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  1. Janey

    Breast MRI

    Glad it went well Suey. Janey.
  2. Thanks Norman....I've got a feeling we've all been through similar illnesses. Janey
  3. Janey

    Breast MRI

    Hi Suey, I'm the same as Norman, have them regularly on various body parts. haven't had one on the breasts but a friend of mine just did. You have to lay on your tummy and your boobs sort of fit into 2 holes lol. Not at all painfull like a mamogram. Janey
  4. Yes Suey, you need to tell your mutuelle the date you're going in and ask them to fax a prise en charge for your stay etc. I've just done it for myself, going in next week. Good luck. Janey
  5. I hope it goes into cancer research...speaking as a cancer patient myself. Janey
  6. Suey, if you decide to have your ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, as you say you don,t need them anymore. I had a total hysterectomy at age 39, everything had served it,s purpose, alright I was then straight into a surgically induced menopause. But as ovarian cancer is SO hard to detect very worth considering. I was diagnosed with colon cancer here in France 4 yrs ago, very advanced, stage 3, mets in lymph nodes. Very traumatic surgery, chemo the lot. But here I still am, happily. They don,t call cancer the silent killer for nothing. As for having your breasts removed, that is something they normally try to avoid in France, only you can make that decision. But, breast cancer is detected much more easily with regular mamograms and echo graphies. I hope you make the best decision for you. Best wishes, Janey
  7. When I,ve had to use an exchange rate for hubby's declaration(he works in England) I,ve just used an average for that year and explained this to tax office, they,ve never queried it. Janey.
  8. Hi there, I did answer your post when you were asking for colleges near Nimes. Maybe you didn,t see it. Can,t speak for Avignon but did mention a couple in Nimes for you. Look at your original post.Good luck. Janey
  9. Well, mine went to the one in their catchment area, luckily it was a good one too. So, hopefully the person asking will have achoice then..times change and I,ve got a bad memory lol But as for fees dependant on income that one I haven,t heard. That is the price a friend(French)pays. My son did do his last year in a private college and then went on to a private Lycee and the fees were standard for everyone, that I do know. I,m not talking about private international schools, just ordinary private French schools.The girls just went to public schools, no probs whatsoever. Anyway, hopefully this will help as the two colleges mentioned are both very good. Janey
  10. me again, just spoken with friends and the two they recommend are Collége Révolution 0466 049300 Emanuel d'Alzon 0466 674936 Emanuel d'Alzon is a private college ,it costs approx 80e per month per child including the canteen . Hope this helps, again this could depend where you will be living exactly. Are you going to live in Nimes itself? janey
  11. Hi, just read your post. Unless I,m wrong I think you,ll find when you,re actually living here, the kids will go to the college in their catchment area. We live 15 mins from Nimes and when the kids were younger that,s how it worked.(although mine didn,t go to school in Nimes) Things might have changed now so if you can actually choose where they go I,m not sure. Whatever happens you don,t really want them going to one on the outskirts of Nimes and if they propose one to you in La Zup...say NO! There is one in town center,College de la Revolution...friends kids have gone their and apparently it,s not too bad. Janey
  12. We get that too in the Gard Sharkster, it,s sand from the Sahara desert. Janey
  13. Yes sorry Théière, I forgot to say that I do hoover it to waste when I see it. I still get it but I shock the pool as you said, I now use a really concentrated form of Anti Algues, I keep on top of that and the chlorine, maybe adding a bit more than someone else does but it must be working as the water is crystal clear and sparkling.
  14. I had that problem with my above ground pool for years and got fed up of spending a fortune on chemicals. So I did what someone recommended on here, dumped the sand filter and pump that came with the pool, bought a new more powerfull one and it,s SO much more easier to clean. The pool hoover wizzes round in a couple of minutes, with the old pump it would take forever to go round the pool once. I think you might have Mustard Algae, that,s what I worked it out to be, bought the products for it and much improved. Mustard Algae is sand like, just comes over in the air/rain etc. But hardly a problem at all now with the new pump/filter. Janey
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