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  1. Sorry Q but you're still missing the point. Anyone can find out how to remove the virus, that's the easy bit. But no-one can un-encrypt your locked files without the key. For most people it's the lost data which has value not an infected hard drive. This is what makes this series of viruses so nasty. Telling folks they can remove it is fine but it's like making an insurance claim after a lifetime of photos have gone up in flames. People need to believe there is no solution to this to take it seriously.
  2. Quillan, I think you have misunderstood the issue that Teapot is raising. It is not the ransomware of old but the new cryptolocker virus. You can clean your PC of this new virus but that is the least of your worries. I have not yet read of a way to un-encrypt infected files. Unless you have a clean backup you have big problems. This is a very serious threat.
  3. Real footy started more than a week ago. I think you're talking about the Premier League. That's the one where the poor darlings cry when the throw in doesn't go their way. Support a real club not the one who sell the prettiest merchandise. [:P]
  4. I've just thrown a grape at her Sweets. We have been away for a while ....
  5. There are two issues here Rabbie. Firstly the Germans have benefited hugely by the farce that is the Euro, so it seems fair that they take some of the pain now. Secondly, why are just the savers being hammered ? Why not a 10% levy on corporate assets, a levy on loans and mortgages, on private property, I could go on. Savers have been living with effective negative interest rates for years now whilst borrowers have had it good. Time for the pain to be spread I think.
  6. [quote user="Quillan"] Tell you what I wish I could have paid just 12.5% corporation tax let alone 10% when I had a company. Cyprus has always been an excellent country in which to place your money if you want to avoid paying tax and we are talking way before the Russians appeared on the scene. ...................Think we all need to do a little more independent research before emotionally shooting from the hip and making ourselves look rather stupid. [/quote] I think you are misunderstanding Quillan. The levy on Cypriot savers is 6.75% or 9.9% of their CAPITAL. So in your corporation tax analogy it would be like a one-off tax taking your last 5 years profits in full. I'd be shooting from the hip if that happened to me as a prudent saver. Yet again this crisis has seen savers hammered while borrowers (private, corporate and governments) have been protected.[:@]
  7. As a follow on from the OP we are redecorating upstairs and I've noticed all the light fittings are UK ceiling roses ! I'd like to replace then as the bulb/shade holders seem slightly smaller than French shades size but I cannot find a replacement anywhere, apart from as part of a shade/light fitting set. I just want to replace the rose. Any ideas anyone ? I've tried most of the local brico sheds. What is the French term ? Thanks
  8. I've been planning to fit a VMC system to our house as we have some condensation problems too. They seem well regarded. However, I have one issue that I have not seen the solution to - that is that our ceilings are block and beam with plaster on the underside and a slab of concrete on the top. So about 200mm in thickness. None of the 'bouches' that I have seen would be able to cope with this (not to mention the difficulty of cutting a 80mm hole through 200mm of ceiling). Has anyone any advice ?
  9. I just bought a 5L container from Brico Depot today. In with the white spirit, cleaning type products. I use it for the same thing, with a fosse. I leave it in all day on the assumption that in that time it will have reacted with enough other stuff to be almost inert. It's only 23% to start with. I've never noticed any adverse effects in my fosse.
  10. I'm told Preparation H sorts them out
  11. Just my view but personally I don't know what you are getting so excited about. It just sounds like a c**k up in communication somewhere. Just write the note otherwise your child will have a negative mark against their vie scolaire score. The Wednesday afternoons sound a bit odd. Do they plan to keep the school open especially for this ? I doubt if they do it on strike days but then again if the college are offering and your child has missed out on something important then  take up the offer. If they missed nothing I think most parents will vote with their feet and not bother. Our bus was cancelled again today so I just stuck mine in the car and drove there. No ice and +4 degrees all the way. You just need to be pragmatic about it.
  12. I sent you a PM about this Manon. The system says you haven't read it.
  13. [quote user="Garonne"]For my son, collège was a total nightmare.  In rural France, state education is archaic.  (From a family with many teachers who have taught all over the world) It's totally ridiculous to expect all children of varying abilities to work to the same curriculum and be marked out of 20 purely on results and nothing for personal achievement and effort.  And for music and sport to count towards the moyenne - please??!! [/quote] This may be harsh but I think the children should be prepared for the real world - encouragement surely but marks for effort ! I have employed people and they didn't get paid for effort. Those with higher results got a job or were paid better. Music and sport - why not ? Aren't they just as valid for many kids as physics and geography. In fact lots of musicians and sportsmen earn more than many scientists.
  14. [quote user="idun"]....... So do not tell me that you get out what you put in. Which infers that we had been negligent, because it went wrong, and we were NOT! And it is very insulting. In fact this thread has now gone from annoying me to angering me with such smug answers. What on earth do you think the rest of us do when it goes wrong........ try and sabotage our own children's futures???????????? Because teachers in France are good at that all on their own! [/quote] Well how smug of the other posters not to agree with you and to have had good experiences ! Why is your experience the only valid one ? The OP asked if anyone had any positive experiences and posters have replied to him but you choose to get a strop on because of this. As a generality I believe it is true that you get out what you put in - I see a lot of kids struggling in education in UK and France because their parents don't care. Does this mean every parent who puts in a lot of effort sees great success - of course not, good grief credit us with some intelligence. It was one generalised comment in one post. But if you are moving your child to a foreign education system where you and they will struggle with the language and the way things work then if you leave them to flounder the chances are they will struggle. Seems like common sense to me. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but we are having a good one and I'm happy about that, not smug. It seems I'm not alone.
