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  1. W/B wrote, And, ebaynut, you have never pressed the report button? A little less self righteous hypocracy, if you please. I can honestly say, I have NEVER EVER pressed the report button, or ever would. I am sure any of your Mod friends can validate this. Mind you, apart from one, when do they ever visit this forum these days?? At least your friend, 'Crazy Chris' used to contribute. I have however phoned the forum admin once as a thread was locked by a mod, after your misspelling my user name, and requested it be unlocked,so I could reply as I really did not want you to have the last incorrect word. So its you who presses the report button then!!!!!!!!!
  2. Lindal wrote, America already had one of the strictest immigration policies going. If you think that, you ain't seen nothing yet, EXTREME VETTING anyone???. No one is arguing necessarily for unchecked immigration because that has never been the case. Under the Obama administration, all the laws have been relaxed, Check out all the new 'sanctuary citys' which have been set up in some states during his reign. It seems to me that no one stops you posting whatever you like about Muslims. On the contrary Lindal, when I offered my opinion on how IS should be deal with and their MUSLIM supporters, after they murdered those folks in Nice, some on this good forum choose to hit that old report button, as they thought it somehow infringed on the poor terrorists freedom, and my post was pulled, perhaps you were one who ran to teacher?? The German attacker was a Tunisian who had been known to the police for months, was living there illegally and had already been arrested three times. I doubt closing borders would have made much different in his case. I don't know whether some or all of the victims were Christian. Do you? One was an Israeli. I certainly don't know whether they were all white or whether they were 'good'..or do you just assume that anyone Christian is automatically white and good? Not that their religion or colour would make their death in that way any less or more horrific. Well, lets think about this, and take a wild stab in the dark here, it was a Christmas market, so a good chance that those attending were indeed Christian, would you not think? Are there many non whites that attend Christmas markets in Germany?? Certainly in the UK, the majority (99.9%) are white that attend these events, As for good, well you do tend to get a better class of people at these events, the price of the items on sale at them does help to keep the riff away somewhat.
  3. Lindal wrote, It isn't petitions themselves that stop anything..It's the fact that they sew doubt in the minds of reasonable people. As do peaceful demonstrations. In themselves they don't change the world, but they can change opinion. It's a long term strategy not a short term fix. How any reasonable person can think that unchecked uncontrolled immigration is a good thing is beyond me, It seems that it is OK to mention anything on this forum except perhaps when MUSLIM ISLAMIC STATE fighters posing as refugees who run down huge numbers of good white Christian people using large vehicles in mainland Europe. Funny after such an event at a Christmas market in Germany, there was not one mention of it on this forum, why was that?? does it help to destroy your multi cultural ideas??? If you don't mention it, perhaps you can pretend it did not happen. Armed forces support will be okay for protecting against problems overseas, but no professional army will be happy shooting citizens of their own country. If Trump wants to rule in that way he will have to train up a special militia to do the dirty work. That's what all dictators have to do. If the SJW's wish to protest peacefully then that is their right. However there is always the few who take it too far. These are the ones which the law will start to go down on hard. The rest will soon catch on how to behave properly. As for snowflakes..a beautiful complex structure..no one is the same and when they group together they are powerful enough to start an avalanche. Turn up the heat and they melt away to nothing, just like a dodgy politician when he realises he has thrown away the globalists dream, as he did not really have to have a referendum in the first place, if he had played it differently. Thanks Dave, nice one my son.
  4. The fact of the matter is that an election was held in the US in November, the people voted, and Mr T was democratically elected. The will of the people must prevail, all Mr T’s plans were well known, and it should come as no surprise he has carried them out, or has started the ball rolling to get them carried out.   If all the snowflakes who are protesting about what is happening in the US are not prepared to accept a fair and free vote which was held, and they wish to stop Mr T, then that is anarchy not democracy.   The majority of the police, border control  and armed services support Mr T, did you see the standing ovation he received when attending the Army V Navy game last month, those service people love him.   So, he has the support of his people, of nearly half of the electorate, and the support of the ARMED services, he has control of both houses,  How exactly does anyone think a petition will stop him????  
  5. I would expect nothing less than a huge protest when he does visit. The snowflakes cant accept that Mr T was democratically elected, and will of course use the visit to protest.   That is the difference between the liberal left and the supports of Brexit and Trump, we do our protesting via the ballot box, and when we lose, as was the case when Blair won, and Obama, we accept it, and get on with our lives. I hope the protests are the ‘best and biggest’, the police will be looking for a reason to use real force, and protecting a visiting head of state is just such a reason. Get those ambulances on standby.   You may like this short speech from Bill Clinton, seems Trump is not alone in his views.
