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rechargeable batteries


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Sorry to sound totally clueless, but that's how I am with anything remotely technical.

Can someone tell me whether rechargeable batteries last forever or do you in fact have to replace them after a certain period of time.

I fancy our phones, which use rechargeable batteries, are playing up or need new batteries, but anyway, any info/advice is sorely needed and will be greatly appreciated[:)]

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Apart from Bejamins comments it also depends on what type of rechargeable they are.

If they are basic Ni-Cad then the constant mini top up charge they get after each use of the phone can make them lazy to the point where they only hold and deliver what they have got used to and little or no more, it's called memory effect. The defence against that is to allow them to run down completely, ideally each and every time, but if not at least on a regular basis.

The other alternative is NiMH and these do not exhibit a memory effect so can be pretty well ignored until they do actually die of old age although the occasional full charge cycle will do them no harm.

I will be written on the battery which type it is.

Something for you to read if you're interested:



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