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  1. Merci beaucoup Cassis - all that info in one hit.  Thanks very much.
  2. In the UK I used blood fish and bone meal in conjuction with pelleted chicken manure and  calcified seaweed for most fertilising.  Are these products available in France and, if so, what aqre they called?
  3. Does anyone use a Parasene Weed Wand?  I was given one while in the UK minus the gas cylinder.  I bought a butane cylinder that fits OK but I have never had it running correctly.  The piezo igniter does not ignite the gas and lighting it manually at the end does not give the desired effect.  I have tested the igniter [off of the wand] and it appears OK.  Is the genuine Parasene gas something special and, if so, is it available in France?
  4. [quote user="thunderhorse"]I tried gassing and then the smoke bombs with limited success. Then I bought two of the sonic devices - four weeks and no moles, and none on my neighbours side of the fence, either. Whether it's just summer coincidence... [/quote] I bought 4 of these sonic repellents when they were on cheap offer with similar result to you. Although I said that we were surrounded by agricultural land on one side of us there are about four acres of grassland belong to a house that is under renovation and all of the grass is regularly cut using a normal ride-on.  In the year that I have been here I have never seen a single molehill there and all there is is a wire fence separating us from them.  The Frenchman who owns it puts this down to the single sonic repellent that he has.
  5. [quote user="andyh4"]Try a small piece of Calcium Carbide left in a newly created run.  This gradually releases acetylene gas on contact with moisture in the earth and the moles don't like it (or more likely the gases produced from hte contaminants in the carbide - phoshene and arsene for 2)     [/quote] Thanks for that.  I'll try it if I can find where to get it.
  6. [quote user="sid"]I've had the same obsessive desire to rid the garden of moles. We live on the edge of a village and I know that, no matter what I do, there will always be a new mole to take the place of any that I manage to get rid of. After 4 years I'm gradually coming to terms with it and no longer get so worked up every time I see a new molehill. I try and remove the debris the same day otherwise I find that the grass dies off and in any case the mower doesn't like all the stones which also come to the surface. I've tried all of the devices on the market in cluding the explosive charges; none of them work for long and in fact the explosive one never went off once! I would come back the following morning to find the whole lot, trigger, wire and charge neatly laid out on the grass under the bucket. Latterly I used the method shown to me by my neighbour, which involves a pickaxe, and requires you to watch and wait at 12 noon or 5pm (I assume the moles have wristwatches?) and strike when the earth moves [:$] So limited has been my success that I have almost completely given up and we now live in a state of tolerance. I still find it irritating to return from holiday in the Spring to find 70 or 80 molehills though! Currently there is little or no activity visible, I assume he (they) have gone deep, but I know it'll start again in the autumn. [:-))] My advice is to try and find something else to worry about! [;-)] Sid [/quote] If you think about it it's pretty sad if that's all I have to worry about!
  7. That is a very good question!  At the moment I feel overburdened with things I want to do.  If I want them done then I have to do them because my pockets are not excessively deep. I have yet to relax into the French way of life.
  8. I think that mole hunting has become an obsessive compulsive disorder with me.  It's not even that I've got a lawn - although I like to call it that - just a closely mown field of a half acre.  BUT, what I've got I want to look the best possible.  We are surrounded by agricultural land so I accept that this will be an ongoing problem. In the time which I have been waging war I had success with claw traps trapping 6 during the winter and spring.  But when the ground began to dry out and the tunnels became deeper my success evaporated with the water.  In one three week period [June / July] we had 100+ taupinieres and we became desperate. During that period and since I have tried many of the folklore methods but only added 2 to my tally and the hours spent achieving this I would hate to try to tally up. So, in desperation we invested 100€ in a Detaupeur + 20 extra charges - this was only last week.  To date 4 charges have detonated but I have not found a single body, I know that two were ineffective because there were new molehills within 24 hours but since the last 2 [in different locations] there have been no more molehills.  I find it difficult to believe that something powerful enough to blow a finger off people will only give moles a migraine which may or may not be terminal.  Also, if the simple instructions are followed and the charge connected is in the right place and at the right time I cannot understand how the injuries quoted in the other mole thread can happen. Has anyone else had similar experience.
  9. When I lived in the New Forest I had a cotoneaster 'tree', it was about 20 feet tall, and during the summer it was alive with bees.  Hornets would regularly come and take the bees, it was a daily occurence.  But, I have to say, this is the only time that I have ever witnessed or heard of this happening until now.
  10. Hi - Sorry to be so late in response but we have had considerable computer / internet problems of late. The rebate is written into the contract and the contract is dependent upon it.  The system and finance is underwritten by EDF, it does heat the whole house and the installers have already made an appointment for inspection even though the installation does not take place until September. I am confidant that I have taken as many precations as possible, have spoken to meny people of long standing in France and done as much research as possible. I now feel that were I now to lose confidence or take a pessimistic attitude that I would regret it later. Many thanks for your interest.
  11. Hi Chris - My first winter in the Vendee which, I know, has one of the milder climates.  However, my impression has been of many more frosts than we had in the south of England although none were deep or long lasting.  Great tits were investigating the nest boxes back in mid February but although they still feed seem to have lost interest.  Probably not 'des-res'.  Saw my first ever Large Tortoishell on 8th March so I was quite excited.  I am quite surprised that my garden is not freer draining [+ surrounding area].  Since the heavy January rains the veg patch [prospective] has not dried out enough to get anything planted.  By now, 16th March, I had [wrongly] expected Spring to be in full swing but it seesm as unpredictable as the UK.
  12. Hi - As I have said previosly the system impresses me greatly and we are considering it very seriously.  Today we received the official quotqtion and it is rather more expensive by 1,700 Euros.  With us the system has to pay for itself through the savings on fuel throughout the year and it is possible that this extra may tip the scales.  I will keep you informed.
  13. All that I can say is that our 'quotation' assured us that we will only pay 5,300€ and that the remainder is paid through various sources.  I must stress that I was extremely impressed and this particular system seems to fit our requirements better than any other. Thanks to you all for your input.
  14. Hi Dave I'm not sure what a DC unit is but if it is what we were looking at this morning it is virtually silent and will service at least a house of 100 sq metres.  The people who owned the house with the system we saw today said that the warmth in the house did not drop when the temperature outside was below freezing.
  15. We have investigated geo-thermal and found it to be +/- twice as expensive to install and incompatible with the trees in the garden.  I have never thought that the boiler / radiator scenario for heating particularly efficient - so much heat goes straight up the chimney from the boiler and radiators do not lend themselves to even heat distribution.  In addition we have 60 metres of distribution pipes under the floor [in the sous-sol] which, although lagged, are still warm and heating an area we do not want heated. Just my opinion. Reasons that I am keen on the air to air: 1 kw in - +/- 4 kw out. Even heat distribution in rooms. 1 degree difference between floor and ceiling. Radiators take up valuable wall space. Were I able to dispose of the bouiler and fuel tank in the sous-sol I could then turn this room into a fully functional utility room cum summer kitchen - so making the house more suited to our taste. We have just visited a house in Pornic who converted from gas heating [tank in garden - the most expensive] who were paying 200€ per month for heating under that system.  Since last October their total electric bill to end February has been 340€.  Quite a saving considering that they would have paid 1,000€ for heating plus normal household electric charges.  Our fuel heating has not quite cost that much but then our house has nowhere near as comfortable a feeling as the house we just visited.  We were impressed.
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