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  1. He has gone off in a huff; as discussion about illegal migrants crossing La Manche offended his Liberal-Left soul...
  2. As always, Ken, you are endeavouring to conflate an argument. Since US draftees had thorough medicals before serving; and since the average length of service, in theatre was 2 years, then logically, it must follow that any young fit person who ate increased levels of fat for two years would be suffering from advanced cardio-vascular disease? Well, if all they ate was lard, then perhaps; although I would suggest it would tend to be thrown up and exit the other end too at a rate of knots! However, what they did eat can be seen, here: https://www.historynet.com/gourmet-grunts-1968-70.htm Unless there was another cause. Eating fat and being fat (i.e. obese) are two disparate issues. However, the original point was surely this? "No actual link to eating fat and heart attacks, sadly that misinformation should have been laid to rest and is from the good old US of A. It was referred to as the french paradox, how can they eat so much fat and cheese but have low incidence of heart disease. Or the shorter version, how America got it so wrong, down to a bloke called Ancel Keys. " As a point of reference, early in my life I suffered an MI (Myocardial Infarction: a Coronary if you like). I was extremely fortunate and received truly excellent early care and then treatment by probably the top Cardiologist in the UK at the time, at the top London hospital, London Chest. My GP was a good friend and assisted me with research into,"WHY?". I could tell you however no doubt I would be "Cherry Picking" again! You of course, were not... Interesting that this in depth clinical study mentions both Korean war and Vietnam war PM heart/vascular evaluations; but not fatty diets? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2812791/
  3. Years ago, the American Heart Association set up a long term study: they used only doctors and clinicians, as these would be more likely to stick to the programme. The first group consumed a typical American high fat diet. The second, a very low fat "Healthy" diet. At the end of the project, to the researchers' utter amazement, there was no real difference between the groups in terms of cardio-vascular incidence. However, the low fat "healthy" lot suffered a far higher than normal incidence of bowel cancer and associated diseases!
  4. Aluminium is a very reactive metal and can easily form salts such as oxides, carbonate, sulphides, chlorides etc. Heat encourages this process, of course. As keen cooks, Mrs Gluey and I threw out all our aluminium saucepans, frying pans etc, years ago and invested in some very expensive French professional stainless steel jobs. All still in excellent condition and extremely expensive, now! Excellent investment! We also invested in various Le Creuset cast iron frying pans and casseroles: another excellent investment.
  5. Good to see you here, Idun and so sorry that your life is not good; let us all hope this will improve for you in 2022. Best wishes to all for the New Year!
  6. Seems the odious little pigeon-chested creep, Macaroni is determined to finally destroy any remaining goodwill from the Entente Cordiale. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/29/britons-living-in-eu-told-they-cant-drive-through-france-to-get-to-uk
  7. And meanwhile, here is a nice woman...
  8. Brussels is seeking worrying new powers to sequestrate property in the case of another pandemic, or similar... https://www.politico.eu/article/eu-seeks-emergency-powers-on-supply-chains/
  9. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2021/12/29/guardian-person-of-the-year-poll-deactivated-after-j-k-rowling-takes-lead/
  10. Here, here, Loiseau! If it aint broke, then don't fix it! The Christian Church enjoys a wealth of wonderful music. The woke brigade, stupidly seems to believe that if they "modernise" music and services, then the rapidly dwindling congregations will increase.
  11. I know a few bars in the North which have no gaming and are delightful. Nothing like a Leffe pression on a warm day before luncheon. Well, perhaps a Bofferding pression in Luxembourg city.
  12. You do seem to have a quaint knack of upsetting people, ALBF! 😆🤣
  13. English pubs? Guide me to one! Most are made-over shadows of their former self; flogging undrinkable wine, mass produced chemical beer; dominated by a huge TV screen for the brain dead devotees of Foot Ball. The bar staff are ignorant, rude and invariably covered in tattoos (and that's just the females!). Loud nasty noise comes from the over-loud sound system and the constant noise of one armed bandits dominates all. Perhaps that's why so many shout... The sole purpose of the majority of customers seems to be to become P*****d as a fart asap, shout at the top of their voices and behave badly. Lovely. There are a very few old English hostelries left; real oak beams, a live fireplace and real live bitter sold direct from the barrel, however, these tend to be in rural areas, such as Norfolk, Wiltshire etc. Towns tend now to have bars: which are a pastiche of a real pub. And the prices! Give me a decent French bar any day: particularly since increasing numbers are now also micro-breweries. Brasserie of course, means brewery.
