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  1. Well I guess I'll just have to be patient![Www]  In addition to the frost damage, I had the stonework on the front of my house done this year and the fabulous Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose is looking pretty grim.  I've trimmed it radically and hope it will come back as beautiful as ever.  In fact it's so beautiful, I've planted another one on the other side of the house.[:D]
  2. After the -13 temperatures recently I was not surprised to find a whole bunch of my plants looking rather sad - brown leaves but with stalks still green.  Should I drastically cut them back or will new green leaves appear after the brown ones drop off?  The plants in question are: Escallonia, Cistus, Spirea, Oleander and a few others.  My Choysia is looking rather 'burnt' but remarkably my Lavatera is looking quite perky.

    Thanks for your advice.

  3. If your dad's in good health, to whom his house and money go may well be academic if he has to go into residential care. My mother has been in care for two years and has paid over £75,000 for her care.  She has dementia but is fighting fit and over 90. See a solicitor and get good advice.
  4. Oooh, Sweets! You're giving away all our Camino secrets[:D]

    Cendrillon it wasn't THE St Jacques but a really neat guy you may come across when you arrive at the Auberge at Orisson. A lovely man who has done the Camino no less than four times!

  5. I've been watching the programme and find it quite fascinating.  I am not impressed with any of the 'literie'. Even the double beds look mean. And some of the bathrooms are a real turn off. The couple yesterday in the Savoie had a nice enough house but why, oh why, offer a bedroom with a Moroccan theme?  And some of the owners should definitely not be in the hospitality business!!!

  6. Chabrol or 'de faire chabrol' is when some wine is poured into the soup bowl, swilled around and then drunk. They do it all the time here and although I don't know it's origins, but my late compagnon did it all the time as did most of his friends and family. As for vin de pecision, well, I haven't got a clue.  Enjoy the evening Sweets!
  7. I didn't see them leave last year but...... they're back!
  8. [quote user="pachapapa"]Lifting silicone between tiles i just run one of those stanley knife things down each side between the side of tile and the silicone, then with a suitable width flat edged screwdriver lift a portion out of one end, sufficient to get a purchase for pulling, then pull it out in lengths. The better the quality of the silicone the stronger the bond and the easier it pulls out without breaking.[/quote]

    I might just try that, PPP as I want to get the job done yesterday[:D]

  9. [quote user="Sydney and Huggy"]We have used this (http://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-sealant-remover-100ml/17175) from Screwfix and found its effective, reasonably priced £3.19 and goes quite a long way.  As others have said it may take a couple of applications to get it all off.  Last time we needed it I posted a bottle to a friend out near the house as we can't take it through security when flying, anyone you know in UK that might oblige??

    I checked the Ebay site where both Unibond and No Nonsense sealant removal were posted but neither will mail to europe[:(] A flying visit to the YewKay s'impose......

  10. Never thought of looking on Ebay but I see they have the Unibond, bids closing on Sunday evening so I'll place my bid on Sunday lunchtime[Www] 
  11. I went to two brico stores - Weldom and Batiland - to get an appropriate product and both offered me a weedy tube of something nasty at €7+ which will hardly cover the area I want to remove.  I didn't buy as what I'm looking for is this. Anyone know where I could get it other than the UK?
  12. Thanks guys.  Putting the silicone in was a nightmare so I hope that removing it will prove to be an easier job.[Www]
  13. Has anyone experience using a silicone removal using product? I have to remove quite a lot of silicone from the joints in my shower and need to know the best and cleanest way of doing it. And should I wait a while before re-applying new silicone? Basically, is this a job for a 'blonde' or should I call in a plumber?
  14. If Sweets reads this she will no doubt re-live her horrendous experience on the Camino to St. Jacques[:-))]

    As for the ferry company, well I detest crossing the channel by boat so I am unable to contribute.