  6. I personally think that's a great idea. It will give the SJW’s something to do, so they feel they have really contributed by adding their name to the list. Of course, it will make no difference to the visit, but if they feel empowered by doing so, then  go for it, I say.   Did they have a petition to stop the leader of China coming to the UK last year??  [8-)]
  7. Richard51 wrote,   Ebaynut: go and look up Tom Price on wiki. There are references there and I'm sure that he would have disowned them if they were untrue. NB Its at the end of the early life education and medical career section. It would appear that he is more interested in money than applying the hippocratic oath. What an absolute ****. What is your comment about that?       My comment?  Well, if you wish to try to prove a point you are making, then you should not expect the other party to spend their time, looking up things they really don't care about to try to prove your point. I would suggest you find the information and learn how to post it  in a Link. 
  8. Cathar Tours wrote,   Even worse he probably won't be president in 10 years time and with all his money what does he care. Be interesting to see exactly how he intends to get the money from the Mexicans to pay for his wall, that should be quite hilarious.     Talk about state the obvious, a person can only serve as POTUS for a maximum of two, four year terms, so for once, you are right.   Well, I hope you enjoy watching him make the Mexicans pay for the wall, because they will, one way or another. You may recall how you thought it ‘quite hilarious’ when he stood to be the republican candidate. No doubt you thought it ‘quite hilarious’ when he ran for the presidency, you no doubt also thought it ‘quite hilarious’ when he said there would be a wall along the southern border. Well I hope you enjoy the enjoy the next stage as much, I am sure I will. [:D]
  9. Hoddy wrote,   I don't like Trump either and to a large degree I agree with Idun. I think Trump's locker talk is on a par with these blokes who sit watching porn on public transport and claim not to understand why that makes women uncomfortable.     Now I haven't used public transport for many years, I was unaware that you could get porn on there these days, do you have any recommendations as to which offers the best service????   Seriously though, How can you compare a PRIVATE conversation, which was illegally recorded, with some sickos who would do such a thing. I am now more than pleased I never have to use public transport if these are the types you claim use it.   I assume this has happened in your presence, did no-one protest or punch the culprit. If he was watching it in private at home, I have no problem, but in a public place is clearly wrong, did everyone on the bus/train really just let them get away with it??
  10. Richard 51 wrote,   I read somewhere that one of his appointees to health is a member of a group against "social medicine" and any government intervention in health services. Now that really is sick.   I read ‘somewhere’ that a London bus was found on the moon. Perhaps I should believe every unsubstantiated report I read.   If its bad about Mr T, hell just lets spread it, throw enough muck and some will stick.  Buzzfeed anyone?????
  11. Idun wrote,   OK, so some men, because it simply cannot be ALL men, are gros degueulas, disgusting to the nth degree........ and you think that that is OK, well, I now understand 'you' so much better!   Please don't try to misrepresent what I said. I never said I thought it was OK what he said, I wrote, ‘it may surprise you to know, that straight men do talk like that when they are together.  Especially those of his and my generation’ I do not believe, will never believe, that that film was made covertly, I believe that it was obvious that the camera was filming and one could assume that the sound was on too. He just did not care what he said, just trying to show off like a 14 year old, THE MAN WAS ALMOST 60, with grown up children including a grown up daughter.   If you honestly believe he knew he was being recorded he would have said those things, it merely confirms that you don't have a clue on the subject. And that people buy books and read, has got what exactly to do with anyone else! Whether I read, Fifty Shades, or Lady Chatterley, or The Story of O,  has nothing to do with anyone else at all. I have read that women do tend, if so inclined, to read erotic books, I would have said literature, but 50 Shades is hardly that, where as men seem to prefer visual images. That is OK, it is simply comme ca. AND NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS!!!!   And neither is a private conversation between Mr T and Mr Bush.  However I find it strange that women don't mind reading about these things, but complain when they hear Mr T say these things. But someone who thinks that what Trump said is OK, in what you are insisting is normal locker room talk.......which was not at all in any way in that context, his conversation,  one sided, with a young man, hanging on the words of an old man saying horrible things, just as they were to meet an actress who was young enough to be his daughter and he was preparing himself to kiss her............   Well, she was pretty hot!!!!!!! [;-)]  
