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  1. I've been walking in the mountains in Jan in t shirt and shorts at 1600m and had to go indoors out of the sun in Feb to cool off, so it depends how hot you like it. I love Oct to Feb and would avoid the rest of the year.
  2. Anyone point me in the right direction for a good quality downloadable map of Nice city centre?
  3. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] You also need to factor in the costs of registering the car over here: French type approval certificate - 120€,  CT certificate - 56€,  LHD headlamps - £££?,  prefecture registration fee - 66€, new number plates - 20€. ..... More than the car is worth, so unless it has plenty of life left in it, you might be better off selling it/scrapping it in the UK and buying a little runabout locally.   [/quote]   What sort of figure would you estimate for insurance?
  4. Its only got 45,000 mls on the clock so has years of use in it, especially at the less than 1000 a year we would use it.
  5. I'm thinking of taking our 25 yr old  Peugeot 205down to the S of France to live from October onwards. I shall have to insure it shortly just to make the journey and be available if needed here in the meantime. It's value is about £100. Any thoughts on the best way to go about this? (e.g. a day return on the ferry seems cheaper than a single - also is it poissible to get a single back with Ryanair or do I have to buy a return?)
  6. An article in the Times last Saturday recommended paypal as the best way to transfer m oney to France.   I have a French bank account and sepnd around 10 weeks per year in France. Previous queries here led to me using Moneycorps to transfer money over.   As I already have a paypal account this would seem to be a quick and easy way.   Has anyone used this? Do they recommend it? Is it cheap? How do you do it?
  7. Moneysaving expert is my first call for anything financial but the company mentionmed there (via Insuresupermarket) doesn't come up.   Have now purchased Post Office at £72, however it says you mustn't have visited a hospital specialist in the past 3 months . I have been twice in the past week for different things, neither  of which I'll ever claim on.   Martin Lewis site also says to check whether you're covered for unaccompanied trips - I make a lot of trips to France on my own. (Having purchased annual multi family insurance)   The other thing that has occurred to me - I work over the internet for 2/3 days per week when there - does this class me as a business traveller and count me out as well?
  8. I have always had travel insurance, but I can't find it and suspect it's run out. Fellows brits next door in France who spend a couple of months there say they don't need it which made me ask the question (they are in their 60's).   I just used onsurewsupermarket and was going to purchase the Post Office polict at £54, but when you follow through to the PO site it thewn goes up to £72.    There are some at £38 but never heard of them.   Any recommendations?
  9. In the email I received from them yesterday all the completly free flight were listed. Unfortunately I deleted it - might be worth subscribing to their newsletter for the future?
  10. I spend about 10 weeks per year at our house in France. Sometimes on my own an a £20 return flight, sometimes with my wife and son.   Is there any point in having travel insurance?   With regards to health aren't we covered by reciprical arrangements?
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