  14. It is not you, Woolly! Mrs Gluey has always adored the carols from King's; not this year however! She gave up after a bit since the old carols have been "Modernised". I am pretty amazed the revisionist, cancel culture woke mob even allowed the event in the first place! Sadly, the one man who ruined Anglican church music was Ronald Jasper: he also did his best to ruin the prayer book and order of service. Try and find and read Quentin Lett's tour de force, "The 50 people who Bu******d up Britain"; tremendous but true analysis. After all, they didn't want to offend those claiming to be adherents to the religion of peace... Oxbridge now leads the charge for academic wokeness. Circa 23 years ago, Mrs Gluey and I were still house hunting, but spent some time staying with friends who had purchased a lovely house outside a nice little town called Frevent. Not far from your demesne. At Christmas there were red carpets outside the shops, Santas hanging from windows on ropes, Christmas trees with parcels in front gardens and it was all very lovely and festive. In the UK, as we know, Christmas is now Xmas and simply now has become an orgy of excessive consumption, a time for gluttony and boozing; the central aspect and reason the festival is called Christ-Mass is all but forgotten. Personally, I have more respect for the few who celebrate the pagan feast of Yuletide, than the commercialised feast of Mamon... For me, the big difference between la belle France of 15 years ago (when compared to the UK) was the majority of people were much happier, polite and cheerful. The Covid Pandemic has quite obviously impacted everyone's lives and work; on top of this, however, is the utterly appalling mess that has resulted from moronic politicians in most of Europe and the USA: socially, financially, structurally and intellectually. People are now wilting and struggling to find a little glimmer of hope, perhaps? In any case, Christmas, for me, always was about the littlies: who still believed in Santa and were excited. Mrs G and I spent Christmas Day with our son and his lovely partner. She is a very accomplished creative chef and our son is a really excellent cook and approaching chef level. They truly spoiled us with gourmet food; and thereafter we all enjoyed a special time talking, listening to decent music and relaxing. We had fun with their new Amazon Alexa voice recognition system; requesting an eclectic range of music from 60s rock to the 1812! Now it is fortress Gluey; where we are closed in, the insane World is locked out and we are grazing on the remnants of festive food! And I am mainly reading.
  15. Forum fatigue, Gardian. It is very common. Many will return after a break. Anyway, a very happy Christmas and an excellent (and healthy!) New Year.
  16. In these times of utterly confused sexual dysphoria, I wrote the following cynical small tale some years ago. " The Strange Times of a Country Vicar I had been in post as Vicar of St. Aethelstone’s. in a small rural village in darkest Norfolk for only two months and still finding my feet when George called me. Now George was an elderly farmer who somehow grubbed a living from his small farm, as had his father and grandfather before him. “Well it’s like this Vicar” he wheezed, sat in my study over a pot of tea: “Since my Ethel passed on ten year ago, I’m lonely and I’ve decided to get married again!”. “Congratulations, George!” I said, “And who, might I ask, is your intended bride?” “Oh that be Doris,” he replied “Lovely ol’ lass.” I then moved on to the more technical matters: “ Tell me, George, does Doris live in the parish?” He looked confused. “Live ‘ere, Vicar? Course she lives here! Born and bred too!” “When may I meet Doris?” I asked. “Right now, Vicar, if you’ve a mind to.” George went outside: some confusion and considerable noise followed and, eventually, he guided a large horse into my study! “Say hello to the Vicar, Doris!” he said. She neighed and pawed my carpet, which being old and rather threadbare, didn’t improve it much. To say I was stunned, perhaps understates the case: gobsmacked more like. “George,” I spluttered, “Do I have this right? You wish to err, well marry your, horse?” “That’s right, Vicar! Lovely ol’ girl!” “But, George, you cannot marry a horse! There is no Anglican process for this!” I dread to think what the Bishop might say!” “Well, that’s not right, Vicar! Arter all, today blokes is marrying blokes and gels is marrying gels. And me? I demand to marry Doris.” “Sorry, George; can’t be done.” “Why?” “Well, there is no part of the Christian creed which allows this; after all, we are governed in these matters by church laws.” “Where does it say I can’t, then, Vicar?” Now, this question was a stunner; simply because I could recall no actual prohibition about a man marrying his horse. I racked my brains; trust me to pick up a raving lunatic within two months of taking over the Parish! Then, I had an inspiration! “Tell me, George; how old is Doris?” “She be ten year, Vicar.” I perceived a ray of light and a way out of this thorny dilemma! “Well, I am really sorry, George however you cannot marry Doris as she is underage: she must be at least sixteen years old and until eighteen, must also have her parents’ permission. Are her mother and father still alive?” “Oh dear no, Vicar! ‘er Dad, me ol’ stallion went to the knackers in Bury years back: and her Mum Dotty well the ol’ girl went the same way; pet food I suppose.” “So there we are than: you could not marry Doris until she is eighteen at the earliest!” “Oh well, said George, “ with a large sigh “Suppose I’ll have to wait about a bit!” “May I make a suggestion, George?” "You certainly can, Vicar.” “Just live, shall we say in Sin: I won’t tell anyone!” “What a lovely helpful bloke you are Vicar; that’s what I’ll do then.” I heaved a sigh of relief: another satisfied parishioner went on his way: after I, an Anglican Vicar suggested he live in Sin: hardly my correct role, I suppose. However, if you will forgive me here, it was clearly a matter of, well, horses for courses!