  15. What a fantastic ides. I think my letter will be something like ..... Dear clients, I know we agreed I would charge you 10€ an hour last year but having had a look at my accounts I can now see that I miscalculated. So please find enclosed a bill for another 2€ an hour. That's OK isn't it ? With your best interests in mind, as always, and of course I still pray for you. greyman.
  16. But I'm not blaming ParcelForce. I was quite happy with a 5 day service, which was a good price. I'm unhappy with Parcels2Go. There was clearly an issue with my delivery on the French side which I was willing to intervene to resolve. They were totally unable to get a very simple piece of information i.e. where was my parcel, which was being tracked, for 4+ working days after I asked. Having paid for a 3-5 day service I don't think it's unreasonable for the involved parties, to whom I have paid the price asked, to get their act together and get the parcel to me in 3-5 days. When it started to go wrong I acted promptly to try to sort it out. Out of interest the parcel has just been delivered from the back of a hire van ! It didn't seem like la Poste to me. So it was 8 days, 6 working days from collection and only them because I hassled to get the address issue confirmed. The address on the package was well attached and faultless too (the original as well as the extra one stuck on in France).
  17. Given the praise doled out to Parcels2Go I thought I would just update my situation so that readers will understand what happens when it doesn't go well ! My parcel was collected in UK on Monday 15 October and arrived in France on Tuesday 16 October. On 17 Oct it 'went out for delivery'. That night it returned to the depot with an address problem - I have no idea why as I have a copy of the label and it is perfectly addressed. Ever since then there is a daily update to the tracking saying 'held in depot' - so that is 6 days now. I contacted P2G the first day it said 'held in depot' (Thurs 18 Oct) and asked what the problem was and could I go and fetch it ? Could they tell me where it was ? That will take 24 hours I was told. Having heard nothing I made contact again on Fri 19 Oct and Sat 20 Oct, each time being told it would take 24 hours and never receiving any information. On Saturday I took it up to Jenny, a superviser. She again promised to get me an answer in 24 hours or maybe 48 as it was a weekend. She also said Parcelforce had asked the local depot to call me. On Mon 22 Oct the tracking again updated to say 'held in depot' so I called P2G again. I was told that no-one had yet requested the depot details and they would do so now and it would be 24 hours before I received a reply. In the meantime Parcelforce had asked the depot to call me ! In addition they told me the carrier was La Poste and gave me a freephone helpline number to call but were unable to give me a La Poste reference number to track the parcel ! So all in all their Customer 'Service' ethos is - once your parcel has been collected we couldn't give a damn and you're on your own. We'll just fob you off with banalities and empty promises of replies in 24 hours. I wouldn't touch them again with your bargepole let alone mine. [:@]
  18. Thanks for the suggestions. I will be getting more devis, I just wanted to be prepared with a suggestion that was legal. There isn't a cellar so that isn't an option and going up is probably as disruptive as a trench as there is a newly finished bathroom right above. I'm not bothered about the look. It will be along the back of the house fixed about 50cm from ground level where there is already a line between the base of the house and the start of the crepi and anyway it's just my potager area and not visible to anyone unless they're invited there. The tableau is fixed to that wall at the correct level (the room with the tableau is slightly sous-sol) so it would be a simple case of a hole through the wall, run along about 15m in a conduit outside then in to the new extension, which is attached to the end of the house. If it's legal I'm happy.
  19. [quote user="idun"]I'm glad I took the Parcel Force option then and would do so again. Also my son lives in a city, which probably helped! [/quote] Don't be so confident. My delivery was via parcelforce. It has made it's way in to the La Poste system and no-one can give me a reference number with which to track it at local level and I'm still waiting for parcels2go to come back to me with details of which depot it is actually held in. The value is not great, it's just some printing but I won't have chance now to get it resent [:(]
  20. We are getting devis for our new extension at one end of the house. Regarding the power supply I have been led to understand that it will be necessary to run a cable from the tableau in a 1m trench along the back of the existing house and then enter the new building, which is at the opposite end of the house to the tableau. I am wondering if it is acceptable to surface mount this cable in conduit rather than make a trench which will destroy the path that exists along the back of the house. We will be powering 2 ceiling lights and about 6 sockets from it. Any thoughts from electricians will be appreciated.
  21. [quote user="Lou"]....their original solution was (despite having our phone numder) to send us a postcard to find out what the correct address was .....[Www] [/quote] You just have to laugh ! I'm trying to find out where ours is so I can go get it.
  22. I have a delivery in progress through Parcels2Go at the moment. They are just a portal as you know so the service is only as good as the couriers along the way. My parcel is currently tracked as 'Held in Depot - insufficient address'. Which of course is total hogwash. Our lieu dit appears on all the satnavs I have seen, is clearly signed and all 3 families here know each other and take parcels in if no-one is home. So the local courier has simply decided it's not worth a trip to the sticks. I'm trying to find out which depot it is held in so I can go get the parcel, give them a roasting and claim my full refund. But I agree, when it works these services are great. I just hope they hold the local bods to account in my case.
  23. Can I post a link to a tax conference that the ladies of NEDWA have organised ? There is a small cost for the buffet they are laying on but it's not commercial. There are UK and French accountants and possibly someone from the French tax office speaking. May be useful for some in the area. The details are here http://nedwa.com/NEDWA-Future-Events.html
  24. I'm covered by Thelem and the excess didn't apply when I had a chip repaired. It was completely free. HOWEVER when we bought another car about a year later we could only get cover for that from Thelem as no other company would cover us as we had 2 claims within the previous year - a small bump and the windscreen repair !
  25. I'm so sorry Ian. Deb was a lovely lady and I am so pleased we had her to stay with us for a day on her tour. Our family will have you in our hearts. Be strong.
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