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  1. I hope someone can help. My plumber has now chosen to tell me that after a month of knowing what I wanted he has not found/ordered a 1200 x 800 shower tray. What specifically I am looking for is one where the drain is at the narrow end in the middle and that the tray is preferably ceramic. These are readily available in the UK, however I wondered if anyone has installed one themselves and knows of a good supplier. Many thanks.
  2. The best cream I have found is fresh cream from Lidl. It comes in a plastic bottle and sits ocer the yogurt or butter, it has a use by date of about two weeks.I use it for everything and I think it is 32% fat skigirl
  3. This book has just been translated into english after 70 years. It is a book that every French girl would have been given before getting married. It has just been translated in english and is called I know how to cook by Ginette Mahiut and costs around 16.00 from Amazone who will of course send to France. It ia fantastic and covers every French recipe that you can think of, and all very easy. I can recommend it. It has only been out for about two weeks. sligirl
  4. The best cream I have found so far is fresh cream from Lidl. It comes in a plastic bottle and is found near the yogurt, it is fresh and has a use by date, about two weeks, it is the best you can find. i use this for everything and it is fab. skigirl
  5. Does anyone know of a good sim only deal that will provide both voice and data access on a BlackBerry. Many thanks,
  6. Many thanks for the link to the table, would I be right in that P.6 (puissance administrative nationale) denotes the CV value?
  7. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out the rates for claiming mileage for business use of a private vehicle. I know there are a set of tables and I know that you have to use the corresponding code from the Certificat d'immatriculation. The other problem is that I cant see a code though it is probably there By the way it is for a Land Rover Defender 110 with an engine size of 2495cc if that helps. Many thanks
  8. I currently have a 8mg connection through wanadoo and pay about 40 euros per month, and I have option illimite with France Telecom for my fixed line for the same amount that gives me unlimited calls to a number of international countries. Many offers quote unlimited calls but all use VOIP, where i would like to retain the use of the fixed line. Thanks in advance for any ideas   
  9. Though we have an accountant and he was responsible for setting up our new company, I thought that I would pick your minds with regard to the retirement element of cotistations and whether they are optional or compulsory. At and before retirement age I will receive two separate pensions, as well as my paid up part of my UK state pension if it indeed still exists. I am happy with what I should receive and therefore would want to contribute any more unnecessarily
  10. I have seen and read a few articles about Biofuel fires stating that as they produce no smoke or gas that they do not need a chimney. I have a chimney that I cant use because there is a crack high up that seems too difficult to fix (too narrow for a tube) and was wondering if a Biofuel fire would be my answer. This is not the sole heating as we have full central heating, it would be more for ambiance. 1. Does anyone have any experience of these fires and what they are like (pros and con's) 2. Does anyone know where they can be purchased (we are in dept 31 in the mountains) 3. How easy is it to buy the fuel Many thanks, Mike
  11. Thanks Clair, I guess the beneficiaire section is used when jointly applying either with a partner or child so therefore as we are both applying separately we just put in our DOB. Cheers from a hot and sunny Pyrenees 
  12. Both my wife and I have to submit these forms to RAM who will provide us with our new cart vitale's however I am a little confused about filling in the form which nominates our preferred doctor. The first section titled "Identification de l'assure et du benificiaire" Am I correct in understanding that in each case we enter ourselves as the assured "L'assure" and under the "Le beneficiaire" in my case my wife and on my wife's form me? Many thanks, Mike
  13. Thanks Clair, I don't suppose you have the details of where you found the above reference do you. Many thanks, Mike
  14. [quote user="Cat"]Am I right in thinking that you are on the local council Mike?  Perhaps you could ask there at the next meeting?[/quote] Good memory Cat, I have already broached this subject with my colleagues but as it is holiday time here and many people are away I thought that I would try and get another perspective whilst waiting. Cheers, Mike
  15. This question relates to a friend rather than myself and I thought that as there is likely to be other bar owners on the forum you may be able to help: Situation: Friend brought existing bar on main street, refurbished and opened 6 months ago. The bar is popular particularly at weekends and during the holiday periods (this is a resort town). The problem is that they have been receiving complaints from residents who live nearby about the noise. My questions are: (assuming there are general regulations applicable across France) 1. As they are able to open until 4am at the weekend, and that they are allowed to play music is there a specific time by which music which can be heard on the street must cease. 2. Is there a specified level of noise (normally stressed in db's) that should not be exceeded. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
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