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  1. Could anyone in Vic-Fezensac, Gers, reccomend a doctor who speaks a little English? New to the area!
  2. Thank you Pickles! If anyone has any further information on this subject which differs, please write in!
  3. Please, could anyone advise me that if a car is registered and insured in France, how long could one use it in the UK before it becomes illegal?
  4. How does one link up the computer with a TV set that would allow you to show downloaded videos on TV screen? Is there something you can buy?
  5. http://www.senioriales.com/ Click onto the link above and you will get details of these retirment sites. There are one or two in your immediate area. We were thinking of buying a house with them, but could not afford the costs. Bon chance!"
  6. Thank you for the information, it is very helpful. My friend tells me that the noise they make would seem very much louder than you could imagine these tiny creatures could make! Could the noise be made by rats lor sqirrels or could it be that the Glis Glis are wearing hob-nailed boots? They are so noisy!. Other than friendly cage traps, would a sonic device make them leave their abode? Anyone who has had success in this department, I would be very interested to hear further!
  7. A friend of mine is worried about the noises emulating from his loft, which occur every night after midnight. I did remamber I saw some correspondence regarding animals called something like Miew Miews. Could anyone enlighten me on these creatures and any ways of getting rid of them?
  8. Philouis

    A Cat Hotel?

    Thank you for the info regarding cat-friendly hotels, I have taken note. As for Mr Woolybanana, you should be skinned alive. What could an old man like me do in a cat house? Err......I suppose I could always watch!
  9. Philouis

    A Cat Hotel?

    Does anyone have kowledge of a hotel/motel near the post of Roscoff, where one could stay overnight with two cats?
  10. Many thanks Pickles for a very clear explanation, which has opened the veil of my ignorance! In this case, the man next door with broadband has offered it to be used if required. I assume that this could be only be, when the modem next door is switched on and the recipient also has a modem. Thanks once again. .
  11. If a person rented a gite and the owner next door has broadband. How would one pick up the broadband signal on a desktop PC? Is a dongle needed?
  12. Thank you everyone. I am now off to town and will spend, spend, spend until all of my bank balance ie €22 is used up.
  13. Can any knowledgable person inform me if it is possible to use a English bank service card into cash point machine in France and obtain Euros?
  14. Although this is really a UK related question I will ask it anyway! My brother died last November in the UK. In his will, he left me a legacy of £5000. His daughter informed me of this bequest, but after ten months there has been no more contact with her. Although it might be embarrassing to ask for the money, what are my legal rights in this matter if they refuse to pay?
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