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  1. I wonder if any could help me. I have just gone to declare last months earnings as an AE but it is now only giving me the option to pay quartely. Since the beginning of the year i have paid monthly which i prefer. Its easier keeping track on what i have to spend. To my knowledge i have not changed any settings etc on my account. Has any one else found this and have they managed to change it on line. My search on the site did not give me any options i could see. Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you all for your help. Just been on the phone to the RSI the urrsaf and they had put me down as an Mirco business rather than the auto entrepeneur. Ursaf are changing it on their data base but still need to go down to the local chambers de Commerce to get another form. The head ache is nearly over i hope. THat website really help btw and i can see i am not the only one they have messed about.
  3. We went to our local chambers de commerce and i have the form saying what they filled in for us stating auto entrepeneur. We are a commercial carp Fishery. I have just been on to Net-enterprises and there is nothing for me to fill on or even click saying i am an entrepeneur. Not even a place where i can see what i am registered at. The bill i got was through the post. I am hoping i did not do something wrong on line when i registered about 6 weeks ago but i am pretty sure there was not the any options what you speak off. Is ther a simple way to resovle this please
  4. We registered as the above back in april and have just got our first bill for this. The proplem being they are charging 45%(due by november) in social contributions and have also got the amount that we earnt down wrong. As i understood the amount should be 21.7% and we declare the amount we have earnt. I have signed up to Net-entreprises and i cant seem to find where to declare the amount we have earnt and also there is no box to state that we are an entrepeneur. I have to admit my french (not bad reading but speaking it is another thing) is not great. Is it just a case of making a quick phone to the offices and getting them to change what band we are in or is it a case of filling out more forms. I have a friend that can help me with the phone calls etc. I have also not recieved and Cd that i was told they send you to tell you how to do it on line. Any help would be great
  5. Many thanks for your help. I have just one other problem. My father is living with me and does not have any of the correct documents that are requested for the proof of address. If I go with him to the prefecture and try to explain this will there be a problem. The only thing that he will have with his name and address is a french Bank statement. I however have utility bills etc.
  6. I have 2 questions regarding the carte gris. 1. On the carte gris it has got (X.1) Visite avent le  then a date. Does this mean you have to go back to the prefecture with a new ct and your insurance certificate. Also does it cost you the registration fee again 2. what do you have to do when you move address. Do you have to fill out a form and go to the prefecture and pay again. Do you also need a ct of x months to do this. Any help would be more than welcome
  7. Thank you for leting me know about the gradings. I did try and translate it but it was not making sense. I know that the age of classes are normally  Jan-Dec but she is the youngest in her class. They also have another class in her age range where most the children are born between the months of June and December. It is quite a popular school she attends and the classes would be too big otherwise. I know there where 23 pupils in her class and i think around 20 in the other. 
  8. I would not worry to much. I had the same thing with my daughter when she started school. We had only been here for 2 weeks before i enrolled her in a french only speaking school. She was 3yrs and 3 months. The first few months she was very nasty to the other children. Pushing and punching was a daily thing. The first school report i had  of the teacher was not one that i was pleased with. The end of year report was not much better with a whole section  croosed out saying that they can not mark it because she will not communicate at all in french. I was thinking what have i done. However this school year has changed for the better. She is nearly the youngest in her class(not 5 until August the 22) but has excelled her self this year. She plays with her dolls etc in french and never english. She has been invited to 4 birthday parties with her class friends and i have just received her school repport for the year. Each box is filled in and the grade has either been an A or ECA, not that i know what it means but the teacher said it was very good. The comments made gave me a hugh smile saying that she is well liked and her french is nearly as good as a child 2 years older then her. She will talk to the locals in french and will speak to anyone after a little time together. She is normally a bit shy first of all but then you cant stop her talking away. She is now correcting me when i try and speak french and sometimes and i mean sometimes she will explain to me what others are saying.   Having said that it may be different next year because she is going to a new village school because we have moved. I just hope she continues as she has been.
  9. I was wondering if anyone has a contact number for someone that can transport mobile home. The transportor needs to be a low loadey that can take a mobile home of 10.6m long and 4 m wide. It will need to have convoy exceptional. It needs to be transported from Donchery (08) to Stenay (51). A grand distance of 50 km.   Any help would be more than Welcome
  10. Hi There I am looking at buying a used car but i am unsure on how old the ct can be to re register the car. Surely if a CT last for 2 years in should not need have anymore than say 6 months left. Can you also tell me what forms are required. The last car i registered in france was my english car (never again) and we had so many forms to feel out i swore i would never do it again. Any help will be welcome Sue    
  11. We moved to france November 2006 and started up our business. We are completely registered with a siret number etc and also belong to the msa. However last year we earnt very little income. My question is can you apply for fiancial help such as social security, low earings supplements etc. We have a child who is 4. Also can i get another job even though i own my own business. We have invested alot of money into this and can not pull out. Any advice would be more than welcome.   Just one more thing my french is basic. I can understand and read  most things but my verbal french is mainly school level.   Thanks in advance   Sue
  12. If anyone is interested in these. You are more than welcome to email me. We are situated in the Ardenne (08) near Sedan.   Sue  
  13. Where abouts in france are you. Mine are still up for graps. Sorry i cant get my pm working for some reason. The are on www.paruvendu.fr. Its a website a bit like The new Shopper. Newspaper comes out once a week but it gets delivered to the door. If you go to the motor section then mobile homes you can put in your postcode. It brings up an that are near you.   Sue Edit. Sorry did not read post correctly. If you type in region 61 will let you know whats near you for sale
  14. If you havent already found the caravans you were after, i have 2 for sale. We have been using them while we were looking for a place too live near our business. They have been brought over from England and are situated in the Ardenne(08) near sedan. 1 is 12x35 and the other is 12x37. pm me for any further details.   Sue
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