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    Norman You a fellow Bristolian then.........my babby?https://services.completefrance.com/forums/completefrance-forums/cs/images/emotions/biggrin.gif
  2. I always use ParcelMonkey. They are a comparison web site where you choose from a range of companies and collection and delivery options. I have no other interst in the company!!
  3. Fancy a quick day trip down to La Perthus on the Spanish border to do some cheapo shopping. Bit confused as to what the rules are for crossing over to Spain from France, have had both jabs but do I also need a PCR test? Grateful for info.
  4. Blodwyn In same position as you, as late wife was a teacher ,also bank with CA but have had no problems so far.
  5. As I have posted before, I applied in October, got a rdv for Montpellier in January and only just got my carte yesterday!!
  6. Thanks ANB but have emailed 3 times before with a standard reply that they will reply in 15 days. Do they.......NO !!!
  7. Can't get a rdv, no dates available, keep on trying it says!! Wonder if it might be an idea to start the application all over again saying it's a first application, any thoughts? Suein56: Under the impression all cds are posted, checked anyway, no joy.
  8. Well done you!! Having had the rendezvous in January and handed over old cds and other bits and had fingerprints taken, I am still waiting for mine!! I fear it has got lost in the system so presumably will have to make an appointment to go to Prefecture.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. Suein56: yes I have a normal telephone connection but also have a Livebox for internet. With download speeds at the moment of around 700Kps I can honestly say that I cant wait for a decent connection! Decision now as to keep landline or not!
  10. Please excuse my ignorance but our neighbourhood is having fibre optic cable being strung from pole to pole alongside the telephone line and I would like to know how this is being connected inside the house. What I mean is what happens to the telephone line, is it still kept in addition or does the fibre optic cable take telephone as well. If there is just the fibre optic I presume that would go direct into the livebox, but how is the telephone connected?
  11. Chancer Yes I think you have it spot on, went to my friendly local garage and was told that it was, probably, a sensor on the manifold, nothing to worry about but better get it changed some time before the next test!
  12. Lovely, thanks very much to both.
  13. Had CT done yesterday on Kangoo which passed, but there is an issue which needs to be addressed before the next one and I am not sure what it relates to specifically. The wording is : 8.2.22.c1. OPACITE: Le releve du systeme OBD indique une anomalie du dispositif antipollution, sans dysfonctionnement important. Not sure what the system OBD is, can anyone help please.
  14. Catalpa, thank you but I have had an old cds for many years and only had to hand that in together with photo and fingerprints, not a new application. I understood it was quick and easy!!!!
  15. Is there any logic (No, don't bother) as a friend of mine had her rdv at Montpellier 3 weeks ago and had her card posted to her this morning!!!! Still waiting after nearly 3 months!!!
  16. When I wrote that I had an interview it was meant in the loosest possible sense, just a matter of giving in the old cds, providing fingerprints and a photo. Just checking to see if my 2 months plus wait is normal or if there is a hiccup!
  17. Had my interview (?) and submitted papers on Jan 14th at Montpellier but have heard nothing since. Is this a common time frame and do I keep waiting or try to elicit information from the Prefecture. Interested to know experience of others.
  18. Thanks for all the replies, most useful. In readiness have bought a cheapo laser measure, fantastic piece of kit, can't stop using it!!!!!
  19. For valuation purposes I need to calculate the square meterage of my house. But what do I actually measure, everything including corridors etc or just habitable rooms including bathrooms?
  20. You lucky people, I still can't even get a first one yet!!!
  21. I am reading more and more about a possible Frexit, admittedly from UK right wing press and from the Generation Frexit campaign Charles-Henri Gallois, but around these 'ere parts, in darkest Herault I personally have heard not a word against the EU, apart that is with the present vaccine shambles. To the contrary in fact, every one I have had contact with have been appalled that the UK could even contemplate leaving the EU let alone actually leaving and they consider it a disaster for the UK. So where is this gathering movement or is it M.Gallois's pipe dream in cahoots with the likes of the Express and Mail and a lot of other YouTube posters?
  22. By the time I get my vaccine it will have died out!!!!!!
  23. My euphoria at having been given 2 rdv's for the jab was rather misplaced as just received an email cancelling both! No new dates are available!!!!
  24. Tried sante.fr yesterday afternoon and found no problem. Plenty of dates for next week, after having chosen a date and time it automatically popped up with a date for the second jab 3 weeks after the first. Luckily living in the northern extremes of Herault my small local hospital was an authorised site, 5 minutes walk away!! Friends living next town up from me in the Gard have to go to Nimes nearly 2 hours away, Or do they? Is there anything to say one must go to a place in one's Department even if there is another much nearer in another Dpt?
  25. BTW I already have a Titre de Sejour from Dec.2016 for 10yrs!!
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