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I thought I'd pretty much got the measure of French humour, but suddenly feel all at sea again.

We've just been to see a play, one real person, the other characters were puppets. It was professionally done, there was no doubt about that, and afterwards the parents were saying how it was trs trs sympa, don't les enfants just love a bit of participation, did you catch all the jeu de mots, and so on.

I felt soooooooo not-French! What I saw was too much long dialogue, not nearly enough audience participation - it was 40 minutes before he spoke to the children, and then it was only to get them to make a couple of noises, and even that only once. There were no big laughs at the jeu de mots.

Right, I think I've got it. Maybe the important thing is to recognise "that was a jeu de mots", it's not necessarily important that it makes you laugh. Just a different view of comedy, I guess. Some might say it's more intellectual, but I'd rather just have a good laugh.

No, I don't know what I'm talking about either.
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