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The French culture seen by a French (me :)


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Hi everybody !

I'm Laura, a Frenchy girl who's 23 and who's still a student ^^

I'd like to give you my opinion on the subject, in order to confront it with yours...

I'll be quite critical and caricatural towards my country (though I'm loving it !) but it should make you laugh :)

Les Frenchies

- love wine and cheese and bread ( a great mix !) but also delicatessen and local specialities. The best places to find the best food is the Sunday market !

- are always complaining about everything. Lastly, it mas the retirement system reform (by the way give a quick look to my website). Indeed, we just dislike changes, even if it's better for us, we are satisfied with our opportunities : 35hours of work per week, 5weeks of paid holidays, many facilities...

- are lazy : our favorite hobby can be resumed by watchnig tv and do nothing

- think they're the best but we are not open to other cultures, we often talk without knowing, we're not curious enough

- don't make efforts to learn english langage even if they know it's essential to work, to travel, to meet new people

So come in France and show us a better way of living :)

Bye !

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Hey Laura

You made me laugh :) Thanks for your funny "review of the french culture"

I have been traveling around for a few years and lived in different places. What I can say is, well french people can camplain, but nobody complains like portuguese people...

I live in france, and I love french people - I am married with one :)

About loving wine, cheese and bread... I have to agree, but I understand there are no other place that you can have them in such high quality and options like here... I am still trying to taste the all 300+ cheeses you have here.

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