  17. I echo your sentiments, precisely, woolly. Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men (And ladies too, of course).
  18. Cor dear me! I still have tucked away, a Jetex-powered model waiting to be built! And an original Jetex engine. I also used Jetex fuse to set off my bombs! However, these used home brewed gunpowder in ally cigar tubes, which my Dad used to smoke. I also used Potassium Chlorate: Sodium Chlorate - weedkiller - is hygroscopic; i.e it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Pot Chlorate and ground up rock sulphur was the best. I used to save up firework's night small bangers and use these as a detonator and make up slow fuse, with the lovely dark blue tissue paper that was in boxes of greengrocer's fruit. steeped in saltpetre solution (Potassium Nitrate): the main ingredient of gunpowder. The slow fuse allowed one to be able to hide away from any danger. By the way: it was my Dad and his younger Brother who taught us how to make bangs! The other fun one was Nitrogen Triiodide: simply made by steeping Iodine crystals in ammonia and then filtering off the ammonia. Great carried around in a testube, in ammonia solution and then pop some in the end of the Master's chalk. A nice bang and a cloud of violet smoke!
  19. Some idiot from the Anglican Church in the UK, yesterday, suggested churches with large car parks should open these up to travellers! This fool suggested the travelling community wanted to be "Friends" with the rest of society. "'Ere Vicar!" said the caretaker, "Rain is pouring into the church! Someone has nicked all the lead off the roof!"
  20. Quote: "hese recent atrocities regarding children is nothing new. It has always gone on it's just at the moment it is the 'flavour of the month' for the press to get hold of. " https://www.statista.com/statistics/303514/child-cruelty-abuse-in-england-and-wales-uk-y-on-y/ Did you view this, Ken? And if so how do you co-relate your statement against the exponential rise in such child abuse?
  21. "The original idea was conceived by Jean Monnet, a senior French civil servant and it was announced by Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, in a declaration on 9 May 1950. The aim was to pool Franco-West German coal and steel production, because the two raw materials were the basis of the industry (including war industry) and power of the two countries. The proposed plan was that Franco-West German coal and steel production would be placed under a common High Authority within the framework of an organisation that would be open for participation to other European countries. The underlying political objective of the European Coal and Steel Community was to strengthen Franco-German cooperation and banish the possibility of war. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_Rome
  22. There we different views expressed earlier in this post, reference the ability and focus of social workers. Hm... Drilling down further into this appalling matter:- Smith turned 18 a month after Star was born, and her family said she was very immature for her age. She was still playing with dolls when she was 16, favouring lifelike models that she would wrap up when it got cold. She grew up in a chaotic house with her single-parent mum and various siblings. After her arrest a psychologist assessed her as being in the bottom 2% of intelligence. The psychologist said she was “abnormally compliant” and “abnormally prone to going along with what an authority figure is telling her to do”. Star Hobson killing: timeline Read more Savannah Brockhill, who became her on-off girlfriend, was one such figure, the prosecution argued. Eight years older, she left school at 10 and had hidden her bisexuality from most of her family until she discussed it in the witness box. A keen amateur boxer, she hoped to compete in the Olympics but got injured and worked as a carer and later a security guard. The couple met in the Sun pub in Bradford, where Brockhill worked as a bouncer. Their tempestuous relationship began in November 2019, around the time Smith split up with Hobson. Before long, Smith’s friends noticed her further losing interest in Star and becoming “obsessed” with Brockhill, spending hours and hours on the phone to her." Surely there ought to have been cause for concern, for social services? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/dec/14/star-hobson-victim-of-an-immature-mother-and-her-violent-partner https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/dec/14/star-hobson-killing-timeline
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