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Orange taking over from answerphone

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We have an answerphone which flashes when we have messages. If we are on the phone, messages go through to Orange and I find them when I remember to go to the Orange website.

Now the Orange message clicks in, instead of our answerphone, and we keep missing messages.

Annoying! Does anyone know why this happened? Has Orange done something? I don't like their message system as I have to put the computer on every time I come in, to see if there are any messages.

Is there any way of stopping this happening?
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The Orange answer phone service has a maximum ring count of 9 so if you have your own answerphone and set it for 8 rings or less it will intercept calls before Orange can. Is it possible then that your own machine is set for 9 rings or more ?

Do calls go to the Orange answerphone if you are on the phone, no idea as it's never happened to me !

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Thanks folks. I know a friend complained her answerphone wasn't working when it had been switched off!

I don't know why things changed after we've had Orange internet phone for over a year.

However, OH did decide that now Orange was cutting in before our answerphone because of the rings and now it's working again.

But I think he had to shut off the Orange message service.

Yes, I noticed sometimes we get an Email from Orange saying 'missed call' or 'number....phoned'. Certainly sometimes when I'm on the phone, there will be a noise and when I check on the internet, there is a message.
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