  12. Idun wrote,  I remember well, don't you?.......... during his campaign, footage was shown, with his good ol'mate Billy Bush, what was it, DJ Trump crowing that he likes to grab women's genetalia, and yet he says these women who are against 'him' are disgusting.  Strangely when one lady came forward after that footage, to complain of being groped by him, he said she was too plain.  My only comment is that she was young then, and as many of us often are when young....... attractive!  And maybe he should look at his own family for beauty, Eric and Lara hardly beauty pageant material........ and neither is Tiffany, in spite of the amount she spends on her 'look'. Now looks don't count that much to me, but they obviously to 'him   The only thing I thought about the whole ‘access Hollywood’ tapes was,  How dare anyone record a private conversation and sell it to the DNC like this. (I suspect the Bush family was indeed behind it). Mr T is right, its just locker talk, it may surprise you to know, that straight men do talk like that when they are together.  Especially those of his and my generation. I don't know if younger men talk about women so much in this way, but expect so, but those that don't are probably more interested in each others Anal passages anyway.   Remember this was a private conversation, not a policy speech, Clinton and the whole Washington elite looked so smug when this tape was released, but he turned it around, that's what winners do.  Now he has drained the swamp in DC, as he said he would.  If women are so offended by this kind of talk, who the hell brought over 125,000,000 copies of Shades of Grey, not many men that is for sure.   As to women coming forward to claim he groped them, well many of them have already had their stories proved as fake, and he was right, she was too plain.  Look how they all went after good old Jim Davidson a few years back when the Savile enquiry was in full swing, many women accused him of all sorts of things, and he walked away without charge. Do you honestly think if he had been guilty, he would not have been charged, just lying tarts trying to grab a few pounds and bring a good man down. What is it they say, ‘Hell has no fury’   As for Eric Trump, this nice young man may not be what you call beauty pageant material, but still a good looking man,  look what he set up aged just twenty one, when most people that age are out on the pi55, shame the press outside Fox news never want to mention it, and how he has been made to give it up while his father is the top man.  
  13. Hoddy wrote,   I can't see why you object to what this young woman is saying Ebaynut. Do you really think it's right that sanitary products are taxed as luxury items while viagra is not ?   Thanks for taking the time to view it. I am in full agreement with her regarding the taxing of sanitary products.  However you can hardly blame Mr T for this, he has only been in power for three days now. Why did she not protest in the last eight years when BO was in power? And who knows, with Ivanka joining her father in government to fight for woman's issues, maybe it will be changed. I would sign a petition in support of removing this tax. However her language in front of a crowd which included many young people was appalling and shows the true mental state of some of these protesters.
  14. Lindal wrote,   One positive thing this week is that people seem to have rediscovered the power of protest and regained an interest in politics. That has got to be a good thing. Role on the women's march today.       Yes, I enjoy these protests enormously also, especially when the tear gas goes off and the police wade in. Protest is one thing, rioting and looting is another.   Here is a short clip of one of the young ‘ladies’ speech  in front of young children at the protest in DC, what an example she is don't you agree. 
  15. W/B wrote,   It seems that Obamacare is gonna be the first victim of this political thug; is there any criminal law that could make him responsible for the people who depend on the care and who will start dying when they cant get it any more or are they just collateral damage?       You seem surprised he is doing this, pay attention, he did mention it in the campaign once or twice.  Or is it you are amazed that a politician is keeping to his pledges??   Is there are law to stop him ? , No, he can pretty much do as he wants now. [:D]
  16. Idun wrote, I never minded Michelle, whereas Mrs T, looks as cold as Posh Spice, neither of whom I consider stunning, or is it that I find great beauty in an easy smile. For me, it was an easy choice between these two.  
  17. On Tuesday we had an excellent speech from Mrs May, confirming what Dave had promised us if we dare to vote to leave the EU. What is all this ‘hard Brexit’ and soft Brexit nonsense. Out means out, we did not vote to stay in the single market, we voted OUT, and to control our borders.   Then onto today, the great man Mr T becomes the most powerful man in the world.   The Muslim son of a Kenyan goat herder will be flushed down the U bend of history at last.  And what a great new first family the US will have now, and also some serious eye candy for sure.   No more frumpy old Michelle.  You could say the Trumps are replacing the frumps.   And the sun is shining here in the UK,   Happy days............[:D] [:D]
  18. G/S wrote,   Actually, EBN I was just teasing, as is my wont.   And righty so, as I said before, written English clearly is not my best subject !!  I once had a chap who needed to write me out a cheque for £500 for an item he had brought from me. He wrote the five OK, then asked me the correct way to spell Hundred, so I told him, T- H –O- U- S –A –N -D.   I was always far better at counting. [;-)]
  19. W/B wrote,   ebn, may I remind you that this is a forum about France, not a personal space for you to get your prejudices out of your system. If you really do need psychological help, my daughter could perhaps offer you an appointment over in Brussels, though she is booked pretty solid so she tells me and doesnt take just any old customer. As others have said, there will continue to be plenty to keep your daughter in Brussels busy. Although I would have thought there was plenty of subject matter for her much closer to home.[Www]   As that is her line of work, looks like there could be plenty for her in NYC  if she fancy's a change of scene.  
