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  1. Bootleg Calva and a touch of creme de cassis and voila = cough mixture!!!! Well that's what the menfolk of our family call it. Funny how they all start coughing in the evening and need the 'medicine' !!
  2. When we lived in France I used to make a quiche using the red and white Elle cartons of creme. What would be the british equivilent? Single or double cream? Would Elmlea be ok do you think?
  3. Idun - I agree - great blokes but s***e company! Came with an already half filled lorry to move us back to the UK. Had to wait nearly another week for the rest to be collected and then they only just managed to get it into the, yes, you've guessed, already half filled lorry! When the time came to move into our new home in the UK, only one container load arrived - the other one had been left in the depot!! Each time the poor driver/unloader was mortified and couldn't apologise enough.
  4. A few years ago they used to sell the most gorgeous chocolate truffles at Christmas. About four years ago they stopped selling them - never did find out why.
  5. The majority of my wardrobe consists of the TU label! Lasts for ages and washes real well. Always have a nose around when I do the weekly shop and can 'hide' the price of my new clothes in amongst the food bill!!!!
  6. There was an item on Radio 2 this afternoon about the fungus affecting BL in the UK. The guy that was interviewed was from the Royal Horticultural Society and he reckoned that the fungus is airborne and had more or less wiped out BLs here this year. He recommended growing from seed next year in the hope that will eradicate the fungus.
  7. Why, have we once again received tax forms to complete, even though we left France in April 2009!!. We completed the forms last year, giving details for January to April 2009, and a letter was included telling the impots that we left France permanently in April 2009 - but still they send us the forms!! We have been filed them in the poubelle!!! (may have left the country but still remember some of the lingo!!) 
  8. Brilliant link Britgirl - thanks. The three shrubs that MOH planted in the bed at the foot of the wall today, were listed - so we got that one right!
  9. Sorry - should have been clearer - southern UK on very very chalky soil (at the bottom of the chalk hill at the back of Portsmouth harbour!!) and it is a southfacing brick wall topped by a horrid wooden fence.
  10. Anyone any recommendations for the above please
  11. We moved back to the UK after 5 years in France. When our french friends come over to visit they always bring me some Mouseline (sp) instant mash, as Smash just doesn't cut the mustard and the little tetra packs of Knorr butter sauce and also the same make of pepper sauce. I was amazed to find that you can't buy it here! Another thing I can't get is Activia Mueseli yoghurt!! Funny what you get used to and miss when you can't get it!! I have contacted both Knorr and Danone to ask if there is anywhere in the UK that stocks these items - but they say no!
  12. [quote user="Alan Zoff"]Someone said you can keep tools in a jockstrap but I think that's boll ocks.[/quote]   it isn't if you come from Scotland!
  13. [quote user="Hoddy"]Seeing those shorts made me forget all about socks. While we're at it can we ban shorts and trousers with pockets on the legs ? I can't do emoticons. Hoddy[/quote]   Why?? I think they are very fetching - Mr Mayo likes them cos he refuses to use a 'man bag' - but they do tend to droop a bit it they are used for heavy stuff. 
  14. I have several duvet covers with the 'chimney' at the bottom and am not getting the extra material confused with that - just that my duvet covers are all very much wider than the quilt! and  I know all about 'duvet rage' dave21478 - nearly threw the whole lot out the window one night!!
  15. Duvet = 220cm x 200cm. Cover labelled as same size - so why the flappy bit??  Already had to buy a new bed cause our french bought kingsize all in one bed base wouldn't fit up the staircase. Went to the local bed shop in the hope I would be be able to buy a new 'foldable' bed base for delivery pdq - only to be told that our french bought 'kingsize' mattress wasn't the same size as UK kingsize!! Had to travel to Ikea to get a comparable one!!
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