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Ikea waste


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I try to do my bit for the environment, making sure I recycle as much as possible, trips to the clothes containers and the glass containers etc, however I was absolutely amazed when last week I bought a new oven and a microwave from Ikea.

Anticipating that all instructions would be in French I eagerly opened both and wondering how I could translate the booklets.

Needn't have bothered as there was a booklet in English for each one. Also booklets covering a total of 30 different languages contained in 16 fairly large booklets, not leaflets, in each of the oven and microwave!!

The combined weight totalled nearly 3Kilos!!!!

I now have 30 booklets which will have to be recycled, but just because Ikea cannot be bothered to pack the relevant language instruction to the relevant machine destination, hence the reason they don't come with plugs fitted!!

If anyone wants an Eftersmak oven or microwave instructions in Croation or Finnish please let me know!!!
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