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  1. Hi! See: http://www.batiactu.com/edito/vers-un-controle-de-toutes-les-fosses-septiques-d--4820.php Ils ont en revanche rétabli contre l'avis du gouvernement un crédit d'impôt de 25% des dépenses de réhabilitation d'installations d'assainissement non collectif effectuées entre le 1er janvier 2006 et le 31 décembre 2010. You will have to watch the conditions and norms. Yours, giantpanda
  2. Hi! As long as you do not have the valeur locative of your premises, you can forget it. You are trying to do something that no one does. Under normally circumstances, you get the information of last year's  local taxes ( NB. This is a local matter, and depends on the finances of a Commune, so there are great variations, from one to another ) from the immobilier. NB. Should you file a " permis de construire " or " une declaration de travaux ", then you taxes will go up. As regards the percentages charged, they can vary per Commune each year. It is to be expected that the taxes will go up steeply in 2009, and if they have tried to delay this, then in 2010. Over 30% ( average in France) of the loans by the Communes ) made locally are so-called "bad loans" ( and we are talking of loans for long than 20 years, some 50 years ). The extra costs are so high, that there has been a general appeal to the State, who can not really do anything. Yours, giantpanda
  3. Hi! as already told to you, declare these are " salaries ", for higher sums, it will be BNC (Bénéfices non commerciaux ). Here is how you declare: Declaring GB salaries untaxed in GB. 1.Take for 2047/Go to page 1/ Heading: Traitements et Salaires: Filling Instructions: Col. 1: Vous Col. 2: Royaume Uni Col. 3: Sum gross 2.Go to 2047/page 4/Box V1 Filling instructions: Col. 1: Enter “ Vous “ Col. 2: Enter “ Royaume Uni3 Col.3: Enter “ Salaires ( Vous ) Col. 4 : Enter Sum Col. 5. Enter the costs of money transfer between GB and F ( both ends) – also others. Make Total in col. 4 according to instructions. This number = TK to carry over to 2042/4/TK ( see hereafter ) 2.Take sheet 2042/page 3/Heading 1 Go to Box AJ : Enter Sum gross. 3.Take sheet 2042/Page 4/Heading 8 In box TK fill the above carry over sum5 Salaries - Costs) 3.Extra entries on 2042/page 4/Heading 8 -if you have accounts in other countries( eg. GB) , put a cross in field UU Then Either : -fill form 3096 or give the details of all your banks accounts outside France on a separate sheet : Bank Name Address of Bank , Address of Heading of account , Type of Account, no numbers or add a loose page with the same indications and on 3096/Page 4 NB If you get interest, be aware, that if you have a French address on the account, then this information is transmitted to the French Head Tax Office, and normally available locally. - if you have life insurances ( outside France ) , put a cross in field TT Yours, giantpanda To download forms see ( in year field ,2009) http://www.impots.gouv.fr/portal/dgi/public/particuliers;jsessionid=SEV4YV4QT4WHFQFIEMPSFE4AVARW4IV1?paf_dm=full&paf_gm=content&paf_gear_id=100006&pageId=rch_formu&sfid=05&action=criteriaImprime&_DARGS=/portal/portlet/recherche/html/sharedPage.jsp.1_A&_DAV=
  4. Hi! It represents the transcription of a property following a succession. Now that depends on the value of the property transmitted, and on the départment. But here it could also include succession costs with all the declarations the Notaire has to make. Yours, giantpanda PS. Has you friend done an income tax declaration at the time of the death ( for the couple ) and a seperate declaration for the rest of the year for himself?
