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  1. I recently bought a DVD from www.buy-it-all.co.uk it was a good price and the postage was free.It took 5 days from ordering to receiving it and you pay by paypal.
  2. Thank you but Have looked at all the sites.
  3. My daughter is still looking for a property would prefer Limousin or the Dordogne
  4. I think they mean problems with paper work because you usually need contract from employer(we were told they did not except uk employer),tax returns for 3 years if landlord takes out insurance to cover non payment of rent,reference from previous landlord (french) etc.
  5. There is a scheme for sans papier people cant remember what it is called but my daughter knows people on it.
  6. My son in law is Malian and lives in Il de France.He knows loads that are sans papier (he isnt).My daughter gets quite annoyed because when they first got married she had problems sorting out her health cover.The sans papier get free health cover legally because they are illegal so I think the government should review things especially with the problems some of the English are having.
  7. Gueret used to do the course last year as I rang up anEnglish lady there who told me about it.It was done in English
  8. My daughter is looking for a long term let (3 years+) for her and her 3 children.She would prefer 4 bedrooms but 3 considered.She doesnt mind what area of France .ASAP Would prefer Limousin , Dordogne or Charante areas.500-600 euros max.
  9. I live in the Haute Vienne and I am over 50.Saying that most of or friends are under 50 ie 40's,30's or are here with there children who are in there 20's.
  10. I once read on one forum that someone borrowed an English reg.van from a builder friend in France that was sign written.They parked in the supermarket and when they came out people were standing by the van waiting to ask about work they wanted done.




  11. I am looking for a long term let that will be suitable to run a B&B,shop,smallholding or other business.I have 3 dogs .Limousin prefered but all areas of France considered.
  12. I've got an electric piano that needs mending and have no idea where to go.
  13. We are looking for a long term let with a minimum of 2 bedrooms.Must have a garden as we have 6 dogs.Would prefer the Creuse but all the limousin considered.Any time before the end of April.
  14. Sounded like geese but whatever still a wonderful sight.
  15. It was a magical sight to see today in the Creuse,everwhere we looked we saw geese in formation .It really is a wonderful sight watching them change position.
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