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  1. Does anyone know where in Area 16 I can get a small helium cannister to blow up about 30 balloons. Thanks Jan
  2. Does anyone know how Gite Owners stand if guests cancel their holiday due to cancelled flights. Jan
  3. Hi Johnnyboy, Christine and Chrissie Thank you so much for your help and advise. I'll keep you informed as to progress and as I live between Angouleme and Limoges it looks like I have the choice of 3 shelters within 50kms. Jan
  4. Thanks, it isn't a problem for me if they want to visit because my garden is enclosed. One last question however, is there an english speaker at the shelters, my french isn't bad and I do use it with my neighbours but tthey are used to my northern accent and speak slowly. I'll let you know what dog I got when she/he is safely at home.
  5. Hello Babbles Commiserations, frustating sometimes. My french teacher has set up a transaltion and rescue service. Her name is Beatrice and her office number is 0545 290394 and mobile is 0670 783342. She speaks excellent english obviously and is a lovely person. Bonne chance Jan
  6. Once again thanks for the info. Do the shelters over here work the same as the UK. Are you matched with a dog whose needs you suit and visa versa. Do they do a home visit and how long does the process take? Jan
  7. Hi Chrissie Thank you for your message. Yes I'm sure it's much better to go rather than look at a website. When I think about it I would rather have all available hands looking after the animals than editing a web site. I'll be going after the New Years holiday and am prepared to have my heart strings pulled.
  8. Hi Johnnyboy Thank you for taking the time to answer my message. I am delighted you had such a funny event in your household over Christmas. I'm pleased Togs was okay other then being able to fly a kite unaided. I can just imagine you sat there waiting for the next blow out wearing gas masks. hahahaha I'll be going to the shelters after New Years Day (was undecided whether to wait until the end of Jan - unwanted Chrissie presents available) but as I don't want a pup I'll probably go sometime next week. I know I'll want them all and come away in tears, hopefully some of the tears will be of happiness.
  9. Christine, thank you so much for the information. I knew about SPA because my line dancing group did a demonstation to raise funds for them and Phoenix last year at Bluebell Kennels but I was unaware there was a refuge at Angouleme. I would be happy to visit both centres to see who had a dog who most suited my needs and whose needs I could meet. I am hoping to re-home a female dog preferably between the age of 1 and 4. Jan
  10. Didn't mean for the frown to appear in the title. It was meant to be a puzzled look at the beginning of the question because I'd tried in vain to find their website. Thank you for the info, it looks like a visit is necessary. It may be that they prefer that rather than having people look at a web page. It look like my heart strings are going to be pulled. Once again thanks Jan
  11. Is this the shelter next to Bellgarde Airport at Limoges. I am looking to rehome a dog but would like to view any for aoption before visiting. Jan
  12. Can anyone tell me the web site address for SPA in Limoges. Thank you Jan
  13. jan

    Buying Tar

    [:D]Thank you for the replies. I've passed the info about the Marie onto my neighbour. Jan[kiss]
  14. [8-)]My neighbour needs to buy about a ton of tar to  repair the village lane he had to dig up after he installed his fosse any ideas please?.  [:D]
  15. [:D]Hello Punchhard Thank you so much for your quick and very helpful response. The information was for a young english lad whose bought a  house in my hamlet but he doesn't have his computer set up yet. My late husband did our electrics but as I was only the labourer I couldn't help but fortunately knew someone on this site would. Jan[kiss]  
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