  20. G/S wrote, However, my Masters, were a breed apart. I would have loved you to make the lazy comment to my upper school class Master! Fought in tanks in WWII; a demon runner (The Tortoise Club) and great rugby player too. Would have spat you out in bits....   But then I never had Masters as teachers, your man sounds like a proper decent gent for sure, mine ( the one I mentioned) was a lazy fat failure of a man, who deserved the loathing of his pupils in every way. Hence as I could afford it,my boys were educated privately, and not by some failure in life who could not find anything better to work as. BTW: on spelling!  "Archiving" I suspect you meant "Achieving"; plus one more little tip. "politics. they". It is usual to commence a new sentence with a capital letter...   Never ever excoriate another on spelling and grammar and then make sloppy mistakes in your riposte!     Perhaps if I worked in teaching, my written word would be faultless, but as I have never had such a ‘pleasure’ I would not expect it to be. People who look down on others lack of perceived education, and then make such sloppy mistakes themselves, which clearly any old idiot can spot, (and did)  need it pointing out to them.
  21. W/B wrote,   Would you say that teaching was a less worthy occupation than, say, renting out property, extracting exhorbitant rents with no rent controls and the rest?       I would say with a degree of certainty it is a lot less profitable.  And of course you get to learn how to spell EXORBITANT correctly. [;-)]   No one said teaching was not a worthy occupation, I said MEN who work as teachers. Its not a job for a man, it pays very poorly, and the whole point of working is to earn money for your family. But of course it suits lazy men, as no physical work is involved, and provided they turn up each day and go through the motions, they get a cheque at the end of the month. No risk involved, just an easy, lazy ride. Most then get jealous of others who they consider as less superior to them education wise, so, as they are incapable of archiving more in life, they then embrace left wing politics. they then try to install these views in their poor pupils.    I remember one of the male teachers from when I went to school, telling me if I did not pay attention to my lessons that I would end up in a poor paying job. I asked if it this is what had happened to him,he had no reply. He was lazy, I guess his poor earning skills helped with his marriage breakdown, he later became an alcoholic, a total and utter looser
  22. No proof that Obama is a Muslim just to start with. You are merely repeating extreme Republican claims.   Plenty of proof, that Barack HUSSAIN Obama is a Muslim, please Google if  you want to see independent evidence of this. Obama's father was a Muslim, so he was born a Muslim, which makes him a Muslim, he ‘converted’ apparently to Christianity during his twentys. Had he not have done this he would never have made POTUS. When he got the top job, he then repaid his Muslim friends by allowing them into the US in droves. No wonder he cant say the words ISLAMIC TERRORISM. He tries to justify the beheading carried out by ISIS, by saying that Christians done this to Muslims 1000 years  so I guess he thinks its OK for IS to do this now?? Anyway, now Mr T is going to be the main player, his wonderful policy of Extreme vetting is going to be introduced in the US, lets hope one day we can get this in the UK.     Your first paragraph is based on pure prejudice; what do you know about the group of people that you denigrate so enthusiastically, how do you know they have never had jobs of the kind you seem to regard as worthy?     Again easy to find out the Liberal Elites ‘work’ record, I could name many jobs which really are not worthy that liberal lefties do, how about men who ‘work’ as teachers for a start.
  23. Lindal,   I did start my post with IMHO, You asked a question, and I answered it as I see it. I accept what I think Liberal lefties are, may be different to others, just like Christmas means different things to different people. Its like when I vote to leave the EU, I vote to leave every singe aspect of it, I don't expect a bunch of ‘Liberal Elites’ to try to find any bit of small print they can to try to take a democratic vote away from the majority of the UK. I want the UK fully out of the single market. No wonder Dave went off for pastures new. P.S. Thanks for the tip on another thread , next time my eyebrows need threading, I will head off to Slough. [:D]   W/B,    I would be interested as to what I have placed in those two posts which you think is incorrect. I guess as you choose not to address any of them, other then your general remark, that it is a case you don't like my comments, rather then there is anything incorrect in them. [:P]
  24. ALBF wrote,   Eymet is 50 % British whereas Sheffield is not even close to that figure with regards to immigration. It is like 15% or something like that. probably a lot less.     Perhaps you should have used Slough, Leicester or Luton, which are all now over 50% non white British, Birmingham will be on the list also by the end of this decade apparently.
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