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  1. Yippeee, I'm so happy for him - thanks for letting us know, Christine! Be a good boy, Jerry!! Chris
  2. Hi there We have a mortgage for our French (and only) house, based on my husband's UK salary (paid into a UK bank account), with UCB. Contact details below: Catherine Font Assistant to Charlotte Thomas International Buyers Department UCB 70 rue St Sauveur - 59046 Lille cedex Tel: 00 33 (0)3 20 18 19 44 Fax: 00 33 (0)3 20 18 18 55 Email: [email protected]
  3. I can't believe that Jerry is still waiting for a home, I absolutely adore him............he reminds me of my GSD/Collie cross that I had years ago, the most super obedient , lovable dog that I have ever had. I just can't take him - I have 3, including 2 rescues, one with behavoural problems, and my OH would leave me!! Please, someone adopt him!!! Chris
  4. Congratulations to all your children, AC50 - no wonder you are proud of them!! I agree, a motivatated teenager, who wanted to come to France, can do well - a lad started in 3eme at my son's school last year (in Carentan) and just passed his brevet with an assez bien as well. He is going to do a Bac ES - the school advised him to do this rather than the BacPro that his friend is doing, because they say he has the ability. I have 2 teenagers - going into 5eme and 3eme, who have good moyens, the eldest of whom wants to do medicine, they love it here. Chris PS I was talking about you with Syvain Bourdet on Saturday - it was funny that he mentioned you and I immediately knew who he was talking about from your previous postings on here, even though we have never met!!!        
  5. We went about three years ago, it was very straightforward - the hardest bit is getting across Paris! You can go directly from Carentan to Paris, but with some journeys you have to change at Caen. If you pop into the staion in Carentan, they are very friendly and helpful - I have booked several tickets there, and they have always tried really hard to get me the best possible deal! Have a lovely time! Chris
  6. When my OH was off sick, he had a sick note off our GP, which was accepted without question by his UK employers. As has been mentioned, it is a French social security requirement that one doesn't leave the house other than for a certain period of time during the day, but of course, this doesn't apply to the UK workplace, so no-one is going to check up on you!!! Chris
  7. Yes, he is off down to the Limousin next week - A happy ending to a sad situation. Chris
  8. With much sadness, some friends of mine have to reluctantly rehome their Bouvier Bernoise, Balou. He is 14 months old and has taken a violent dislike to their 3 year old spaniel, to the point where he has had to go to a nearby kennels as it has become impossible for them to stay together, but the kennels can only keep him for a couple of weeks. He is absolutely gorgeous, the most gentle dog normally, and is fine with other dogs, especially bitches, and cats, but his owners have asked that he be re-homed as an only dog with no children. He has not been neutered, but is vaccinated and chipped. Unfortunately I am unable to open the photos I have been sent - Cally50, if you are there, could you post the ones you have, please? If you would like anymore information, please e-mail me and I will send you the phone number to call. He is in Manche (50) near to Carentan. Thanks very much Chris    
  9. Hello Sorry, yet more computer problems - Thanks to all who sent me a message, sorry if I didn't reply personally, I lost some of my e-mails. We are now sorted. Many thanks. Chris
  10. I remember the first year we were here, there was a knock on the door April 30th, and a chap I had never seen before was standing there with a young lad. 'Would it be possible for my lad to have a bit of your Muguet?' he asked - 'Of course', I said, thinking that he wanted some to give his mum ..................I was then gobsmacked to see them pick armfulls of the stuff (We have got a huge patch of it) - 'He is going to sell it in town tomorrow', he said!!! He must have made a fortune!!! They have never been back since! Chris  
  11. School tomorrow here as well! Can't you just phone one of his friend's parents to check? Chris
  12. Hello Thanks for all the e-mails and private messages - I have had real problems with my Wanadoo/Orange, and have only just got back online, message box is all up the spout, and am now not sure who I have and haven't replied to. Unfortunately, none of the gites offered so far have been quite what we are looking for, although there are some gorgeous places out there - I really MUST have a pool...........the only gite offered with a pool was just too far away (fab place tho', Dave!). Anything else, anyone, or suggestions of where to look? Thanks very much. Chris
  13. Hi there Bit late in the day, I know, but - I am looking for a weeks accommodation w/c 14th July within around a 4 hour drive of Basse Normandie. 2 adults 2 teenagers..............single Gite (not a complex) - must have pool and be near things to do with stroppy teens!! In accordance with forum regs, if you have anything available, please e-mail or PM. Fingers crossed! Many thanks Chris  
  14. Chrisb

