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  1. With Britney Spears' and Paris Hilton's genitalia "alledgedly" floating around on prime internet sites. I suppose that it is to be expected that lyrics such as the ones you describe will be there too.
  2. Elaine Do a search for resiliation on this site. I would also advise that you read your Wanadoo terms and conditions for the word resiliation. There is also a site called www.resiliation.com who can do the whole thing for you, for a fee.
  3. Lisa. I think that price must be the cheapest. I bought mine last year for €39 from Leclerec. You could always try Ebay France.
  4. Interesting. Glad I ignored all their letters then. Call me cynical but I thought at the time of receiving the letters that they weren't guaranteeing anything. Now this confirms it.
  5. [quote user="verviale"]I suppose I might sound a bit negative and I have posted on this subject before and may be repeating myself,but I urge all of you parents to keep the english up to a good standard, we have many french students and students with U.K. passports whose parents live in France at our university who end up in the U.K. at university ,so a good level of english is important,secondly most students when graduating cannot get a job in France, they almost all end up staying here as the job prospects are so dire in France and they find, they are also in competition with french born students.[/quote] Verviale I agree with what you have written.
  6. Thank you Paul. Excellent description. That also explains the half rectified or pulsed DC symbol that is displayed on these devices.
  7. [quote user="Ford Anglia"]I have two books, "L'Electricite pas a pas" as mentioned here, and, "Maitriser l'Electricite", both bought from Leclerc for about €6 each. Plenty of good diagrams and easy text. Only thing I've NOT found in them was a detailed description of the difference between a type A and a type AC, RCD., which I've now found out, partly off here, partly from a UK sparky. My plumber, who is also an electrician, looked at them closely, and pronounced both sound.. [/quote] I too wondered about the difference between a type A and AC but explainations don't give any real clues. I know the type A is for washing machines and electric hobs but nowhere does it explain what the reason for their choice is. Both the AC and A have differential and over current detection but what is it about an electric hob and/or a washing machine that makes a type A a special requisite?
  8. I thought you might appreciate this advert from someone selling their Renault 5. I couldn't stop laughing as I read down the text. here we have a renault 5 gt turbo. this car need an engine fitting, exhaust and engine bay loom. the shell is in great condition but does need a drivers door as i caught it when unloading it from the trailer when i picked it up. the car is in near mint condition and can only 1 pin dent on the O/S rear quarter near the door. (see pic) i have an engine to come with the car but not 100% on how good it is. when i picked it up it was ment to have all been rebuilt but the head gaskit had gone. but no turbo or carb.  the engine i've got was only taking out of the car cos it got written off. the car also have leather front seats in gray / black. the front bumper is in the car. i was planning on fitting the engine to the car and put it back on the road but due to my ass hole neighbours reporting me to the council for working on my car's i cant afford to fit the engine now as i would end up being kicked out. (2 faced b*stards) i also have for sale a - escort RS turbo, mk5 escort with flip paint and a kawasaki KXF250 moto x bike please see my other auctions ? please look at my other auctions ? thanks for looking and happy bidding !
  9. My own simple experience is that I contacted three seperate companies to do my sewer works. Two of them visited to view the proposed works. Only one of those replied with a devis that was in my opinion too much. I did however reply to them with a courteous letter in that I informed them that I was considering other devis and would contact them later if they were required. Because the other two didn't reply I was therefore left to do the works myself and won't bother asking any other trades people to do any of the other works. It probably isn't much of a problem to me as I have a lot of time on my hands but it seems sad that in a country where it is "supposedly" hard to earn a living that there seems such a lax attitude to follow up.
  10. [quote user="tj"][quote user="Gyn_Paul"] But can you glue manchons (the connectors with rubber seals) to the PVC pipes to conform to the rules? Although it would still have a glue connection. The flexible rubber manchon would take the strain. [/quote]   you are joking right :) [/quote] Actually I wrote that. The point I was making is that the only rubber seal; type connectors that I've seen with regard to 100mm piping are in the form of manchons which are a PVC connector with a rubber seal in them. These can only be glued to the 100mm pipe but will provide a flexible connection. I just haven't seen any 100mm pipes in the Bricos or even the builders suppliers with rubber seals fitted without using the manchons as mentioned above.
  11. [quote user="Gyn_Paul"] Fine except that pipes with rubber gaskets aren't generally available in most bricos: certainly not in the 3 I have easy access to here in northern Creuse (23). p [/quote] But can you glue manchons (the connectors with rubber seals) to the PVC pipes to conform to the rules? Although it would still have a glue connection. The flexible rubber manchon would take the strain.
