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  1. thanks for replys, thats a good idea about the hacksaw but I think the door sits in a recess, im in the uk at the moment so I will try it when I visit france next time I go
  2. does anyone know how to remove a door lock when the door is shut and the mechanism between the barrel and the bit that goes into the door frame is broken, i dont want to destroy the door to get it open unless theres no other way
  3. ive done google map and I can just see the house but thats because its in a hamlet in the middle of knowhere its a blured picture, if it was in a city or big town google will take better pictures, I think google  fly over and take photos every 2 years, my area is between la rochelle and poitiers in france
  4. 87 is that limousin, I bet its nice there, we visit deux sevres 79 its nice in the summer but cold in the winter, parthenay is a nice medieval town we go shopping in, do you visit lamoges
  5. they say the gut instict is a good decision maker, what dept have you brought in france
  6. when blair worked his magic  he sorted out the economy and house prices doubled with the economic boom over a period of years, do you think  sarkozys magic will do the same thing in france 
  7. thanks for reply, I no you can get broadband over mobile networks now days but i think it depends where you live, is there a website that tells you if your house in france is covered, like if you go on the 3network in the uk it tells me its predicted to be installed in april 08 in my area of yeovil, so it is not available yet so why do they advertise it
  8. thankyou for comments, I used the neighbours phone number and the max speed is 1024kbps, I wonder if the telephone people are going to upgrade the service in the future, its a hamlet of 5 houses in the middle of no where in deux sevres, so I dont think the phone people are going to be to interested 
  9. Is there a website in france (maybe written in english) where I can type in my french postcode to find out about broadband speed, Im not on the phone in france so I cannot type in a phone number
  10. Why would someone make secret donations to people in political partys, do they get a prize or somthing and why do these MPs except these donations then get sacked when it hits the news, I thought MPs enjoyed there jobs (sorry for posting on here, I dont know any other forums for UK things unless someone can recomend) 
  11. thankyou for the replys everyone
  12. will the pound go up or down against the euro over the next year because I transfer money into my french bank account monthly to pay the french mortgage using currenciesdirect but if the pound is going to go down over the next year im better off  transfering the whole year of money in now so I know where I stand (I would need about 7200 euros)  
  13. IF the pound and the dollar devalues then will the euro devalue to keep things in balance, the goverment rescued n rock because they invested in sub prime but were they the only uk bank to write off lots of money, theres lots of storys about international banks write offs for millions but they still made a profit  so did northern rock buy all the bad debt on the planet, i dont think so and also they get money from people in the uk paying there mortgages into the bank, what would of happened if the goverment said to nrock your on your own
  14. when i go to france on holiday and drive past the piano it always seems quiet, labsie is a nice place for a drink in the summer
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