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Carte gris renewal


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I have 2 questions regarding the carte gris.

1. On the carte gris it has got (X.1) Visite avent le  then a date.

Does this mean you have to go back to the prefecture with a new ct and your insurance certificate. Also does it cost you the registration fee again

2. what do you have to do when you move address. Do you have to fill out a form and go to the prefecture and pay again. Do you also need a ct of x months to do this.

Any help would be more than welcome

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Once the new " Contrôle technique " is made, they will put a new stamp on your carte grise.

That has nothing to do with the registration, which for a car is valid as long as you own the car.

If you change address, then the following applies:


You have one month to have the new address registered on it. It is free.



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Many thanks for your help. I have just one other problem. My father is living with me and does not have any of the correct documents that are requested for the proof of address. If I go with him to the prefecture and try to explain this will there be a problem. The only thing that he will have with his name and address is a french Bank statement. I however have utility bills etc.
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Persons 'living' with someone else may give proof of address by providing the following: 

An attestation sur honneur signed by the host confirming the applicant lives with them;

Copy of the host's identity card/passport and a utility bill in the host's name;

An official document showing the applicant at the host's address, ie tax avis, social security card, CAF, ANPE etc.

In your father's case, his CPAM assurance maladie attestation will suffice as the official document.



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