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Setting up an internet connection before arrival

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Hi everyone,

We're moving to France in about 2,5 weeks and would like to arrange our internet connection before we arrive. Does anyone know if this possible?

I've tried contacting Free but can't call from here (our land line doesn't recognize the number) and my emails bounce back :( I sent them a fax as well, but haven't heard back from them.

We don't have a bank account yet in France and there was an internet at the house before.

Does anyone know if Orange is willing to provide this service? We'll be arriving early August and have heard it can take quite a while before they actually come.

In case we can't pull this off: anyone aware of (affordable) roaming services till we get set up? We work over the internet, hence the slight panic :)

All tips and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Best regards,


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Orange should be able to do it for you.....

someone on here should know the english helpline contact number ?

and if you want my advice, take Orange Net plus package,,,34.90 pm + 3 for livebox rental...that gives you broadband connection, unlimited free calls to landlines in france an hour to mobile phones and unlimited free calls to most of the westernized world.

and you dont need a french bank account to pay it, you can pay online with a debit card, infact why dont you just do it all online ?

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Thanks for the reply.Makes me feel slightly better :)

I tried to set it up online but don't have a French phone number and they don't accept my foreign bank account.

I found this number for their English speaking helpline: 0033 969 36 39 00

I'll give them a call tomorrow.

Thanks again for the quick reply!

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We are just setting up an orange package in our new house (livebox, TV, internet etc) but with a real phone line as well as I didn't like being dependent solely on a livebox for interaction with the outside world), but the point is, there was (and is) an existing FT line from the previous owners, and you might think all they had to do was reconnect it (a la BT), but no, they gave me a number (I called into our local shop), this was last week 15th July, and the connection will be made sometime in the last week of July (ie up to two weeks later), so be prepared for a wait, especially if there is no line already.  I went into the shop as I didn't want to cancel the current  line in the old house, as we are still living there,  nd I suspect trying to do that online would have cancelled the current contract (but this is not relevnt for you, other than I can offer no advice as to how the online system works)...... and I do wish they would not use orange print !!!!

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Good news ! I just got off the phone with Orange and I'm a customer now.

You don't need a French bank account: payment can be made by check or


The installation package will be sent in 1 week but I arranged a

technician just to be on the safe side. I can cancel him if I don't need


Thanks for all the tips!
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