  12. [quote user="tj"][quote user="Alane"] TJ Aren't these the same pipes that would have the joints glued if used inside the house?   [/quote] Hi No they are not the same ones, but are usually next to the others in most Brico's,    [/quote] TJ Can you explain exactly what is to be purchased if it isn't to be glued. All the 100mm tubes I've seen are grey glueable ones, whether they have a collar or not. Can you please give a link or name a brico or show a picture. Thanks.
  13. I have fitted grey plastic 100mm pipe in my house over a ten meter distance, between my loo and the main sewer connection, and I have glued them. Why does a fosse have a different set of rules? My brother in UK did advise me that he thought that soil pipes for Europe, that are to be fitted underground, are a brown colour and have rubber seals. However nowhere in France, that I have seen, do they sell brown plastic piping and or with rubber seals.
  14. [quote user="hastobe"][quote user="Ron Avery"] If you paid 2% commission Kathy with a Notaire you were very, very lucky, you sure you did not pay any fees like honoraires des négociation in the bill somewhere, cos that was their Agents fee,  their legal fees go on top. [/quote] As an aside I think UK estate agents are a rip off too - in the twenty five years we have been buying and selling house we have never used an agent - we have always bought and sold privately. [/quote] I think that the UK is very different to France for one reason. The solicitor who does the conveyancing is also there to advise on the legalities of the deal. It is therefore easier to do your own thing in the UK with regard to buying and selling in the UK..
  15. I happen to think that having a "GOOD" agent to deal with buying and selling a property in France, is a good thing. If they are good they will act as a buffer between you and any peculiarities  in a property deal. And as someone else stated , they do lots of little things, for free, to help the deal along the way. If the agent isn't doing anything apart from taking a commision on an otherwise simple deal then maybe you should just go to a notaire. However if you get into a dispute with a notaire over legalities and or the size of your final bill then you may be in a very awkward position trying to argue your case. Whearas a good agent will have prepared all the necessary things and hopefully make the transaction go smoothly.
  16. Just letting you all know that the kittens have found homes thanks to my neigbour and her daughter. She is also arranging for the mother to be speyed. I can now get on with my jobs without fretting over kittens getting frostbite.
  17. Thanks Christine. I have this morning spoken to the neigbour and she tells me her daughter wants one of the kittens and she will let me know if any others might be wanted. It also turns out that she is feeding the mother as well. So things are not all bad.
  18. Thanks for all the "helpfull" replies. I didn't (Christine) come on here with any ulteria motive or post a picture just to make everyone go "Ooooh aren't they sweet". I really thought a picture would help in telling their age and that the mother may be ferule or not. Even though she looks calm in the picture. She spat at me when I came too close. When I took the pictures of them she had calmed down. I am at present very busy trying to renovate my old small run down town house and am not sure of my movements between here and UK over the next few months. The last thing I need is to take on the responsibility of four kittens and their mother, however sweet they are, just to abandon them as real winter sets in. Also there is another complication. The woman next door may have an interest in them as she was feeding one of them and told me also that the kittens had moved from down the end of her garden and had mysteriously ended up in our garden. I am not sure if I understood her clearly. I certainly don't want to fall out with the neighbours over vets fees etc...and will be asking them if they have any interest before I take action. I live in Tonneins (47).
  19. I have discovered that a mother cat, with her four kittens, has taken up lodgings in my small rear garden. I believe the kittens are about a month old. Because we are not sure of how long we will be resident here I am reluctant to adopt them although they are extremely cute. Here's a picture of them. http://s72.photobucket.com/albums/i172/unowaroona/?action=view&current=Catwithkittens.jpg&refPage=&imgAnch=imgAnch1 We are not feeding them as I don't want to encourage them to stay but obviously don't want to see them starve. Can anyone offer any advice as to what is the best thing to do.
  20. [quote user="Tresco"]How old was your son when you brought him here, fulcrum? What was his level of French language when he came? This isn't basic noseiness, though I am capable of that, of course. [/quote] He was 15 and didn't know much French at all. So it was quite a slog for him at first. I don't think it's really a problem for kids around that age to pick up language, as long as they're prpared to muck in with the local kids.
  21. [quote user="Ac50"]Everone is different, but I know none of our teenagers regret the time they spent here at school in France. [/quote] I came to France in 1989 and placed my son in the local school for one year. He then went back to UK and got an Aa in French. He has since not regretted learning French as he found a job working with the European parliament in Bruxelles.
  22. I have received a letter recently from Gaz De France explaining that they can easily connect my house to the  town gas. I don't have a need of a connection at this time and am aware of various maintenance charges for an installed system. But as we are selling our house in the not too distant future would be interested in anyone else's experience. We are at the moment laying tiles on the ground floor rooms. Obviously we don't want GDF to suggest digging them up but the idea of having town gas connected seemed like a good selling point. I would appreciate anyones experience if any of what is involved. Can I pay for a one off connection fee and then not have the house fitted out with a proper installation and thereby avoiding any annual maintenance fee.
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