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How to use an old cafetiere?

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Silly question time! I bought an old, single -cup cafetiere (percolater?)at a brocante today (about 1940's) but am having trouble deciding where to put the coffee. There are two baskets with holes in - one deep one with tiny holes in the bottom that fits in the main body of the pot. The other much shallower basket is only about half an inch deep, it has much bigger holes and fits into the top of the deep basket immediatly below the lid. There is no tube to carry water up to the top as are in some cafetieres. I've experimented with the coffee and tried both baskets but am still only making hot water! Any help appreciated.
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If this is what I think then it is nor a percolator but an early version of filter coffee.

To use, warm the pot with hot water then discard the water. sit the large 'cup' on the top of the pot and add ground coffee (1-2 large spoonfulls as you like) then the small cup on top and pour on hot water so it passes through the coffee grounds and into the pot. The idea of the small cup with large holes is to distribute the water more evenly over the coffe and not wash it through in one go.

Hey presto! Coffee!!

I'm not sure if the large cup should have a paper filter in it but I guess you could experiment without or cut one  from a conventional cone filter.

Good luck!

Ooo just one thought, It probably isn't made from pewter but be careful if it is due to the high lead content, not good!


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Thanks Cendrillon, I was going to try using it but your comment about the lead has me a bit worried! However I also bought a six-cup aluminium pot in perfect condition, with the same bits inside. So I'll see if I can get that one to work instead. The little one is cute enough to just sit on the shelf.

Many thanks

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