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  1. Hi

    I have been contacted by someone who wanted to rent my house but it is not for rent......they would like a decent size house with character in the Comminges (Bagneres de Luchon, Saint Beat, Fos) area.  Preferably unforunished.

    Does anyone know of a house for rent?


  2. We bought some curries on line from www.curryinfrance.com


    Great people, great service - might be an alternative?


  3. Hi

    There are some great sites where people advertise who welcome pets - try


    Paws for a Walk

    Pet Friendly Breaks

    Pet Holiday Finder

    Hope you find somewhere nice.



  4. Hi Louise


    We have a chambre d'hotes with 5 rooms too and I would say definitely.  You will have the right balance.  Even some couples ask for twin room if they are elderley and we get lots of friends coming out who do not want to share a bed.


    Good luck.


  5. Thanks - my friends use them too but unfortunately they dont seem to do Winter flights (unless I am getting it wrong). Most of the companies BMI Baby, Jet 2 etc that come from the North tend to do May to October - frustrating - it is like no one skis in the PYrenees if they are from the NOrth!!!
  6. HI

    This year is definitely not as easy - usually there are flights from East Midlands, Manchester, Leeds Bradford or Liverpool to Toulouse or Carcassonne but lot less choice this year.
  7. Gave up on UK insurance in the end - either they did not insure anyone over 80 or you had to live in the UK.

    Managed to get my parents 2 weeks cover with a French company (top cover Level 3) for just 54 euros - it was easy and excellent.

    Thanks for all the help to eveyrone though.
  8. You are probably right but it would be great to have an alternative to BA and Toulouse because it is closer and easier to get to Pau for us.

    Thanks for the update.

  9. Do you know of any at Christmas - my friends want to come out and are struggling to find anything from the North or Midalnds to Toulouse, Pau, Carcassonne or Lourdes

    Cheers everyone
  10. Did you find any? My parents are looking and my mum is 81 so would be really grateful to know of any cheap insurance for those over 80.


  11. One of my guests told me about City Jet. They are flying from London City Airport to Pau and are really cheap.

    Unfortunately the times and dates are not good for me but anyone having to go to London should take a look eg 26 Dec and 2 Jan £75 return including taxes etc.

  12. I agree, come south. The Garonne River and local lakes are great for Trout fishing.

    Hope you find somewhere nice.
  13. Go for it and dont worry too much.

    I dont know where you are based but you could cater for groups.

    We get a lot of cyclists and walkers who dont mind sharing a bathroom at all. If that is the case you would need single beds.

    If you think this isn't appropriate for your area then catering for a family group would be good.

    If you are doing it for a little extra money and for something to do then why not.

    We find having a B&B really rewarding, we meet lots of lovely people who are really interesting and enjoy their company.

    Go to your town hall and register. We haven't bothered registering with Gite de France or Clevances - we dont need to. It means we dont have a star rating but to be honest these days reviews from other guests have far more weight with new guests.

    I wish you luck and if we can be of any help send us a private email . Best wishes.

  14. Many thanks will take a look.  Appreciate your help.



  15. Hi

    We used to get the abatement but last year and again this year (just visited the accountant) he told us that no matter what it is 50% abatement only.

    We are in the Haute Garonne, midi Pyrenees - does anyone know how to go back to the 71% abatement in this area - be really grateful - this topic is driving me absolutely mad.


  16. Great ideas, thank you for that - will do.

    Not sure why email didn'r work - strange.

    Really appreciate you taking the time to respond - thanks again.

  17. Hi

    My parents have lived out with us in Saint Beat now for 4 years and they are very content with the countryside and life but they miss having long conversations with friends of their own age.

    My mum is 80 and my father is 75 - if anyone knows of people of similar ages that would be interested in the occasional cup of tea and natter please get in touch.

  18. I really miss my curries. We are in the Haute Garonne near the border of Spain and Saint Gaudens - doesn;t appear to be one anywhere near us. Does anyone know if Tarbes has an INdian Restaurant - I will travel 50 minutes for a good curry!!!!
  19. Missed it - not been on the forum for about 3 weeks - hope everyone had a brilliant time. Great idea

  20. Dont give up - I think it is great that you shared this with everyone. If more people did this, more people may come to France - it is difficult to find good offers sometimes.

    Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  21. The same in the UK - Scotland must be rubbing their hands together in glee this year - skiing there is really good.
  22. We were starting to despair - after a great start to the ski season in the Pyrenees we had temperatures of 19 and 20 degrees!! Had walkers rather than skiers staying with us - crazy.

    Anyway, Saturday night the snow came again - what a relief.

    Unknown for the apartment not to be rented and to have to put special offers on in February - anyone else experienced the same?
  23. Sounds great - might be me but I cant find an attachment or link to click - can you help?

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