    Hay feed net

    I wouldn't use nets for goats either - I would be paranoid about them getting feet or horns tangled in the holes. We use hay-bags which can be found in Decathlon for a few Euros, or bought on-line from most of the Equestrian retailers, most of whom post to France. They are basically a heavy canvas type bag with a hole about 6 inches square on one side at the bottom - ours have survived really well and have not been chewed and there is no risk of them getting caught up in them. Regards Chris
  15. ........................of course, there is always the possibility that the OP is neither French OR English, which could also explain the slightly strange grammar in the posting! Chris
  16. Round my way, from September, the bus is actually going to be reducing the amount of stops it makes. It will no longer stop at a previous pick-up point, if there will be only one child to pick up.........that child will have to be picked up from the nearest stop with 2 or more children. Also, it will go from being free to a charge of about 70€/year being made. Most of the children round here, unless they live in the bourg of the villages, are dropped off at the stops by parents in cars. The only thing I would say about walking over a km, is that my sons' bags are so heavy, it really would be a struggle for them to walk that far, but the OP posters children are much younger, so presumably, at the moment, that is not an issue. Chris
  17. I have a Podenco/Husky cross, Frankie - abandoned in Portugal, adopted in France! Looks like a medium sized Podenco, but with blue eyes!He is the coolest dog ever....the children refer to him as Grand Master Frankie due to his aloofness and all-knowing expression! They had a couple of the small ones on the on of the Crufts programmes last week - lovely dogs! Chris  
  18. Chrisb

    Straw prices

    Hi, Round here they are either round or big square - I paid 60€/tonne, which was 3 big bales, last year. Chris
  19. Hopefully, this is Trojke, with Frankie, our Husky/Podengo cross in the background - Frank has 2 blue eyes and Trojke, half a blue eye!! http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t108/chrisbduk/Trojke2.jpg and this one is another of Frankie, with Sargeant, our lovely old GSD http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t108/chrisbduk/P7030153.jpg Chris  
  20. Ricci, I've PM'd you! Chris
  21. We are in the process of taking out an equity release mortgage (to complete some renovations on our money pit, sorry, house) and at no time have we actually been asked what the money is for, so, in theory, you should be able to release equity to do whatever you want with it! If you want the details of who we are using, I can PM them to you, if you like? Chris
  22. I'll see if I can work out how to post a pic, once I have downloaded some from the camera! Trojke is the same - a real stealer and eater, I've never had a dog who will jump up the worktop like him, and he will pinch anything lying around, which, in this household, is a lot! He, too, had spent a lot of his time outside. We have had him 2 months now and he is tons better than he was .............still have a few problems between him and our old GSD, but thats another story! We crate him at night and if we go out, leaving him with a bone or something else to chew, and he has adapted quite happily to that.........just saved wondering what we were going to come downstairs to in the morning!! I'm sure you will have loads of fun with your boy! Chris    
  23. Great stuff!! Well done Meg, really pleased for him, and you!! I am still getting used to Trojke's  (used to be Rubber) singing - he doesn't really bark, just sings and yodels, apparently a Husky trait, so be prepared!! Look forward to seeing more photos when he has settled in. Chris  
  24. Yes,yes, I'm sure it must be, I hope it is....................come on, come on!!!  
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