  5. Hi! Les droit d'auteur perçus en tant qu'écrivain sont assimilés à des salaires lorsqu'ils sont declarés par ceux qui vous les versent 5 CGI, Art. 93- 1 quater). Mais vous pouvez aussi choisir l'imposition dans la catégorie des BNB 5 BO 5 G-1 -98). For small sums I would suggest then to consider as salaries. Yours, giantpanda  
  6. Hi! Water prices can be very different locally. Ask your neighbors. Yours, giantpanda
  7. Hi! There is little information on the subject, even if you enter : Devenir de l'armement français en 1940 ( or 1941). On such matters they are rather discreet. 1. First you would have to go into the question if French and German armament had the same norms, and to find out if the French factories continued to operate for the Germans. 2. During the war, the Germans collected in the occupied areas, all cars, radios etc.on the main squares, and then dismounted the spare parts they could require - If this a really useful I do not know - All I can remember is the junk heap on the square, where we children used to play. They also collected scrap material, for foundries, which went as far as taking big statues. Yours, giantpanda
  8. Hi! Strange is that the rights ( play dates out of the 1920ties and this version was made in 1968 ) belong to Germany. Yours, giantpanda
  9. Hi! There are basically 2 different types of Assurance-Vie. 1. En "Unité de compte" - then you capital is safe. 2. Free choice of investment: Here you have to be discerning. A Assurance-Vie is not a short term matter, so a promise of 1st year return, does nt mean much. Also all the contracts with capital garantie, have catches - you have to go into detaail how that works ( Consider a bank never looses). Contracts with no entry costs , also basically mean that the costs are collected on a yearly basis . In some cases if you reshuffle the investments, there are extra fees. In an assurance-vie or PEA you can not transfer shares or obligations from France or from other countries. If you are considering in short or longer period any of these contracts, it is advisable to start as soon as possible with a token mount, since from that date onward the 8 year period beging; The main difference betweeen the Assurance -Vie and the PEA, is that you can take cash out without closing. Specifically for the PEA, you can take money out after 8 years, without closing, but you can not top-up. So in fact one could consider the French Assurance Vie as a grand savings account, where interest and added value are not taxed if you leave them there; Yours, giantpanda
  10. Hi! One point which also be interesting for some. They now also apply to rentals under certain conditions. See here:exemple du crédit d'impôt étendu au bailleur http://www.lesechos.fr/patrimoine/impots/300296468.htm Yours, giantpanda PS. To be clear : air pumps Air/Air are no longer in the list.
  11. Hi! Better check - they have reconducted the measures valid till 31.12.2008 till end 2009. http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F90.xhtml Here it is 60. But if you read on, there are other exceptions. Yours, giantpanda
  12. Hi! If you have the Avis d'Impostion for the corresponding year and fit in ( see hereunder ) you should claim. NB. The 75 years old, implies in fact 76. It does not apply if the person was 75 in the course of the year., but only if he was 75 , 1st January. Yours, giantpanda
  13. Hi! If they make 2 tax returns, then they can enter € 3296 ( board and bed ) without any specific  proof ( apart that the grandson is living with them) , but their grandson also has to enter that 2042/page 2/ Box AO None the less that does not hen have an impact in this case, if they do not pay now. Yours, giantpanda
  14. Hi! If they have an unemployed grandson living with them, then they can claim a tax reduction of Euro 3,2965 ( 2042/page 4/ GI) in 2009 for 2008 , if they do not do a common return, which then would give them 3 parts. So normally they would not pay any Taxe d'Habitation or redevance audiovisuelle. Further: Si vous êtes âgé de plus de 75 ans ou titulaire de l?allocation aux adultes handicapés (article L 815-23 et L815-3 du Code de la sécurité sociale), vous pouvez être exonéré de la taxe foncière de votre résidence principale . So if one was over 75, then also no Taxe Foncières. So all this are special cases. Yours, giantpanda
  15. Hi! Normally you should have had a quote. ( Legally ). Yours, giantpanda
  16. Hi! Here you have the rulings http://www.lozere.cci.fr/actualite/7a1964_camping_la_reglementation.html See also here: http://www.lexinter.net/Legislation3/titre_iii_terrains_de_camping_ou_de_caravanage_et_autres_terrains_amenages.htm In the paaragraph:D. 331-3 Les règles relatives à l'autorisation d'installation ou de travaux pour l'aménagement d'un terrain de camping et de caravanage sont fixées par l'article R. 442-11 du code de l'urbanisme. it practically says you have the consult the Mairie and the Code de l'Urbanisme. You may find it is much more difficult that you counted on. Yours, giantpanda