  15. [quote user="Bugsy"]   I'm guessing that this scenario is going to happen all over France.[/quote]

    Well certainly chez moi.  At 8.00 last night I heard gushing water and the pipe into my new bathroom had burst flooding my new bedroom and flooding into the kitchen below.  I 'declared my sinistre' this morning and have permission to remove the bedroom carpet (two years old), send in the factures and devis and they will take care of it. The carpet is jonc de mer which apparently likes humidity[Www]

    At moments like this it's not very interesting to live alone[:(]


  16. You must be so relieved. And did you lose those last couple of kilos?
  17. Yioupiiiii! I have hot water! My boiler is in the north facing garage and barely insulated so to defrost the pipe I made a 'tent' of that silver insulation stuff and put a radiator underneath.  Well, after six hours and no movement, I went back to the bon vieux method, got out my hairdryer and the pipe was flowing in less than five minutes[Www]

    And I'm sure both Gardian and Chancer look sublime in whatever they are wearing, colour coordinated or not.[:D]

  18. Well I'm Grumpy too, Garadian.  The first words out of my mouth when I got up this morning were m*rde, m*rde, m*rde.  No hot water.  I can't understand it as the cold water pipes are all ok and the boiler, which heats the underfloor heating is still working but no hot water.  I suppose it could be worse and there are certainly people a lot worse off than me so I will just have to be thankful that at least I'm warm.


  19. [quote user="idun"][quote user="sweet 17"]

    Took my nordic sticks and went out with the dog for a 2-hour walk and romp in the snow.  She loved the drifts and falling through them when she pounced.

    The wind was bitterly cold and cutting and since being back nearly 3 hours ago, I haven't thawed out yet.

    BUT, there is a full moon this evening and it's just sitting there next to the spire of our very beautiful village church which is floodlit.  The moon on the glittering snow and ice and the quality of the light..........such ethereal luminescence; it's worth being cold[:D]



    Think you need a down coat, Pyrenex perhaps, OR a Landsend Insulated Squall Parka, I have nothing else as warm and they are on offer at the moment too. Pair thermal leggings, salopettes and that Parka and your body and limbs could be too warm.

    edit, not just the regular squall parker, I have one too and good for much of the autumn winter, but the insulated one is the ultra super warm, nay hot one.


    I like Landsend stuff and also L.L.Bean which even after paying postage is great quality/price.  The Landsend squall jacket is on sale in the UK at £39.45 (was £102) and online in Germany at €109 (was €219). Landsend also has a factory outlets in the UK.

  20. The thing about sinks is that they have to be deep. I have a 'normal' one and a half Ikea stainless steel one which is quite functional and ok to look at but I have the luxury of a scullery behind the kitchen with a double deep and very old ceramic sink so I can wash pots and pans and dogs there.

    The flooring that Chancer has is great and I have it in my bathroom. It really does look like real parquet and cleans beautifully. As your kitchen will look so fabulous Sweets, no-one will be interested in the floor[:D]

    Back to the hood question, if you have the spondoodles to spare and you have the space then I would recommend a hood with the motor in the attic (or at least away from the kitchen).  I have one and even when it's on max, I can't hear a thing and it works brilliantly.

    What a clever idea to change the disposition of your rooms as you will gain so much kitchen space. Can't wait to see piccys when it's done!

  21. I have an Ikea kitchen and the only problem I have is with the plinths which I find a bit too 'leger'. I had a problem with a broken carousel in a corner unit seven years after I bought it and when I went back to buy another, they gave me a new one as the there was a design fault in the original one. And they don't break the bank, either.
  22. My hardy dogs sleep in the garage but last night when I saw their water bowl frozen over, I took pity on them and brought them inside.

    In the Bordelais we are normally spoilt weather wise but this is not nice. At least the days are getting longer and all SAD symptoms are disappearing it's only a question of time before we will all be having our aperos on the terracde[Www]

  23. A group of girlfriends, all aged 40, discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View  restaurant because the waiters there were handsome, with tight trousers and nice bums.
    Ten years later, at age 50, the friends once again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the food was good and the wine selection was excellent.
    Ten years later, at age 60, the friends again discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because they could dine in peace and quiet and the restaurant had a beautiful view of the sea.

    Ten years later, at age 70 , the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the restaurant was wheelchair accessible and had a lift.

    Ten years later, at age 80, the friends discussed where they should meet for lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at the Ocean View restaurant because they had never been there before
  24. I can't answer your question about the procedure being 100% prise en charge but I do hope the endoscopy  goes well for you.
  25. Thanks so much for your messages. A horrible moment for us all but my daughter is quite convinced that it wasn't meant to be and that mother nature was doing what she knows best.  There will be another baby in the future but there is no hurry and  I can assure you that whenever there is another announcement to be made, you will be the first to know[:)]

    From a purely practical point of view, I now have time to learn to knit! Thanks again.

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