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  1. I'm trying to register a domain name and find I'm getting confused - easy done at my age :-) Some registration companies tell be that the name I'm after is already taken whilst others do not, and tell me it's available - why is this? Also, does registration automatically give you the email address. ie: if I registered www.fredblogs.com do I get [email protected] ? Finally... any suggestions for a registration company or are the pretty much the same - apart from the price of course :-/ Cheers as always guys.
  2. You are kidding! Not a word you can use? Just as well I'm not selling a 'female' dog    
  3. So how is it pronounced? Listening to the news about his visit to the UK it seems we have several variations. This morning it was Sarcosy, then I heard Sarcossie, then we had Sarcozee, and finally...and this was in Radio Four of all places, I caught Sarcosky! French friends of ours by the way seem to split the name in three and pronounce it Zar co zee. Am I bothered? not really, just thought it might be interesting :-)      
  4. Bannon

    Puppy n poo

    We have recently adopted a year old Westie that has the nasty habit of rolling in anything smelly. Keeping him on a lead is not much of an option as he's quite active. Any ideas of how to prevent him doing this as we are getting a bit fed up with washing him - he's not to keen on it either! We have an older Westie as well but he's never been a problem in this respect.
  5. What about taking out a lease or exended rental on a car. Your existing drivers licence would suffice (mine did anyway) and the leasing/rental company would have the cars paperwork. Just a thought.
  6. Arghhh.... this part of the Forum is being hijacked!
  7. Alpina, I have sent you an email.
  8. I did look at these on got the same result. Strange - the info must be out there somewhere. Hmm 
  9. Can anyone guide me to a reliable (demographic I suppose) site that shows the amount of Brits moving to France and where they settle? Maybe Living France has done one? Cheers guys  
  10. Oops, found the button marked tv/radio. Thanks guys, all working well.
  11. Its a Skymaster DX 24. Not tried Parliament yet... good tip, thanks. Maybe it's worth looking up the transponder settings and see where these channels are 'living' in relation to the others - although the box does not seem to have an option for inputing these direct unlike the Sky digibox.    
  12. Thanks both and yes Anton, it was a full scan. Once done this particular box allows you to view the channels found (unlike the sky box which mix n matches freeview with subscription) I just wondered if this was a general thing with decoders bought over here in France and if anybody else had the same problem. No tv/radio button on the handset by the way. We also know the signl componant is OK as its fed from a multiple LNB that runs to two other (Sky) decoders both of which work fine, so maybe the tuner or software is somehow different, but I cannot imagine how or why it would discriminate across the bandwidth. A real puzzle with pieces missing! 
  13. Can anyone shed any light on why a French bought/German made satellite decoder lined up to Sky on it's Astra 2d satellite does not have any radio stations on it's menu? It scanned and stored all the usual 'free views' such as BBC and ITV television programs but no radio. Strange.
  14. We are thinking of winding down our small business after five years.... retirement looms - along with our overgrown and neglected chickens! What's the procedure as far as our tax and social charges are concerned? Is it better to refer to my Chambre de Metier? Cheers Guys.
  15. Finally, we've got round to doing out our last room - the end of a five year renovation project. Phew!  We are thinking of painting the fireplace in order to brighten it up a bit but the trouble is it's made of a sort of chalk. We've tried cleaning it but it remains rather stained - hence the painting option but what type of paint given it's a fire place and one that's made of chalk (I think) Cheers guys.    
  16. Buying a small business in the UK seems easy enough.... Daltons weekly etc, but how do you go about buying an established business in France and one that serves the growing ex-pat market. All pointers welcome Cheers guys 
  17. None taken, really. I've never taken life that seriously and just try to tick along :-)
  18. Thanks for the link cooperlola, and just so the others know :-) 'Humanism is the belief that we can live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs. Humanists make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values. We seek to make the best of the one life we all have by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves. We take responsibility for our actions and work with others for the common good.' Taken from www.humanism.org.uk  
  19. Does anyone have any information on Humanist groups in France?
  20. I've also thought of taking the audio output from a Sky box and transmitting it (rather than doing a hardwire connection) to a bog standard radio/hi fi to another location - but am not sure what to use. Can these transmitters, usually used to go from one TV to another, transmit audio in the same way? I presume that all that's needed is for the hi fi to have an audio input of some sort?  
  21. We have the same problem with the little blighters and have found the only way to deal with them is good old fly paper. Not very attractive I admit but it saves having to sweep them up from below the window where they seem to gather.
  22. Why not just charge the same all the year round? That way you'd cover yourself for the extra use of things like electricty, gas etc.
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