  17. Hi! This is not correct - unfortunately people tend to generalise. - The Taxe d'Habitation is means tested. See here: http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F42.xhtml The Taxe Foncière - here there are even less exceptions: http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F3171.xhtml Now I presume you have made income tax returns - then you do not need to worry - the details for establishing the local tax amounts are taken from the Income tax return and automatically taken into consideration. Yours, giantpanda
  18. Hi! You work one day in France, you are a French tax resident. You do busiuness on Internet from France, then you have to register and pay Social charges. As cooperlola says, consult an accountant unless you have a rather low turnover, then you may fit in the Autoentrepreneur introduced 2009. http://www.auto-entrepreneur.fr/ Yours, giantpanda
  19. Hi! To: Best thing they can do is to let those children go bankrupt. How sensible - that hardly solves the problem -  then you increase the debt of the others. Yours, giantpanda
  20. Hi! Your quote: About a week and a half later the letter of acceptance was received together with an explanatory leaflet That is optimistic - in some places that can last 6 weeks( for the attestaion ) Same applies for ALD - I had 4 months ( for a quite evident case ) Yours, giantpanda
  21. Hi! Well you had better inform him that his GB interests ( if his account is with a French address as it should be if he is a French resident ) are reported to the French Tax Office, and  what he risks. Yours, giantpanda
  22. Hi! Since the taxes ( Habitation and Foncière - if you live there) are due by the owner per 1.1.2008, you should have received both bills. If you have receive the Taxe Foncière bill, but not Taxe d'habitation bill, it can be that you are not liable to it. It is menas tested. See details here: http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F42.xhtml If however you should normally pay, it could be that they have sent the bills to the address on the deed, and the have not reached you. You can contact the local " Trésorie", who copes with the payment side, and here if there are sums open. You have you Cadastre Number ready! Yours, giantpanda
  23. Hi! The basic idea of this was to help older generations or handicapped people to get extra money for their pension, by using their house or flat to finance it. For these categories, and that includes those who have have grave illnesses, even if they are 100% recovered, it is practically not possible to get a estate loan because of the obligatory insurance question, if you have no equivalent other type of collaterals. Now what was a good idea, finished as a " dead duck " ( only 2 banks offer these, and the 1st one came up nearly one year after the law had been passed, which gives an appreciation of their expectancy of the possibilities ) , because with the law, if the State said A , but did not say B. And that means giving a general scheme concerning the percentages which could be loaned, and also the rates of interest. So the conditions are limited, and the interest rates are dear, against housing loans, and probably should only be counselled in last resort. A comparison to a "vente en viager" should certainly be made, although here, your heirs can not get the object back. Yours, giantpanda
  24. Hi! One of the first problems, would be you need to have the 2 units on separate electrical counters. Now if you have not done this, it is a little more complicated that you may think, since a new counter means that the electrical installation of that uni will need to be inspected. ( consuel ). To rent, you willget a good idea of oocal rentals if you look on internet, and see the offers. Yours, giantpanda
  25. Hi! I confirm what sunday Driver wrote. France has just increased the penalties for not declaring:  • Utilisation de comptes à l'étranger Actuellement vous êtes tenu de déclarer, sur votre déclaration de revenus ou de résultats, les références des comptes ouverts, utilisés ou clos à l'étranger. Le défaut de déclaration est sanctionné d'une amende de 750 € par compte non déclaré et les sommes qui y sont versées ou prélevées sont présumées constituer des revenus dissimulés. Pour améliorer ce dispositif, le projet propose d'augmenter le montant de l'amende de 750 € à 1 500 €. Lorsque les actifs sont situés dans un Etat ou territoire qui n'est pas coopératif en matière d'échange de données fiscales et bancaires, le montant de l'amende pourrait être porté à 5 000 € et le délai de prescription du non-respect de l'obligation déclarative serait allongé de 3 ans à 6 ans. Yours, giantpanda
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