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  1. Limited opportunity to be self-employed and work for one of the largest English Estate Agents based in France. Are you relatively computer literate and self-motivated, Are you an English speaker and able to converse and write in French (you do not have to be completely fluent and grammatically correct). If you would like more information please private mail me and I will get back to you.
  2. Thanks for replying so quickly. It is too far East unfortunately but looks lovely. They are flying in to Toulouse and then heading straight here to stay with us for a week so anywhere in/around Toulouse or en route to St Gaudens and Bagneres de Luchon would be great - I cannot find anything at the moment. Appreciate your help.
  3. Hi I am trying to find out where my friend can hire road bikes - but club quality for going over the cols. He doesn't want a mountain bike, he wants a good quality road bike. I cannot find anywhere - help please?
  4. Hi An update - the doctor would not do the vaccinations so I had to make an appointment at Purpan hospital - managed to get them done within the week but a long way to go. Re the Visa - my passport etc is UK so I went on line and tried and as you say, a nightare so eventually I used Visa Supermarket - they charge approx. £30 on top of the price of the visa and promise a quick turn around. They wont post your passport back to France though - fortunately my friend is coming out at Christmas so can bring it to me. Not heard from them yet so keeping my fingers crossed.
  5. Hi Nicola We haven't had to do any courses - is it something you want to do or have been forced to do. We have never had any guests ask to bring their own wine - we always serve with the meal. Occasionally they will bring out a dessert wine or an apero to have and, because we are not selling it, then we think that is fine. If they brought wine into their bedrooms we would not stop them. We would definitely not charge corkage.
  6. Thank you so much. I think I will make an appointment to see the doctor and then ask him directly and bypass the receptionist. Thanks for the heads up re the visa - I have not even started to look at that yet!!! Best wishes.
  7. Hi I live in the Haute Garonne in a little village near the Spanish border. I visited my doctors today to ask about vaccinations and was told what do you need? You may have to go to Toulouse. I cannot find any information anywhere on where to go to get vaccinated in order to travel. Can anyone help?
  8. Bit of a harsh opinion - I think 3,000 euros for someone who has been driving a car for over 40 years and a bike for 4 years is pretty steep whoever you are.  
  9. Thanks - I think you are right, it is going to take a while for the amount to become 'normal'.   I cant insure in Carole's name because she has not passed her test for a bigger bike unfortunately as that would haev been the best option.   Will keep trying.   ron
  10. Thanks for the info - waiting to hear from my insurance company on Tuesday and then, if no good, will start contacting some others. Overlooked this one - thought I had it all covered becasue I had been riding a bike for 4 years (125) but on my wife's insurance!! Fingers crossed. Ron
  11. Hi I passed my test in the UK early February and I live in France. Bought a Suzuki 600cc sports bike and didn't realise that in France, if you have just passed your test, they treat you like a young inexperienced driver irrespective of your age or how long you have had your car licence - in my case over 40 years!! Does anyone know where I might be able to get insurance for under 2,000 euros - which is the cheapest quote so far - most are coming in around the 3,000 euro mark. Thank in anticipation.
  12. Hi That sounds really interesting and a reasonable price too.   It might be that over 60 the cost goes up but I will definitely go and see what they can offer. Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Appreciate your help.  
  13. Hi We have an assurance vie savings account with Aviva but I wasn't aware that it was life insurance as well.  Will check it out thanks. We were looking for something that we paid each month that would have a lump sum on dealth of approx 50,000 euros. Thanks for your help.  
  14. Hi We are looking to find a life insurance policy - either with a UK company that allows you to live in France (most of the ones we have found so far state that you have to be a UK resident) or with a French company. Looking for a policy for someone aged 62 with a 10 or 15 year term that pays out on death. Has anyone found anything similar - be really grateful for any advice. Thanks
  15. That is dreadful - they should test for it earlier dont you think.  
  16. We have deer all around us!! Take on board what you say about being sensible.  
  17. Many thanks - will take a look.  Appreciate your help
  18. We were the same - never heard of it hence the interest - need lots of hot summers then to kill them off.  No wonder they are getting worse in the UK!! GP said to spray with Deet spray and alwyas ensure that your trousers and sleeves are tucked in and wear gloves!  Not much fun when it is a really hot summer.  
  19. Thanks - so basically look out for ticks and if you get a red rash go immediately to doctor.   I didn't realise it was so common.  
  20. Hi Had an inteersting conversation wtih a GP recently who said that Lymes disease was on the increase in lots of regions in both France and the UK. Be interested to hear from anyone in the Midi Pyrenees region as to whether you think this is the case and whether it is prevalent in some areas more than others. Thanks.
  21. We are on booking.com but they do charge 15% which is massive.  Take on board that you dont pay to advertise but at the end of the year we have paid out far mroe to them than any other advertiser - could argue though that you do get bookings! Our rates are low and I am having to look now at increasing them to ensure we do make some money after the 15% has been taken out. Not used Late Rooms but considering looking at it. Does anyone have a system on their website that allows guests to make bookings (rather than go through booking.com etc) and if so, how did you set it up including the payments.   Just wondering whether accepting credit cards and having our own system would be cheaper?  
  22. We are a chambres d'hotes and, if I am right, you have to include the cost of breakfast in the room rate.   We often get guests saying can they have the price of the room without breakfast but we have to say No - we are not allowed to provide rooms without breakfast. Hope this helps.
  23. We are still here. I agree we are having to work harder and choose where we advertise more wisely but getting around the same number of visitors. Has anyone swiched from the micro-bic system to auto ent?   Is it easy to do, worthwhile? We are paying tax and social charges but not paying into the health system becasue had to put in 5 tax returns.  We pay 100% medical cover - now put in 5 tax returns so could pay in but not sure if it is worthwhile or not or whether we are better to carry on with what we are doing now.
  24. Hi We did use them but stopped because we didn't get any interest and other sites are more successful.
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