve for the first time. Good luck to everybody who's still at it! W Rat
  19. This section of the forum seems very quiet these days.
  20. So far we're doing about the same as last year,so quite happy with that. Just recieved a very nice booking for 3  days for toussaintes for a family of 11. Last year we were empty then. Generally, people don't seem to have spare cash to spend on extras. Our art gallery hasn't done well this year for pictures ,but little souvenirs like cards & key rings have done well, even though they're 10 euros each. W Rat
  21. I'm pretty dense with the computer malarky so excuse this question ,if it has an obvious answer, but what happens if someone has reserved and paid for a room on-line exactly at the same moment I happen to be taking a telephoney booking at the same moment for the same date?
  22. You really should get a french translation for your site. It really helped our business, especially as we get hardly any Brits now.
  23. Is anyone else getting these? Not the usual " 3 months in your beautiful establishment'  just a double room for a week.....but it's not quite right. Thought they may have been dutch, judging by the language ,but the address is London.. I'll see what cheque arrives and if it's for more than the full amount, then we'll know for sure. will keep y'all posted!
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