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A sad day indeed


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A wild, erratic and prodigious talent, with the prospect of a truly great future. 

MotoGP with it's attempts to copy F1 needs more characters like Marco, not less.

What a desperately sad loss.

Although the commentators, on the BBC at any rate, did not comment on the rolling helmet, it was obvious that this was not going to be good from the first few seconds of the incident. I just hope he did not suffer. In my 40 years as a marshal, rider and organiser, I have never known a good outcome of that situation.

Colin Edwards must be devastated even though it was clearly not his fault and he was trying his best to avoid the sliding bike and rider, Rossi also could be seen looking across and trying to take avoiding action but to no avail. From the pictures it would appear that the helmet strap either got cut or was wrenched away from the helmet, it did not look like it just came off, although with the force of the impact with Edward's bike, anything could have happened.

My thoughts are with Marco's family, friends and team

Requiem in Pace Marco Simoncelli.

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Sadly Marco's trademark hair and the way riders wear their helmets 'high' on the head to allow forward vision while in a crouch both seem to be implicated in the sad event. This was the first race I had sat to watch in a long time and I was horrified. The violence of the impact was severe and it sickens me to note  that the helmet coming off may have in doing so hastened what I fear to have been inevitable. For Edwards and Rossi I really don't know what more they could have done Rossi's reactions were catlike to say the least but by that time the damage was done. I think the time may have come to look at how the Honda stayed 'in drive' is this a weird facet of traction control that the bike can recover enough to drag a rider back across the track? In many accidents be they low or high sides the bike tends to get carried off the track - how this horrific incident came about is very odd to my mind.

RIP Marco

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I'm afraid one of the worser aspects of this whole thing was the marshalls bundling him onto a stretecher with no doctor having looked at him and then dropping the stretcher as they stupidly ran off the track. Chances are it made no difference but it may just be that which cost him his life.
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