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  1. Got the Doofer last Thursday Morning. Full demonstration on how to attach it to the windscreen in French (that was fun) dodging the traffic was not!!!! came in very useful during Easter at the tolls worked a treat! thanks for your help. Rasputin
  2. I'm travelling over via the tunnel on Wednesday.... where's the first stop a can buy one??? heading on the A16 then A28 to Rouen. thanks
  3. I use to use the N138 / E402 from Rouen before the A28 opened,  pretty good and lots of places to have a break Rasputin  
  4. Cancelled a return ticket last night for this Sunday, no problem. will get option to rebook Rasputin
  5. If you go to the Eurotunnel website you can book 10 crossings for £390 (£39 each way) to be used any time of year the only restrictions are travel out after 3:00pm and return before 3:00pm any day and any length of stay. I'm on my second set, if you arrive earlier they always put you on the next available train. it's a very good deal   Ray
  6. Dick, as you can see by the picture taken during my footballing days,  time has left its mark. Rasputin
  7. Thanks for the advice but I made them myself!!! Rasp  
  8. Where do Speed Ferries sail from and too? regards Rasp
  9. we are just outside Gace, the wife and I have the same problem... find it very useful in the shops and supermarket we learn more in a day here that back in the UK Regards  
  10. I do have a French bank account, so probably safer to use that for the payments... thanks for all your advice regards
  11. Angela thank you very much, I will be travelling in France during the next few weeks and shall get one then. thanks again for your help.  
  12. just a thought, ask pallet trasport companies for Groupage rates, they wait until they have a full load and charge much less, could take a few days or a week longer.  
  13. Help please... where can I buy one of the Auto toll Badges to save long delays on the A28? and do you need a UK or French address? Thanks
  14. Great Link Liz!!! Always used the used BBC Site but cut's off about Caen. Thanks, have saved it as a favourite
  15. has anyone had  experience of employing staff in France? is it usual to offer a 6 or 12 month contract? or is there another system of employing people?
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