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  1. Would you happen to know the tel no.  or maybe a website for the notaire Maitre charrier in Moncountant
  2. whats this final tax certificate that people need to transfer the money back to the UK ,and is it easy to get or do you have to prove you have paid all the bills like tax fonc tax hab water electric before they issue certificate
  3. Im not sure but new cars might be cheaper in the UK than in France ,could you take the peugeot back to the garage and maybe get a citreon instead
  4. I am using moneybookers at the moment ,Does paypal give a good exchange rate compared to the others like hifx and moneybookers and currencies direct , Is there a limit to the amount you can send at any one time ,I think its 5000 with moneybookers
  5. I noticed on the exchange rate history the pound to euro was 1.52  in feb 07  and now its about 1.43 ,  the eurzone  interest rates is 3.75%  but does this effect the exchange rates between the pound and euro ie if the euro interest rate goes up will we get less euros for the pound
  6. If you have a flexible rate mortgage with a french bank, is the rate  set by the european central bank and if so isnt it around 2.5% base rate  so what is the euribor rate of 6.5%
  7. It has been getting sent to my uk address for the last 5 years with no problem so I think it might have been lost in the post so should I send an email to the tresor public and does anyone know the right email address to send it too, im near secondigny
  8. Does anyone know when the tax habitation bill is normally sent out and what date its  got to be payed by
  9. Bristol is good for us in somerset , saves us traveling to stanstead and low cost airlines are good but I havent seen many low cost car rentals ,seems the ferry and flying options is about the same price when you go from portsmouth to st malo and travell to the charente area ,who wants to carry your baggage to get the train to london city then a train or bus to stanstead then fly somewhere then hope theres a car to rent at the airport then drive to your house when you can travel door to door with the car
  10. Does anyone know with   ca-cmds.fr   online  do you pay  1,50 euro  each time you log on or is it per week or month
  11. It might be a good idea to get a CU unless your going to sell the land for keeping rabbits or sheep on but you wont get many people interested in that
  12. I know that child and working tax credits have been in existance since 2003  (looking on the internet)   but were they called something else before that and how long have they been in existance for  ie  since  1960s  to  1990s I read on a telegraph.co.uk  thread (blame faulty tax credits) that  a single mother with 2 children working  16 hours a week (minimum wage) will get £487 a week (through tax credits) while a 2 parent family will have to work 116 hours  (minimum wage)  a week to gain the same rewards, the report was from a newspaper  writer so I wonder how accurate the report is
  13. Is it a difficult process for a notaire to do the paper work  on the sale of a house in france when the owner of the house is still paying a mortgage on it,  I know its normall in the uk for the soliciters to deal with these things but what about in france
  14. If i turn my 2nd and 3rd bedrooms into a store rooms making the house a 1 bedroom house will it lower the tax foncere bill and If I sell the fields next to the house will that lower my tax habitation bill
  15. Truro is a nice place to live in the uk but I think the propertys is  expensive there, I think the French council tax is the same price as my uk council tax now, Do you think they will put up the french council tax alot more in the future especially if you have an English surname
  16. So has france built lots of new houses in the last 5 years like spain where prices are slowing or has france built not many new houses in the last 5 years like the uk where prices are normally going up, is there a website to compare new builds in each country in euroupe
  17. I understand what you mean, I noticed you missed the e when you spelled responding, But I think that was a test, What I dont like is the people who spell like this "fi  yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too cna yuo raed tihs? olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulacity uesdnatnrd waht i was rdanieg" Some research from cambridge university that says that if the first and last letters of a word are in the right place  then a human can understand this, anyway I will try to write properly next time
  18. i see that pacifica is on my letter but in small writing thats why i was confused, also what words did i spell incorectly and also there is not a spell correcter on the reply post page from what i can see
  19. you mite need to inform  the revenue and customs people (uk)  but it depends if you are going to get a pension in the uk or in france, i heard you can chosse either one but i dont know which one pays out more money
  20. can you simplify what the document means or can you suggest away of translating it
  21. which companys in the uk insure propertys in france and is it cheaper for a newer property to be insured if i can make up the age of it, im with credit agricole assurance dommages at the moment but i thought it used to be called pacifica but i think it changed its name
  22. i have a 10 year fixed rate mortgage with ca  but i think its fixed at 4.35%  or  5.35%  you could try a fixed rate but i expect your only paying 2% euro base rate interest which is better than my rate, if you have a flexible rate mortgage then i expect if you pay more in sometimes then your term will be shorter sometimes
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